Muslim Brotherhood statement - November 21, 2011

Nov 21st, 2011
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  1. Following the events of Saturday the 19th of November during which the Central Security Forces aggressively attacked those who took part at the Tahrir Square sit-in, killed a young man in Cairo and injured more than 500, we witnessed the next day another brutal attack by the Central Security Forces and the military police, during which more than 20 were killed and hundreds were injured in addition to the horror scenes we have seen on TVs, including dragging corpses of the martyrs and throwing them on garbage against all human, religious and national values. They do not even appreciate the sanctity of life, which which God made more sacrosanct than the Kaaba, which according to Islam, killing one is equal to killing the whole world. Those young men were not doing wrong; they were practicing their natural right in freedom, expressing their views and looking for democracy and the sovereignty of the people.
  3. What has happened was a series of crimes that told about a deep desire to chase the faithful and dedicated people and to crush them, to spread chaos and horror so as to avoid the democratic targets and to prove that there are several parties that are willing to kill the youths and burn the country and forcing the people into obedience with oppression, corruption and tyranny. They are deluded, as the people who produced the January revolution are able to reproduce it, and these people will never give up the rights of sovereignty, freedom, democracy, and social justice, whatever the sacrifices.
  5. The Muslim Brotherhood calls on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, as the force responsible for everything that happened:
  7. * Stop the killing and aggression against the demonstrators in all squares immediately and without delay and withdraw its soldiers and vehicles from the squares
  9. * Assign every one who has ordered or carried out such killings and aggression to immediate investigation
  11. * Release a timetable for handing power to an elected civil authority not later than mid-2012
  13. * Be committed to sacking the current government that is responsible for the bloody events immediately after the parliamentary elections
  15. * Respect the people's constitutional rights of freedom of expression and peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins
  17. * Stop silence and conduct a dialogue with the political powers on how to get the country out of this dark tunnel
  19. * Issue laws for cleansing the political field of the corrupts
  21. The Muslim Brotherhood also asks the national and political powers to meet and gather so as to be able to rescue Egypt.
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