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  1. Concerning Seamus Colligan aka @blacbloc aka hesmackeditbro
  2. ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***  
  4. Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 20:02:36 +0100
  5. Subject: Re: Hi
  6. To: Seamus c <>
  8. Excuse me?  Mate?  I am not your ‘mate’, I can’t stand you.  You took
  9. advantage of me by manipulating me into feeling sorry for you, making
  10. me feel that I owed you something.  You are a thief.  As well as the
  11. £200+ you still owe me, you walked out of my flat in a pair of MY
  12. shoes, carrying MY backpack, both of which were bought for me by
  13. people I love.  You are a liar.  I read your ‘journals’, I could only
  14. manage one book because the content made me feel sick.  You have been
  15. beating up women for years, or stalking them, or breaking into their
  16. houses, terrorising.  The first page,  you mention an ex-girlfriend,
  17. Julie, ‘commented on the size of my penis’ so you ‘hit her’.  These
  18. admissions of domestic violence continue page after page.  I know
  19. you’ve been charged with assaulting men more than once before too.
  21. Besides the three that you have more or less abandoned, you have at
  22. least one other child that you don’t even talk about, a daughter.
  23. Everything you said about Alex keeping you from seeing Lauren was
  24. utter bollocks, you ‘didn’t want the responsibility’.  You threw Alex
  25. in a bath & she lost a baby?  You’re a fucking monster.
  27. You were never in love with your wife of ten years, it was her sister
  28. you wanted.  You stole Dana’s medication regularly, you tried to get
  29. it on with her friend.  You have been unfaithful in pretty much all of
  30. your relationships, no wonder you were so paranoid about infidelity.
  31. That Tina you told me about, dreamily saying that you were both in
  32. love but you were not right for each other, she didn’t want you, so
  33. you ‘tried to have sex with her’, then ‘stalked her’.
  35. You spread rumours about people when you don’t get what you want from
  36. them, trying to damage their reputation.  Just think how damaged yours
  37. would be if people knew the truth about you.  Peaceful warrior - what
  38. a joke!
  40. You are not a good man, Seamus.  I had enough trouble accepting the
  41. things from your past that you admitted to me, they were disgusting &
  42. immoral enough, let alone all this other shit.  Those ‘journals’
  43. caused me to move out of that flat much sooner than I wanted to
  44. because I was scared.  You have no idea what I have been through in
  45. these past months.  You damaged me emotionally, financially &
  46. physically.  I had to miss important exams because my face was swollen
  47. & bruised, & I was traumatised.  You tried to turn my Mum against me
  48. with your mud-slinging texts - you bastard.
  50. I made a huge mistake letting you into my life, my family & friends
  51. all saw it, none of them liked you.  But I am stronger from this
  52. experience, with the help & support of  the good people around me, I
  53. have come out smiling.  I am so much happier with you out of my life &
  54. I don’t miss you one bit, I felt totally repressed & not myself in
  55. that relationship, I now feel free.
  57. Do you ever ask yourself why all your girlfriends act ‘crazy’ &
  58. relationships end badly?  Do you not think that your presence has
  59. something to do with it?  I think you need to take a long, hard look
  60. at yourself.  You might want to check out this website:
  61.  I’d say you tick every box.
  63. Off you go now to get drunk & drugged & feel sorry for yourself.  Pathetic.
  68. On 24/10/2011, Seamus c <> wrote:
  69. > Mate I miss you would like to chat
  70. >
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