kunori - Episode 9 Commentary (SAO II)

Sep 24th, 2014
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  3. Asuna and the rest watching the BoB in Yggdrasil City in ALO. Klein: "Err… Can't we fit one more on the sofa if we squeeze just a bit…"
  5. The camera focuses on players in battle, so there's nearly none on Kirito as he sneaks about…
  6. Klein's manner of speaking was sharp, but Asuna's reply of "Not even Kirito would go that far" is pretty bad too, lol.
  8. And does Yui's "He'll sneak attack from behind the whole time!" really back that up…?
  9. But her two hands swishing about is really cute! And Liz's clothes are cute too with her breastplate off!
  11. Still, that screen's huge! Looks like it has 200 inches diagonally… Well, it's VR, so the monitor's size can be freely changed, though.
  12. And being able to operate it with air gestures is real convenient too, though.
  14. And that ring-shaped device raising funds on Kickstarter a while ago really caught my attention. I hope it gets on the market soon!
  16. And on to Kirito and Sinon in GGO. Sinon shot at the Death Gun-ish person as Kirito asked, but it was dodged with ease.
  17. Sinon blames the prediction line, thinking Death Gun noticed her there and could see the line.
  19. The stun bullet's effect ended and Pale Rider could counterattack even if he got hit once, but he disconnected like XeXeeD in episode 1.
  20. Kirito's the only one capable of imagining what could have happened, so Sinon stayed bewildered there.
  22. The blue circle Death Gun's pointing his gun at is the relay camera. Using a small hovering pod object would bring that purpose across,
  23. but players might end up instinctively shooting it, so an intangible hologram's used. (Though a hologram's odd in virtual space too, lol.)
  25. Asuna and Klein took part in the《Laughing Coffin》subjugation battle while Liz and Silica heard of its name at least.
  27. Asuna called the leader of LC《the knife-wielder》because the leader used a peculiar large dagger called the《Mate Chopper》.
  28. It's a play off Meat Choppper with absolutely no relation whatsoever to the Genji treasure, Tomokirimaru!
  30. The《プー》Klein spoke would be represented as《PoH》in letters. He showed himself a little at the end of season 1's "Inner Area Incident".
  32. So the editor in charge called and was about to begin what seemed like a meeting, but I got it postponed after saying
  33. "Sorry! I'm doing my commentary, so sorry!", lol. I'm staking my life on this commentary! Yes!
  35. And while that happened, Kirito and Sinon appear to have completely bonded as a pair… Good thing their conversation wasn't broadcasted.
  37. The player who sneaked up to them is《Kakouton》who stood out even on the participant list. The eyepatch, moustache, and helmet are lovely!
  38. And he even completes it with a《CQ311》from China's Norinco. It resembles a M16, though…
  40. Sinon's really cute just standing there shocked at Kirito's sword of light barrier, lol.
  41. And the art as Kirito slashes the bullets is amazing as always…! I can't help but to watch the TV broadcast's recording frame by frame!
  43. In BoB, dead players have their corpses remain (and their consciousness stay there).
  44. Players can look at the broadcast screens, so they won't die again from boredom… probably…
  46. I guess Kirito's not trying to sheath the sword of light into the scabbard on his back anymore, but it's still there as he switches it off.
  48. And the scene's back to ALO. Asuna and the rest began noticing something was off too. The employer Asuna spoke of
  49. is Kikuoka from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications who has a character in ALO, so she's going to get him to come over.
  51. In the world of Gun Gale Online, civilization made it to other planets and declined due to a prolonged war, hence all the ruined town maps.
  52. The monsters must be products of reckless gene manipulation…
  54. Some of the player character names appearing in BoB are from the readers on the BBS during the web edition serialization all ten years ago.
  55. Licoco's one of them. (TLNote:
  57. And it got into Dengeki Bunko and even appeared in a TV anime (just in name, though); I would have never imagined this back then…
  58. I'm truly, constantly reminded of how this work is supported by the readers' might.
  60. Sinon's eyes shone green and her vision zoomed in due to the effect of the《Hawkeye》skill.
  62. Sinon, shot with a stun bullet by Death Gun who shouldn't be there and faced with《that gun》.
  63. Could the Type 54 she herself held back in that robbery case appearing here be a coincidence…?
  64. And that's the end of episode 9. Thank you for following along!
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