Normal Norman/Brad the Rapist - Law Abiding Norman(unf)

Jun 5th, 2013
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  1. [This story takes place after the 5th part of Brad the Rapist story]
  3. >Be Norman
  4. >Finally let free from police custody once they find that the DNA doesn't match mine
  5. >Can't believe they even suspected me, but then again, the universe loves to hate on me
  6. >And, now everyone at school has a choice of throwing "rapist" or "racist" at me
  7. >I have to admit, when they're farther away, I can't tell which epithet they're shouting
  8. >Not sure what to make of that, but I'm just stating it
  9. >"Norman!"
  10. >It's Purple
  11. >I've never been happier to see her look at me with those innocent, friendly, silly eyes
  12. >"Norman, I'm so sorry for ever doubting you... I knew you couldn't have done what they said you did... Especially not to-"
  13. >"Thanks, but... I don't really want to talk about it..."
  14. >I feel a hand on my shoulder and turn
  15. >"Hey Brad," I say
  16. >"Hey Norman. Glad to see you're alright."
  17. >I sigh and give him a smile; Brad's always been a bro
  18. >"Have any of you guys seen Ary- Rarity? I wanted to talk to her... We weren't on great terms last time we talked, for obvious reasons..."
  19. >Twilight shook her head
  20. >"Well," Brad said, "I haven't seen her since a few days after you were arrested. She hasn't been coming to school at all."
  21. >"Thanks anyways," I said with a shrug
  22. >As the rest of the day passed, I just couldn't get the Aryan Beauty out of my mind
  23. >I knew it wasn't my fault, but I still felt guilty over all the pain this must've caused her
  24. >Eventually, the school day ended, and I walked home
  25. >And on my doorstop, I found a DVD case
  26. >The words "WATCH ME" were scrawled on it with a black marker
  27. >I've watched enough horror movies to know it was probably a bad idea, but I took the case into the house
  29. >It was quiet in the house, which just felt odd, almost eerie
  30. >My parents were dealing with all the legal mumbo-jumbo
  31. >At the very least, I could see what was on this DVD
  32. >I opened up the case, and inside was a rather unassuming disk, no art, no title, nothing
  33. >Whoever sent me this knew how to pique my curiosity
  34. >I made a little bet with myself that it would be some silly little play on how I was a Nazi or something
  35. >I popped the disk into my DVD player, turned on the TV, and sat on the floor
  36. >The screen was completely black, save for the time and date at the bottom
  37. >Soft whimpers oozed from the speakers
  38. >"I'm giving it five seconds before a 'scary' face pops up..." I mutter to myself
  39. >A few moments later, a light flickers on on screen
  40. >"H-Holy shit..."
  41. >I see... Sweetie Belle... Tied up and gagged, the camera focusing on her with a bit of shakiness
  42. >Those soft whimpers were muffled cries
  43. >I move to turn off the TV, when the camera turns quickly
  44. >The sick fuck who sent me this was wearing one of those theater masks, a big, white grin plastered on it
  45. >He raised a finger to the camera and wagged it
  46. >The camera moved again, panning slowly to...
  47. >"N-No..."
  48. >Not her, please
  49. >I pressed my hands against the screen, trying to push through, trying to do something
  50. >Her body lie tied in the center of the room, asleep
  51. >The man walked himself over to her, coming to a stop by her head, Sweeite Belle in view against the wall opposite
  52. >He gently patted the Aryan Beauty's face
  53. >I could only watch as she came to
  54. >Her eyes flung open as she struggled in her restraints
  55. >I could see the terror in her eyes
  56. >She screamed
  57. >The scene blipped out of existence as I turned off the TV
  58. >I fell to my hands and knees, retching and heaving, crying
  60. >More than anything, I wanted to just break that disk in half
  61. >Strangle the life out of the sick fuck who sent me it
  62. >But I had to keep it; I had to turn it over to the police
  63. >And so I did, later that day
  64. >Put it in the mail and sent it over to their offices, with a note to find whoever sent it to me
  65. >I didn't put my name on it; I couldn't let myself be associated with all that again... But I hoped the police would do something
  66. >I just wanted to forget about the video
  67. >I just wanted to see the Aryan Beauty, let her know she'd be safe
  68. >The next day, the only thing I could focus on was trying to keep it together at school
  69. >I wasn't doing such a great job
  70. >Usually I wouldn't care, but all the mocking really cut deep today
  71. >And so I sat alone during lunch
  72. >By my locker, actually, since no one would even let me sit at their table
  73. >"Woah, Norman, what are you doing eating over here?"
  74. >"I don't want to talk about it, Brad..."
  75. >He looked nervous, uncomfortable
  76. >He scratched at the back of his head
  77. >"I guess... I don't know, you might find this out eventually, but it might be best from me..."
  78. >"Is it about-"
  79. >Brad nodded
  80. >"The police... They got a disturbing video, about Rarity, and decided to look into it... They found her at her home..."
  81. >"Well... Whatever she went through, it's over now. She's safe now. Every-Everything's going to be okay from here on out..."
  82. >Brad sighed deeply, and I could see the sadness in his eyes
  83. >"N-No..."
  84. >"They found her body, Norman... Whatever it was that happened to her, she... She couldn't take it..."
  85. >This wasn't real
  86. >It couldn't be
  87. >Before I knew it, I was already sprawled on the floor, sobbing
  88. >I felt Brad pick me up off the floor, and I threw my arms around him, bawling into his shoulder
  89. >"E-Everything's going to shit, Brad..."
  91. >He brought his face to my ear
  92. >"I know. What Rarity went through... Seeing that must've really hurt," he said
  93. >"W-What?"
  94. >No one knew I'd sent it in...
  95. >"It must've really hurt her too, being so taken advantage of in front of her little sister. And I can't imagine what it must've been like to see her scream. Beg. Plead. Plead for her 'mommy' and 'daddy'."
  96. >I tried to push him away, but Brad held tightly onto my body as I struggled
  97. >"I know you're busy throwing your little tantrum, but tell me, how did it feel when she called out your name? When she screamed for you and you couldn't help her? Or did you not get that far?"
  98. >I couldn't even speak, only whimpers coming from my mouth
  99. >I couldn't even think
  100. >Brad shoved me to the ground
  101. >"Do you know what the best part was? Knowing that I did my job so well, she just killed herself. That doesn't usually happen."
  102. >And he just... laughed to himself
  103. >Like this was all some big joke
  104. >And I wanted to just jump up and pummel him to death
  105. >Watch the light leave his eyes
  106. >But I couldn't even get to my feet, my limbs completely powerless
  107. >"See ya later, Norman," Brad said, walking away with a smile on his face
  109. >Everything... Everything was going so wrong
  110. >People were treating me like I'd been found guilty, and Brad was just walking around without a care in the world
  111. >Brad didn't even care about what he did to...
  112. >I just cried out in the middle of the hall; I didn't care that people saw, couldn't care
  113. >I felt myself being picked up, embraced
  114. >It was Purple
  115. >I could see the tears in her eyes
  116. >"I want to go back to Equestria, Norman..."
  117. >We hugged, our tears staining each others clothing
  118. >I couldn't think of any snide remarks for Purple now; I needed her now more than ever
  119. >"It's so scary here," she whispered into my ear
  120. >***
  121. >"What do you mean you can't pursue it?!"
  122. >"Look kid, we can't just go arresting people on word alone. We need evidence," the officer replied
  123. >I clenched my fist tightly, frustrated
  124. >"But Brad told me he did it! You... You saw that video! A girl's dead because of him; you can't just let him walk free! Wh-What about DNA evi-"
  125. >"Kid, we can't force someone to give over a DNA sample. I told you that already."
  126. >The man sighed
  127. >"I promise you, we'll look into it, but we can't do anything more than that. After jumping to conclusions last time... Our department is taking these rape cases a bit more slowly."
  128. >"That's not good enough..." I muttered to myself
  129. >I shook my head and stood to leave
  130. >As I left, I heard the officer say something to me
  131. >"Don't do anything rash, kid."
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