"Dis-Banned", by Fawad

Apr 10th, 2014
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  1. Gather around young folks as I tell ye,
  2. a tale of a person who lives among us all,
  3. some know him as Boombear, others rookie,
  4. but it doesn't really matter what you call.
  6. For he is a person with a gift,
  7. a talent to annoy, an ability to anger.
  8. If you desire your spirit to lift,
  9. do not try and approach this cancer.
  11. He has an average of 5 posts per day,
  12. but half of it is him cryin in bed,
  13. about how meanies bully their way,
  14. into his precious "clan" thread.
  16. He talks to his "clan" when no ones there,
  17. some say he has a medical condition,
  18. but don't take me wrong Boombear,
  19. Imaginary friends are VERY fun.
  21. His reply to almost everything is:
  22. "For your comment there is no need"
  23. "Stop trying to criticize and dis",
  24. He's better off watching Sesame Street.
  26. Now how unneeded is this comment?
  27. Your clan threads title is now "Dis-banned"
  28. and that's really how it all went,
  29. lots of disses, and a person running the clan one-manned.
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