May 23rd, 2017
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  1. Fate/Zero Jump By Valeria
  3. A Contradictory Life +100. I'm used to it
  4. Knightly Manner- +200 okay I've done codes of conduct before and this is not a very horrible one
  5. Used Goods- +300 this will help make it up to her for last time.
  6. Mind of Rust- +300 pretty much my default....
  7. Mad Man free
  8. rolling for location Roll(1d8)+0:6,+0 Total:6 Torino, Italy
  9. Command Seals- Free
  10. Magic Circuits- Free
  11. Basic Training- Free
  12. Stronger Servant-1100 need more power
  13. Demi-Servant-500 to unlock the previous thing
  14. I’m a Demon! free for Mad Man not very nice, am I?
  15. Most Popular Man in Town-300 oh very very handy if people started ganging up on me then I would be afraid, except effects aren't generally conceptual for me.
  16. Demi-Servant: Gilgamesh. This will take him out of the competition
  17. Jumper -50 it's the cheapest, and I'm mainly after Noble phantasms since I have much better stats than most servants already
  18. Lily -150 . Yeah , he was kind of a Dick. This'll make him actually decent to be around
  19. strength D
  20. endurance E
  21. agility E
  22. mana C
  23. luck E
  24. don't worry Gil. All of my stats are at least a rank, and we are sharing a body.
  25. self replenishment rank A, C rank free chosen discount -50.
  26. Noble phantasms: now that I've got the first King bound to my body you better believe I'm going to raid his armory, and his armory is pretty much everything.
  27. EA :Sword of Rupture-550 EX anti-world C rank free a sword from before swords, indeed from before the age of mankind This is his greatest treasure, one of the most powerful weapons weapon in the setting. This weapon is Said to be able to destroy and re-create the world seven times over with a single strike.
  29. Fragarach: Gouging Sword of the War God: the sword of retrograde rank A anti-unit -250
  30. with the ultimate form of counterattack. It is the "Sword of Retrograde" and an indefeasible weapon of the gods, divinely protected by some malicious will, that works by using a conceptual curse to warp destiny and a divine trick that uses time as its blade. It warps causality to always strike the opponent in the heart with a needle thin concentrated blast right before they unleash their ultimate attack. The condition for its use is that the opponent must use their strongest attack, and Fragarach must be used directly after the enemy's strike. It would normally be that Fragarach would kill the enemy, and the opponent's attack would also simultaneously destroy Bazett.
  31. Despite being released afterward and no matter how fast the opposing attack is cast, Fragarach always strikes first by changing the flow of time to rewrite events so that it makes it's own strike against the enemy before the opposing move was ever made in the course of the world. Rather than just rewriting events to gouge out the heart of the enemy, it is severing the fate of the combatants, reversing and changing the flow of destiny of both the user and enemy simultaneously killing each other with their attacks. The attack of the enemy, returned to a point where it "couldn't happen" due to the user being struck down by Fragarach, is wiped out by the laws of the world and the absolute system of time. No matter the power or speed of the ability, it is impossible to use if the enemy is defeated and has all of their later actions voided before they even have a chance to attack. It is an ability using one's life as bait to counter a one-turn-kill to win the battle that both kills the enemy and nullifies their attack, creating a perfect balance between offensive and defensive capabilities.
  33. Akhilleus Kosmos: The Miniature World Enclosed by the Azure Sky. A+ anti-unit(self) -350
  34. a entire world within a shield which can withstand anything that would not destroy a entire world, this is perhaps the ultimate shield that can be wrought by the hands of mortals.
  36. Kavacha and Kundala: O' Sun, Become Armor A rank anti-unit(self) -250
  37. this is the divine set of golden armor and golden earring given to Karna by his mother, Kunti, as confirmation of his heritage. Having copulated with the god Surya through a ritual, Kunti was afraid of bearing her first child and felt anxiety over whether he would acknowledge the child, so she prayed for proof that Karna was his son. Due to its toughness, Indra attempted to nullify it by transforming into a Brahman priest and visiting Karna's mansion. Indra asked him to hand over his personal artifacts upon going to bathe, and although he knew of Indra's trap, he swore that he would not refuse a Brahman's requests, giving up the armor that was the only sign of his birth. Karna's posture was much too noble during the event, so Indra thought that it had to be rewarded, granting him the spear Vasavi Shakti. He still possesses the armor as a Heroic Spirit even though it was stolen in the myth, and utilizing Vasavi Shakti requires the armor to be permanently sacrificed. It is a powerful defensive-type Noble Phantasm that emits the radiance of the sun itself. Due to being light itself taken shape, it is difficult for even the gods to destroy. It is as thick as it looks, an invincible armor that protects against all harm, physical or conceptual. As long as it is active, all damage inflicted on Karna will be reduced to a tenth of its original value. He can fight others without worry as their attacks are negated by ninety percent, reducing even powerful blows to minor scratches that can be healed in the midst of battle. Although it can protect against any physical attack from the outside, attacks within me are an exception
  39. gate of Babylon: kings treasure A++ rank anti-unit -450
  40. this is the golden key that connects to the "Golden Capital", the "King's Treasury" of Gilgamesh.[3] It connects the space of reality to the vault, opening an "invisible door" that allows for the contents to pass through upon the user's command.[4][5] Allowing for easy access to the items of the treasury, he is able to pick and utilize them as he please. However, due to the vagary of both being empowered by the limitations of Miss Producer 's SP and being a demi-servant . His true fortune is denied to him and his host, however it is not without use as this allows the jumper to call upon almost the entirety of his armory at once , as well as providing extra dimensional storage space the size of a small town.
  42. Plans include: going back in time to before Sakura's birth, replacing her with a brain-dead copy fetus as soon as she is safely full-term in her mother's womb , wherein she will be given to a well funded and loving orphanage so she never become sexually abused or gets those nasty worms into her, using my wish for the following if you have "I wish that at no point was the Grail corrupted and was in fact incorruptible From its inception" oh, and of course winning the holy Grail war.
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