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  1. ok SO not gonna go into detail right here but the world this is set in is modern day except move the current timeline forward about 100 years
  3. due to some time shenanigans the year 2102 is actually 2002, 2107 is 2007 etc
  5. but either way it's modern day w. so my female character is basically the princess to a large alienated kingdom in japan, in a section of japan that...basically hasn't moved from its ways and is stuck in between edo and meiji period, shutting itself off from the technological advancement of japan for the most part except in some instances, like allowing for basic amenities like tv/access to computers and such . im trying to think of a way to make it so her family has a rather large presence within japan but in a way that makes sense to their archaic culture and i was thinking of giving her father the role of basically controlling/owning a large section of japan's military, and making it so that there's a prime minister position in japan but the position of shogun still exists and he still holds it, and that his power is such that the entire nation of japan respects this decision and allows his archaic politcal system/kingdom to intertwine with modern japan with it still making sense
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