Twilight Princess 100%

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  1. Twilight Princess 100%
  3. Route made from this video:
  5. Ordon
  7. Go grab epona and then ride to goats
  8. - Herd the goats
  9. Jump outside of goat farm and watch cutscene
  10. Go outside of house and grab blue rupee next to epona
  11. Make your way to eagle guy and talk to him and then shoot the bird againts the crib
  12.  - Bring the crib to woman and then run to her house to get the fishing rod
  13. Jump onto the small mailpillar thing and then onto the roof for rupees on roof
  14. Run over to the dock by the cat and catch two fishes
  15.  - Also get two rupees in the grass on the way there
  16. Swim over the water and enter the shop to get milk in a bottle and buy slingshot
  17. Exit ordon and gate clip
  18. Now just make your way to the lantern
  19.  - Equip [Lantern, Slingshot]
  20. Go get the small key and also light the small candles(?) for a heart piece. [Hearts: #1, 3 1/5]
  21. Get to the bokoblin and let them break the cage and then kill them with slingshot
  22. Herd goats again and then head to the ordon spring through the crawling hole
  24. Sewers
  26. Sewers is like normal, just go through it fast
  28. Ordon
  30. Go and get the sword and shield:
  31.  - Listen to people by the dock
  32.  - Scare eagle guy
  33.  - Get the shield in the house
  34.  - Dig yourself into the house with the sword and get it
  35. Now leave for faron twilight (you'll get a warp for ordon spring on the way)
  37. Faron Twilight
  39. Get the vessel of light and collect all the tears (no EMS)
  41. Faron Woods
  43. Talk to lantern guy to get small key and then head through the locked gate
  44. Make your way to Forest Temple
  45.  - Kill bokoblin and then fill lantern oil at trill
  46.  - Learn the Ending Blow
  48. Forest Temple
  50. Light all 4 candles and head through the north door
  51. Go get the small key and then head back to the locked door in the room with the big key
  52. Rescue the monkey
  53. Make your way to Ook and defeat him for Gale Boomerang (2 Cycle as you don't have Master Sword)
  54. Equip [Boomerang, keep Slingshot], Savewarp
  55. Enter first door and then go through the door to your left
  56. Use the bomb enemy to destroy the rock and then enter door
  57. Extinguishing the left candle and grab the heart piece behind the wooden structure [Hearts: #2, 3 2/5]
  58. Go back to the previous room and do a precise boomerang throw to get the bomb enemy to you while you jump down
  60.  (
  61.  - Throw it into the enemy to get access to the heart piece [Hearts: #3, 3 3/5]
  62. Get the boss key
  63. Use LJA to get to the boss door
  64. Kill Diababa and get heart container [Hearts: 4 3/5]
  66. Eldin Twilight
  68. Make your way to the Eldin Twilight by going through the south east exit on the hyrule field
  69. Warp to Northern Faron Woods to get the bridge and then go to Kakariko
  70. Get vessel in Kakariko
  71. Enter the big hut/house/whatever and get the bugs there and then exit
  72. Try to hit the bug in the graveyard before it digs down into the ground
  73. Crawl into house and get bug
  74. Go into same house but from top
  75.   - Put fire on the fireplace to spawn bug, kill if not on upper platform
  76.   - Kill bug in other room
  77. Go down the house to climb the other one across the streets
  78. Push box to spawn bug
  79. Climb the small house parts(?) and go through the window to the bomb shop
  80. Kill bug and exit through upper door
  81. Climb the little hill and go to explosive house or whatever
  82. Put fire on the house and then get 3 tears
  83. Continue to climb up hill to top and dig yourself into house, now get the bug
  84. Go to death mountain for more bugs
  85.  - Howl at the wolf statue (Up, Middle, Down x2)
  86. Finish the vessel
  88. Hyrule field/Ordon
  90. Go back to death mountain to trigger the goron/iron boots
  91. Exit to Kakariko to tame Epona and then leave Kakariko through the southern exit
  92. Go left to the trees and catch a bug in the grass (Female pill bug)
  93. Go past the bridge and catch a bug to your right side (Male pill bug)
  94. Continue on the walkway till you reach the next open area, hold yourself next to the wall
  95.  - On one of the trees (last one up there if you count from where you came from) there's a bug
  96.  - Catch it (Female beetle)
  97. Go up the small bridge and target the tree on the left side of it with the boomerang to get a Heart piece
  99. [Hearts: #4 4 4/5]
  100. Jump down the edge to your right and stop to get the bug on the tree (Male Beetle)
  101. Exit through the southern exit and head to Ordon
  102.  - Learn Shield Attack on the way (Finishing blow as first attack)
  103. Grab a purple rupee in the grass next to the dock where you fished earlier
  104. Grab the orange rupee behind the house where you got the sword
  105. Now beat Bo up and get Iron Boots
  106. Herd goats for heart piece [Hearts: #5 5 0/5]
  107. BiTE to get to King Bulblin fight:
  108.  - Remember to save before to not crash game
  109. Equip Iron boots over slingshot and head towards death mountain
  111. Death Mountain/Goron Mines
  113. Head up the mountain like normal to Goron Mines
  114.  - Equip iron boots before you go into sumo cutscene
  116. Run through the first two fires and then LJA over the lava, use iron boots to open gate
  117. Enter next room and jump right to get to the small key
  118. Navigate through the room over the moving platforms and enter door
  119. Sidehop right and land on the platform, get to the pullable wall and pull it ~3 times and then roll inbetween
  121. it and the wall, this should make you glitch through
  122. Get to the goron which will give you one of the key shards
  123. Climb up and go to next room
  124. Just jump over the magnetic walls and to the other side
  125. Walk on the magnetic stuff to the upper right corner on the minimap for Heart Piece [Hearts: #6 5 1/5]
  126.  - Jump into lava to respawn
  127. Get to the next door
  128. Press iron boot switches and make your way through the room
  129. Grab small key in the north east corner under the water
  130. Jump towards the switch and hit it with a jumpslash to open gate
  131. Walk up the magnetic wall and go left for Heart Piece [Hearts: #7 5 2/5]
  132. LJA past the bridge: (above the door)
  133. Go to the left side and get a small key from a chest, now go to the right side and open the locked door
  134. LJA over to the door on the right side (aim above the door)
  135. Defeat miniboss and get the Hero's Bow
  136.   [Equip Bow over Iron Boots]
  137. Activate statues by going to the one straight forward, then kill the one on the right side of the minimap
  138. Enter door and get big shard
  139.  - Also get chest for 50 Rupees
  140. Now backtrack to the big room where you got the small key earlier
  141. Kill all bulblins and then either do this LJA ( (failed in video though))
  143. or use the magnet with a jumpslash to get over
  144. Shoot down bridge from a distance and enter boss room
  145.  - [Equip Iron Boots over Boomerang]
  146. Defeat Fyrus by shooting his head and then pulling him with iron boots and finally hit him x3
  147. Heart Container [Hearts: 6 2/5]
  149. Hyrule field/Lanayru twilight
  151. If you lost your shield buy a new one in Kakariko
  152. Bring epona to the bomb shop and buy the bomb bag
  153. Leave through the north exit
  154.  - [Equip Bombarrows and Boomerang over Iron Boots]
  155. Shoot down the rocks on the mountain+ground (that leads to a heart piece)
  156. Talk to mailman
  157. Ride a litte bit to the right to find a bug (it's a tiny tiny bit north east of the southern exit)
  158.  - Male grasshopper
  159. Ride towards the Eldin bridge and catch the bug on the entrance wall (Male phasmid)
  160. Shoot the rocks that is in the way of the path to spawn shadow beasts
  161. After you killed them continue on the path and enter lanayru twilight
  162. Continue on the path till you reach the Lanayru bridge, jump down and kill the bulbin on the kargaroc
  163. Fly through the cave
  164. Go up to Zora's Domain and spawn fire rock from Death mountain there
  165. Flow down with river and enter spirit grotto to get vessel
  166. Kill first bug and then go to middle to kill twilit messengers
  167. Continue forward after CS and find your way to the bug trying to dig down (east on minimap)
  168. Warp to Zora's Domain
  169. Kill bug in main room
  170. Go outside and fall down to sideway, kill bug
  171. Fall down further to water and kill bugs in middle of it
  172. Continue to land and kill the bug there
  173. Go with river down to afro lady and howl at Wolf Statue: Down-Middle-Down-Up-Middle-Down
  174. Talk to afro lady to spawn bug and kill it
  175. Go with river once again to hyrule field, make your way to Castle Town to get bug
  176. Warp to Lake Hylia
  177. Kill bug behind canon thingy and then call for bird
  178. Kill bugs with bird then drop down
  179. Kill bug behind you after you spawned
  180. Go to middle and kill big buggie for last tear
  182. Hyrule Field/Castle Town
  184. Roll to the cannon minigame and boomerang the red rupee from the roof and then go up
  185. Call epona by the north exit and head north
  186. Boomerang a bug (Female butterfly) from the upper ledge (there's vines where it is)
  187. Go to the wolf and learn Back Slice (Shield bash)
  188. Grab the bug (Male butterfly) by some flowers south west on area you're on
  189. Now head into Castle Town
  190. Enter Agitha's Castle and give her bugs till 500 rupees
  191. Head into the bar to start the wagon transport
  192. Kill King Bulblin with Bombarrows
  193. Empty your bomb bag as you go through the escort
  194. Follow the Zora and get Zora's Armor
  195. Exit through the crawling space you came from
  196. LJA up to the ledge and follow the small path to jump over and into the OoB next to where you got the Zora's
  198. Armor. Now guide your way into the loadin zone behind the rocks and that will bring you to Lake Hylia
  199. (
  200.  - [Equip Zora Armor]
  201. Make your way to Lakebed Temple with Pillar clip
  203. Lakebed Temple
  205. Swim through the tunnel and then get the waterbombs
  206. Make your way to the miniboss with LJA and stuff
  207.  - [Equip Bombarrows, Boomerang] before miniboss
  208. Shoot it with bomb arrows, use bomb for damage tongue, throw bomb in mouth and bomb damage
  209. Grab the Clawshot and equip it over the bombs
  210. Leave through the door and the next one
  211. Stand on the right side and LJA over to the pillar and then go grab the heart piece [Hearts: #8 6 3/5]
  212. Go back to the main room and move the bridge with the grabbable switch right infront of you
  213.  - [Equip bombs over boomerang]
  214. Run up the staircase and clawshot yourself up to the middle for heart piece [Hearts: #9 6 4/5]
  215. Vine clip and go to boss
  216.  - [Equip Iron Boots over bombs]
  217. Sidehop and quickspin first phase
  218. Try to get quick cycles for second phase by equiping/removing iron boots after hits
  219. Get Heart Container and leave [Hearts: 7 4/5]
  221. Midna's Desperate Hour
  222. Go to the bar in Castle Town and just go the normal way from there on till you reach Zelda
  224. Sacret Grove
  226. Warp to Northern Faron Woods
  227. Make your way to the howl statue before Sacred Grove (Up-Down-Up-Down-Middle-Up)
  228. Howl at statue inside Sacred Grove and then make your way through the woods killing the scrub
  229. Statue Puzzle: Left, Down, Up x3, Right x2, Down x3, Left and Up
  230. Master Sword
  232. Warp to Kakariko
  233. Go into malo mart and give the GoronGuy 500 Rupees
  234. Warp to Lake Hylia and enter the grotto
  235. Clawshot your way up
  236.  - [Equip Bottle with milk and Lantern]
  237. Drink milk and go through door
  238. Light candles and get the left + spawned chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #10 8 0/5]
  239. Warp to Lake Hylia
  240. Go straight forward and climb the ladder, grab a fairy in the small pond
  241.  - [Equip Bombarrows over the bottle]
  242. Bomb rock and enter cave
  244. This is the order of the small circular rooms:
  245. 1st: Bomb Right rock, continue
  246. 2nd: Bomb Right rock, watch out for fire enemies and transform into wolf
  247. !3rd: Poe, Bomb North rock, narrow path
  248. 4th: Bomb left rock, continue
  249. 5th: Bomb left rock, continue
  250. !6th: Bomb north rock and get water bombs, bomb left, watch out for gap
  251. !7th: Bomb north rock, watch out for enemies + narrow pathway transform into wolf
  252. 8th: Poe, Bomb Right rock and get water bombs, bomb south rock, continue
  253. 9th: Bomb right rock, continue
  254. !10th: Bomb right rock for 100 Rupees, Bomb south rock, narrow pathway
  255. 11th: Light candles, get Heart piece [Hearts: #11 8 1/5]
  256.        - Get Poe and leave
  258. Head towards the tower and get Auru's Memo
  259.  - [Equip Memo over Bombarrows]
  260. Go back to where you came from and howl at statue (Down-Middle-Up-Down-Middle-Down-Up
  261. Head to Fyer and give him the memo
  263. Gerudo Desert
  265. Run to the gap middleish bottom and get bug (Male dayfly)
  266. Go to a small path (middle one) north west of the previous place and catch a bug there (Female dayfly)
  267.  - [Equip Clawshot]
  268. Clawshot your way up to the Shadow Beasts and kill them
  272. Head north to activate cutscene
  273. Kill bulblins and steal the boar, make your way through the area
  274.  - Learn Helm Splitter (Back slice)
  275. Go kill the bublin with the small key + break the meat(?) hanging next to it, also grab the purple rupee chest
  276.  - Heart piece [Hearts: #12 8 2/5]
  277. Kill king bulblin
  278. Warp to Gerudo Mesa and kill Poe by warp
  279. Head North east and clawshot up on a hill
  280. Kill Poe and then dig down in
  281. Kill both Poes and exit
  282. Head north and kill poe next to the north exit
  283. Kill Poe where you defeated King Bulblin and then go north
  284. Kill Poe left of entrance to Arbiter Ground and then enter
  286. Arbiter Grounds
  288. Start like normal
  289. After you killed first poe get scent, pull chain and then get the right chest for heart piece [Hearts: #13 8
  291. 3/5]
  292. Go kill the second poe and then backtrack
  293. Normal route to third poe, kill the redeads with bombarrows
  294. Normal route to 4th poe but bombarrows on stalfos + grab bomb chest next to him
  295.  - [Equip Bombs, Lantern] after stalfos
  296. Grab boss key when you pass it
  297. In the next room grab the chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #14 8 4/5]
  298. Kill Stalfos with bombs
  299.  - [Equip Clawshot, Boomerang]
  300. Three cycle miniboss with jumpslash+quickspin and then grab the beyblade
  301.  - [Equip Spinner over Boomerang], Savewarp
  302. Make your way to the boss
  303. Beat it up and grab Heart Container [Hearts: 9 4/5]
  305. Kill twilit messengers
  306. Climb the tower with the spinner to watch the cutscene
  307. Warp to Zora's Domain and transform behind the wall
  308. Dive down and destroy the rock to recuse the goron and get bomb bag #2
  309. Rocket link up and leave
  310. Fall down on the right side by the vines and then kill Poe
  311. Head for the right side on minimap and catch bug (Male dragonfly) and kill Poe
  312. Now go to snowpeak and get Ashei's Sketch
  313. Warp to Kakariko and go to the graveyard to kill two Poes (move the right grave for one of them)
  314. Go through the crawl space and talk to the Zora child for Coral earings
  315. Warp to Kakariko Village
  316. Enter second to last house on right side and get bug (Female ant)
  317. Enter bomb shop and go out on top floor
  318. Kill Poe in the house you blew up earlier
  319. Kill Poe next to top house
  320. Enter death mountain
  321. Use goron to climb left wall and kill Poe there
  322. Move some rocks on that side wall to get a few red rupees
  323. Open chest further north for Heart Piece (fall down in a hole on the side) [Hearts: #15 10 0/5]
  325. Warp to Zora's Domain and head for Snowpeak again
  326. Map glitch and make your way up the mountain
  327.  - Poe on left side of a big rock close to where you should climb higher up
  328.  - Poe more south of this spot near a place you can dig down into
  329.  - Poe after you climbed up and walked left then right
  330.  (Might have to get those or one or two of them later if it turns to day)
  331. Howl at the howling stone: Up-Middle-Down-Middle-Down-Up-Middle-Down
  332.  - [Equip Clawshot, Boomerang
  333. Kill Twilit messengers and go snowboarding down to Snowpeak mansion
  335. Snowpeak Ruins
  337. Head through the left door and LJA over to the chest for a heart piece [Hearts: #16 10 1/5]
  338. Clawshot your way up (hidden target in roof) and take north door
  339. LJA over to the chest and grab the small key
  340. Walk back through south door and the go to bottom floor and enter north door
  341. Shoot freezard and dig chest up near door you came from for small key
  342. Enter miniboss room
  343. Kill miniboss and get Ball & Chain
  344.  - [Equip Ball & Chain], Savewarp
  345. Destroy armor and kill enemy on your north west for 100 rupees and then destroy the armor in the middle to the
  347. right for a Poe. Kill the Poe + another Poe in the middle of the room
  349. Go up the staircase to the right and pull the keese to you with the boomerang, transform into wolf and target
  351. it with b charge attack. This should put you on top of the platform thing, from here LJA to the chest with a
  353. heart piece [Hearts: #17 10 2/5]
  355. Make your way across the room on the platforms with LJA and go through the right door (upstair)
  356. Kill ice enemies and then wait by ice for Poe to appear, kill it and then enter north west door
  357. Enter north door
  358. Break ice for clawshot target for safety
  359. LJA over to small rock wall and jumps from there over to freezard and enter the door there
  360. Kill enemies for bedroom key
  361. Enter boss door
  362. Kill Blizetta and grab Heart Container [Hearts: 11 2/5]
  363. Warp to Snowpeak top and race Yeto on snowboard
  364. Run over to the hill and kill the poe
  365. Warp to Snowpeak top again to race for a heart piece [Hearts: #18 11 3/5]
  367. Warp to Kakariko Village
  368. Take epona with you (by southern exit) and enter Malo Mart, give goron 500 Rupees and exit
  369.  - [Equip Clawshot and Iron Boots]
  370. Run into the graveyard and pick up a bug (Male ant) by the left tree close to crawling space
  371. Go to wolf and learn Mortal Draw (Helm splitter)
  372. Now take epona and leave through northern exit
  373. Sit on epona and clawshot up to the vines on the mountain from there to get to heart piece
  374. [Hearts: #19 11 4/5)
  375. Warp to Lake Hylia
  376.  - [Equip Boomerang over Clawshot]
  377. Go up with Fyer(?) and boomerang the wind thing on the roof of the house to stop the platform movement
  378. Jump down with a chicken and use iron boots too fall down faster
  379.  - Land on top platform for orange rupee and then fall down to second highest for Heart Piece
  380.  [Hearts: #20 12 0/5]
  381.  - Also get the chest below that for 50 rupees
  382. Kill Poe on bottom of platforms
  383. To to fyer and take the oasis flight
  384. Head south east and get Poe then warp back to Lake Hylia
  385. Take the rock jumping path and kill a poe (where a bug is in the twilight)
  386. Now go and climb the ladder that leads to the tower/long dark cave
  387. Go to the tower and defeat a Poe next to it
  388. Talk to fyer again and take the normal flight
  389. Play the flying minigame again but now fly north west and land on a small cliff and kill Poe
  390. Warp to Lake Hylia and head towards the small land part east of map and kill Poe
  391. Go howl at the grass to start the minigame for a heart piece [Hearts: #21 12 1/5]
  392.  - Just get 10k+ points
  393. Kill a poe on the south west ground
  394. Boomerang and grab a bug (Female dragonfly) next to afro lady and then talk to her
  395. Kill twilit messengers
  397. Do the canoe minigame to get a bomb bag
  398. Warp to upper Zora's River and then enter the fishing area
  399. Equip the Zora Armor and clawshot the heart piece on the rock to you [Hearts: #22 12 2/5]
  400. Fish up a bottle from the small water area on the right side on minimap
  401. Warp back to Upper Zora's River and then enter canoe minigame house again
  402. Play minigame for Giant bomb bags (you need 25+ points)
  403. Warp to Northern Faron Woods and make your way to sacred grove with LJA's (
  405. t=4h31m34s)
  406.  - [Equip Bow, Boomerang]
  407. Kill deku scrub
  408.  - 1st one is on normal place but behind tree
  409.  - 2nd: Left, Right, Up, Left, Left. Shoot with arrows
  410.  - Kill poe where the scrub usually is the second time first time you kill it
  411.  - 3rd: From Poe, Right, Up, Left, Right, Left, Left, Left and kill it in the tree
  412. Kill the scrub again and make your way to the master sword pedestal and activate the CS
  413.  - Also grab the bug on the wall with the boomerang and catch it (Male Snail)
  414. Head back to the middle of the area to spawn twilit messengers and kill them for warp
  415. Enter the door
  416. Activate the staircase to Temple of Time
  418. Temple of Time
  420. Place a pot on the switch and make your way to the candles on the right side of the staircases
  421.  - [Equip Clawshot, Lantern]
  422. Get small key and then enter south door
  423.  - [Equip Bombs over Lantern]
  425. Hang on to the clawshot target and let go->jumpslash to get over/alternate strat just put pot on switch and
  427. then break it
  428. Use a bomb to easily kill all the lizalfos and then put a pot on one of the switches and stand on the other,
  430. now adjust your camera and roll through the gate before it shuts
  431.  - [Equip Spinner, Bombarrows]
  432. Make your way up the circular room and put on of the small statues on one of the switches and roll as the CS
  434. starts
  435.  - If you time a roll correctly you can grab the ledge before it goes down
  436. Kill the two statues and grab a small statue
  437. Do a precise throw from the second to last step and get the statues on the two switches
  438. Grab left chest for small key and right one for Heart Piece [Hearts: #23 12 3/5]
  439. Make your way back to the circular room and enter the north door
  440. Make your way through the room and kill lizalfos with bombarrows
  441. Backflip over the scales to avoid them falling down and enter next room
  442. Get small key (South east on map)
  443. Stand on switch and throw boomerang at stair and LJA (to get through lazer fast enough)
  444. Kill statue enemies and enter locked door
  445. Kill Darknut miniboss and get Dominion Rod
  446. Use it on the statue right above you and head for the door
  448. Break the gate with the statue and then take a smaller statue and place it on the switch
  449. Make your way through room with the bigger statue and lead it to it's next bell
  450. Do a small LJA up to the stair railing and from there climb up the ledge close to it
  451. Clawshot up and use your spinner to go around the room
  452.  - Kill Poe and enter right door
  453. Kill the enemies and put two shells + two statues on the switches on top and then get Big Key
  454. Go back and lead with the statue back
  455.  - Backjump over the scales
  456. Have the statue stand on the switch so the lazer disappears and then go grab the chest for a heart piece
  458. [Hearts: #24 12 4/5]
  459. Now just make your way back to the circular room
  460. Go to the middle and push the thing
  461. Get the statue and push the thing in the middle again
  462.  - As it turn around walk with the statue down so it falls then just fall down and get it
  463. Break both gates and then walk with statue into bell thing
  464.  - Get Poe and the go through door
  465. Now just make it to the first room and place the statue in it's place to open the door
  466. Make it to the boss door
  468. Shoot the boss from the roof when it opens its eye and then use the dominion rod on the statue to smash it x3
  469. Shoot the small boss spider with three arrows to finally defeat it
  470. Grab Heart Container [Hearts: 13 4/5] and leave
  472. Move the statue on the right and kill the Poe
  473. Move the other statue on the other side for a heart piece [Hearts: #25 14 0/5]
  474. Get the bug (Female snail) on the wall to the staricase and then leave
  475.  - [Equip Bombarrows, Boomerang]
  476. Leave through the west exit and bomb the rock and then kill Poe
  477.  - Dig down into ground where you killed Poe and then kill enemies there for heart piece
  478.  [Hearts: #26 14 1/5]
  479. Warp to Kakariko
  480. Head into Renado's House for Renado's Letter and then leave
  481. Use the goron by bomb shop to get to second floor
  482.  - [Equip Bow over bombarrows]
  483. Use the second goron to get to the highest house to talk to the kid for minigame
  484.  - Heart piece [Hearts: #27 14 2/5]
  485.  - [Equip bombarrows]
  486. Shoot down the rock by the spring up on the mountain and boomerang the heart piece
  487.  - Heart piece [Hearts: #28 14 3/5]
  488. Blow the rock up leading to the cave
  489.  - [Equip Renado's letter and Iron Boots]
  490. Sink down to the chest and get heart piece [Hearts: #29 14 4/5]
  491. Warp to Castle Town
  493. Go to Agitha's castle and give her bugs till you got ~500+ Rupees
  494. Now enter Telma's Bar
  495. Show her Renado's Letter to get Invoice
  496. Go to the doctor's house (North east in Castle Town) and show him the invoice
  497. Transform into wolf, move the crate and then get the new scent/smell
  498. Exit through east exit and go talk to the goron in the next area
  499. Warp to Kakariko
  500. Talk to the tribesman by Malo Mart to start sidequest thing
  501. Make your way to the east entrance of castle town without getting hit
  502. Now just throw it on the goron to get a heart piece [Hearts: #30 15 0/5]
  503. Make your way to Telma's Bar and talk to the cat outside
  504. Leave through south exit
  506. Jump over railing to wolf to learn Jump Strike (Mortal draw)
  507. Run over to the rock on the other side of the field and catch a bug in the grass (Male ladybug)
  508. Run to the staircase etc and catch a bug in the flower patch on the left side (Female ladybug)
  509. Wait by the staircase a little bit for it to get night and then kill Poe
  510. Go down to the rock that blocks the passage and kill the skeleton doggies for Wooden Statue + rupees
  511. Warp to Sacred Grove
  512. Kill Poe where the master sword was
  513. Warp to Zora's Domain
  514. Drop down to the pathway on the west side of minimap and leave through south west side
  515.  - [Equip Ball&Chain, Boomerang]
  517. Destroy rock with Ball&chain
  518. Head down to the cave and grab the bug next to the entrance (Female slag beetle)
  519. Break the rock and enter
  520. Video for puzzle:
  521. 1: all three in line on west side etc
  522. 2: all three in line on north side etc
  523. 3: all three in line on south side etc
  524. Get to end and grab Heart Piece [Hearts: #31 15 1/5] and then leave
  526. Head for the bridge and kill the Poe
  527. Now go further west to a lonely tree with a bug in it, catch it (Male stag beetle)
  528. A little more west there's a hidden hole you can dig into
  529. Kill the two Poes inside it and then leave
  530. Continue west to the next area (north western exit) with a rockwall
  531. Use the spinner on the rail and continue on it till you reach the heart piece [Hearts: #32 15 2/5]
  532. Warp to Kakariko
  534. Enter Renado's House and show Ilia the wooden statue
  535.  - [Equip Clawshot, Iron Boots]
  536. Warp to Gerudo Mesa
  537. Warp the bridge to Bridge of Eldin
  538. Go north and hookshot your way up to the small walkway
  539. Grab the bug (Female phasmid) on the wall and continue into the cave
  540. Jump straight down into the magnetic stream thing and equip iron boots
  541. Get heart piece [Hearts: #33 15 3/5] and then jump into lava
  542.  - [Equip Dominion Rod over Iron Boots]
  543.  - Destroy the rock outside of the cave for rupees if you're below 600
  544. Now head up the road to Hidden Village
  545. Defeat all Bublbins and get Ilia's Charm
  546. Show her the rod to get the Ancient Sky Book
  547.  - [Equip Bombarrows and Spinner] and leave
  548. Use the railtrack just north of the entrance to hidden village and then dig down
  549. Kill enemies with bombarrows for heart piece [Hearts: #34 15 4/5] and leave
  550. Warp to Bridge of Eldin
  552. Go south and kill the bulblin the LJA over to the small entrance (on the rock wall first then go from there)
  553. Climb ladder for heart piece [Hearts #35 16 0/5 ]
  554. Near the north western edge of the area there's a bug, catch it (Female grasshopper)
  555. Wait for daytime and warp to Kakariko
  556. Enter Malo Mart and give the goron 200 Rupees, buy hawkeye and Hylian Shield
  557. Shoot a bombarrow on the bell above Renado's house and then boomerang the silver rupee to you
  558. Enter Renado's house
  559. Show Ilia the charm for cutskeeen
  560. Ilia's Charm transforms into Horse Call = Mind blown
  561. Go downstairs and show the guy the book
  562. Glitch inside the room and teleport the cannon to Lake Hylia
  563. Repair cannon and go to CitS
  564.  - [Equip Boomerang and Clawshot]
  566. City in the Sky
  568. Normal any% route untill Double Clawshot
  569. Savewarp
  570. Normal route with a few different spots
  571.  - In the room with the big deku baba open the chest after the LJA to get heart piece [Hearts: #36 16 1/5]
  572.  - In the next room go to the circular isle with the peathats and kill the poe, also get chest for rupee
  573.  - In the same room grab the chest after the LJA [Hearts: #37 16 2/5]
  574.  - Get red rupee in the outside area leading to the boss key (after LJA)
  575.  - Kill the poe and get the chest next to it for rupees and the LJA over to Boss key room
  576. Now just make it to the boss and kill it
  577. Collect Heart Container and then leave [Hearts: 17 2/5]
  579. Warp to southern Faron
  580. Buy some oil from the guy who gave you the lantern
  581.  - [Equip Dominion Rod, Ball & Chain
  582. Blow the rock up by the north western passage and lead the statue there into place
  583. Use midna to jump over the obsticles and to a chest with a heart piece [Hearts: #38 17 3/5]
  584. Jump down and to the big middle tree thing and kill poe
  585. Warp to Snowpeak Top and enter the door
  586. Go down and break the two ice walls to spawn poe and then light candles for chest with rupees
  587. Warp to Mirror Chamber
  589. Palace of Twilight
  591. Normal route with few differences
  592.  - For the first part go to the left side with the ball in the last room for heart piece [Hearts: #39 17 4/5]
  593.  - In the last room on the second part use a platform from the ground to reach another heart piece
  594.    [Hearts: #40 18 0/5]
  595. Make it to Zant and kill him
  596. Grab Heart container [Hearts: 19 0/5]
  597. Save+quit with the save prompt
  598. Warp to Kakariko Gorge
  600. Head south and up the hill to kill the poe
  601.  - [Equip Clawshot, Boomerang]
  602. Go west and boomerang the heart piece on top of the rock [Hearts: #41 19 1/5]
  603. Clawshot your way to the chest to get another heart piece [Hearts: #42 19 2/5]
  604. Jump into the void and then head to the cave south on minimap
  605.  - [Equip Ball & Chain, Lantern]
  606. Just go right through the cave till you reach a chest with 50 Rupees
  607. Go back and take the path you just passed and follow that and then go right to get to a chest with heart piece
  608.  - [Hearts: #43 19 3/5]
  609. Now go back and take the other path which you just crossed earlier to kill poe
  610. Leave the cave
  611.  - [Equip Clawshot, Horse call]
  612. Call epona
  613.  - [Equip Bombarrows over Horse Call]
  614. Go to the Faron Province Hyrule field and kill Poe north of bridge
  615. Take the west exit and head towards the small bridge, bomb the rocks close to it up on the mountain
  616. Go up there and kill the poe and get chest for 50 rupees
  617. Catch the bug (Female mantis) up on the left mountain wall after the bridge
  618. Ride over the bridge and catch the bug (Male mantis) on the right wall (ALL THE BUGS)
  619. Warp to Mirror Chamber and enter Palace of Twilight
  620. Save+quit and then leave to make it night again
  621. Warp to Castle Town and go south west to the small area and kill poe
  622. Warp to Bridge of Eldin and go to Hidden Village
  623. Go through the left house and to the wolf statue: Middle-Down-Middle-Up-Middle-Down-Up-Middle-Up-Middle
  624. Talk to the chicken near the statue to start minigame
  625. Find all cats and talk to the cucco for the heart piece by the house [Hearts: #44 [19 4/5]
  626. Kill the poe on the right house near the entrance
  627. Warp to Castle Town and enter it
  629. Give the man close to the entrance 200 rupees (50 a time..)
  630. Enter the clawshot minigame hut and win for big quiver
  631. Head to Agitha's Castle and get up to 600 rupees
  632. Go out through the east exit of castle town and kill the poe on the bridge
  633. Enter Malo Mart and buy the magic armor for 598 rupees
  634. Go to Agitha again and give her all the remaining bugs for the giant wallet
  635. Play clawshot minigame again for the Giant Quiver
  636. Give the old man 200 more rupees (400 in total)
  637. Warp to Gerudo Mesa
  638. Time for Cave of Ordeals
  639.  - [Equip Bombarrows, boomerang]
  641. (Get all rupees you can see!)
  642. Floors:
  643. 1: Kill bokoblin, tranform to wolf
  644. 2: Kill keese as wolf
  645. 3: Kill deku babas with bombarrows
  646. 4: Kill spiders with bombarrows
  647. 5: Kill bublins
  648. 6: Kill torchslugs
  649.  - [Equip Bow over bombarrows]
  650. 7: Kill enemies like normal
  651. 8: Kill tektikes
  652. 9: 2x Bulblin + 2x Lizalfos
  653. 10: Fairyyy
  654.  - [Equip Clawshot, Spinner]
  655. 11: Helmasaur + rats, use spinner to get to door
  656. 12: Kill chuchu
  657. 13: Clawshot chuworm and kill, transform into wolf
  658. 14: B-charge attack on all stalfos
  659. 15: Same thing on bublins
  660. 16: Kill keese as wolf
  661. 17: B-Charge Stalhounds and then kill Poe
  662. 18: Kill leevers as wolf and then transform
  663. 19: Quickspin chuchus
  664. 20: Fairyyy and transform into wolf
  665. 21: B-charge attack bokoblins+keese
  666.  - [Equip Ball & Chain over Clawshot] and transform
  667. 22: Kill keese + rats
  668. 23: Stalkin
  669. 24: Ball & Chain on Redead Knights
  670.  - [Equip Bow over Ball & Chain]
  671. 25: Kill bulblins
  672.  - [Equip Bombarrows]
  673. 26: Kill stalfos with bombarrows
  674. 27: Shoot down spiders with bombarrows then tranform into wolf and b-charge the rest
  675. 28: B-charge lizalfos and bokoblins
  676. 29: B-charge the bubbles and bombarrow stalfos
  677. 30: Fairyyy
  678.  - [Equip Bow, Dominion rod]
  679. 31: Shoot beamos from top and then go down and kill keese, move statues to place to open gate
  680. 32: First run around area to make enemies drop down then b-charge
  681.  - [Equip Ball & Chain over Dominion Rod]
  682. 33: Kill redead Knights and then deal with Poe
  683. 34: Hidden rats + chuchus
  684. 35: Freezard + ice keese
  685. 36: Kill chilfos and then transform into wolf
  686. 37: B-charge attack enemies
  687. 38: Freezard + Chilfos + Ice bubbles
  689. 40: Fairyyy
  690.  - [Equip Bombarrows]
  691. 41: Kill armos with bombarrows and/or normal attacks
  692.  - [Equip Clawshot over bombarrows] and make it to the door
  693. 42: Deku babas + bokoblins
  694. 43: Kill bublins first then stalfos
  695.  - [Equip Bombarrows over clawshot]
  696. 44: Kill Lizalfos with bombarrows and then kill poe
  697. Now savewarp
  699. Warp to Castle Town
  700. Give the old man 600 rupees (for a total of 1000) to get a heart piece [Hearts: #45 20]!!
  701. Go and talk to Jovani to get a bottle of fairy tears
  702. Now head towards the castle and watch the cutscene
  703. Learn Great Spin on your way there (Jump strike)
  705. Go through Hyrule Castle like normal
  706.  - [Equip Fairy Tears, Boomerang] at king bulblin and drink it
  707.  - Savewarp after him
  708.  - Kill Lizalfos with a bomb
  710. Get full health when you fight Zelda
  711. For Beast Ganon shoot him with arrow followed up with jumpslash+quickspin for 2 cycle (only if Great Spin
  713. quikcspin)
  715. Ganondorf
  717. The end, based on a true story
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