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  11. The chat's topic is: Medieval/Fantasy RPG set in an alternate universe. ALL are welcome!
  14. The Kingdom settles into new rule. Would it ever be like before? https://evolutionarylit.wixsite.com/bloodspire Questions? Just ask!
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  51. Ðαphŋϵ : -= They had gone into the shop that sold the hat she wore in the reflection. She even had scooped that same hat up and put it on her own head and examined herself in a mirror. The thing was, it looked nice on display but weird once actually on her head. So she just stared at it as it shaped like some awkward bell dumped over her blushed hair. Sky blue eyes peeped from beneath it toward Antares as he commented on it. He also offered that she pick out other things to wear..and shoes and jewelry if she liked any of it. He’d performed some magic tricks to humor children and earned some coin. That’s why she could just pick what she wanted? She pushed the hat off and maybe looked like some creature coming up from under a rock or mushroom as it toppled to the side. “You have been so kind to me..thank you!” She bound at him with arms outstretched and if he didn’t avoid it, she would suddenly hug him. Cybil considered it unbearably sappy. Though the spirit conceded the dryad did need more +
  53. Ðαphŋϵ : than her one damn outfit. Cybil was plotting now how to get things from this city and get Daphne back on her own out of the city. Keeping her isolated kept her safer at least. The spirit didn’t have personal feelings for Daphne, but Cybil did need the woman to stay alive so she could, too. They had a coerced sort of pact so selfishly Cybil needed Daphne to stay out of trouble. Daphne gave a last squeeze to the embrace then went to examine clothes options. She started to undo her green dress when an embarrassed clerk caught her and dragged her to a changing area. Eventually, she was fitted into two she liked. One was a white dress with small yellow flower print. The other outfit was brown pants and a white blouse. The clerk had offered matching shoes for each. The dress had green slip ons, and the pants had a sturdier pair of boots. She stepped out in the white dress and green shoes. “Are these okay?” She asked Antares. She had no idea what it all cost or what he had or what he was +
  55. Ðαphŋϵ : willing to pay. Even one outfit would be more than she could get herself! =-
  57. AntaresPhelan : Those red eyes had widened when he had caught Daphne trying to undress and was about to cover her until the clerk came and safely took her away to a changing room. Feeling his heart pound a bit he sighed in relief....Daphne was beautiful, and sadly one's like her tended to be taken for granted easily as for what he had seen in his past. That and though he didn't know what she was, she wasn't no human. Her scent, mannerisms, and the aura of her were different, he couldn't >
  59. AntaresPhelan : pinpoint what she was but he either took her as creature of the woods...possibly a fae….maybe? Thinking on it he then felt his own leather coat pulled by another clerk and several eyes on him and well his clothes he felt them start to poke at him, of being undecent with no shirt and shoes and the state of tears of his own clothes. Grumbling....he hated shopping...and before they could get to his hair he couldn't help the deep bark that came from his mouth as he then >
  61. AntaresPhelan : disappeared while Daphne was changing to change into a rich grey tunic with black stitching and a pair of the new leather pants he got...and having the boots bagged he instead went with a pair of sandals. Waiting now for Daphne he growled lightly at the clerk eyeing him making him turn away till he calmed down and smiled watching Daphne come out. "They are fine, and you look lovely. Do you like them though?" he asked even motioning towards her other clothes. He didn't >
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  67. AntaresPhelan : too much worry for money. Not that he was filthy rich but, a traveler had to work, and he did and saved as he sufficed in his travels with hunting and the occasional stealing milk from a farmer's cow. Looking her over more he smiled warmly though couldn't help but feel as if something was missing. For now though he was happy she didn't get the mushroom hat, maybe they could find a similar witch hat she would like.
  69. Ðαphŋϵ : -= The clerk looked flustered but relieved most was done with the blush haired woman. He just stood by holding Daphne’s original outfit, and the pants, blouse, and boots. He waited for confirmation of what was to be purchased and what should be put back. She had heard the bark from behind the changing curtain but wasn’t sure what had caused it. When she came out, Antares looked composed so she thought maybe all was fine after all. Daphne fanned out the skirt of her dress to display it better. Pinching it in each hand to hold it up slightly. Her thick hair had kept her ears covered while it hung loose around her shoulders, though another clerk suggested a necklace and held it up. She picked up her hair to expose her neckline better. The shift let the small tips of her ears poke through for a moment. Cybil told her to say she was fairy or elf, but giving a person who wasn’t good at lying options didn’t always work out. Fairy was easiest to fake, though. Their kinds were similar enough +
  71. Ðαphŋϵ : in most regards. The necklace was simple enough but accented the dress with a thin chain of small yellow stones. “Ohh you wanted new things, too?” She brightly asked as she saw her caretaker in fresh clothes. She also noticed that a clerk near to Antares looked nervous at the man..maybe he was the cause of the bark earlier. She couldn’t help but to smile and laugh at the idea. “I do!” she confirmed. “Yours are good, too! Clean clothes feel like wearing a restful sleep.” She had had the green one for long enough that she forgot the refreshing sensation of something newly fitted. “May we explore further into the city?” She asked next. Less nervous of the place but with the same lure she had before about it. “We could see the woman with the cat, or the dirty man and get his name to right that. Oh..are you alright?” She asked wondering if he seemed tense about any of that. She didn’t know he hated doing this sort of thing. =-
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  81. AntaresPhelan : Those red eyes glanced to the clerk as he then handed some extra shirts he got for himself and the new leather sleeveless coat and boots in a bag. He had Daphen's other clothes packed up as well. Smiling to her he gave a nod "They are very comfy, though you look more lovely than myself. But that is how it is" chuckling he walked towards the counter to pay for it all, not letting her leave with only one outfit and her previous one. He bought the other along with his own >
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  89. JustiniaDevonshire : If anyone has any questions feel free to send a whisper 🙂 ))
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  93. AntaresPhelan : clothes and the necklace....though glancing to the side he spotted something else and gently plucked it up using his bigger hands to well hide it from Daphne's sight he added it in with his things and well paid for everything. Keeping count of his money though he gave a nod listening to Daphne "That would be good, and if we come across a leader around here I do have my own questions too." Taking up the bags of clothes he smiled then to Daphne and moved to reach out his arm>
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  97. AntaresPhelan : to her. "Now Miss Daphne, I will follow you to wherever you wish to go" smiling to her softly he couldn't help but start feeling an itch to get out of the shop. He had given his warning to the clerk just from his acts and there was no way he was having any of them touch his black mane of hair. He liked it long, it had always been and it made him feel more in touch with his wolf half he shifted to from time to time.
  99. JustiniaDevonshire : I need to shower and eat but I will be wanting to write once I am settled in 🙂 ))
  101. Izalith : Smelly~]]
  103. Ðαphŋϵ : -= “That is not true!” Protested Daphne though she laughed and gave a small shove to Antares shoulder. She was delighted to be called lovely, though, so she continued to smile and keep a happy air. Sales were dealt with and while Antares paid Daphne watched. That is, until she was distracted by another customer who had a really lovely sort of style to her. She wore a big hat but it didn’t look like some weird mushroom on her head. Daphne grinned at that, then turned back to Antares and the clerk checking him out. She then learned he needed to meet with some sort of leader for this city. She nodded. She didn’t know how to find a leader of a city, but if she could help, she would! He had done quite a bit for her himself. “If I can help you with that at all I would like to. Finding a leader, I mean.” Having helpful purpose to someone who helped her was invigorating. He offered his arm once his other held the bags, and she cuddled to it with both of her hands wrapping about it. He said +
  105. Ðαphŋϵ : he’d follow where she’d lead. That of course inspired her to grin and pull on his arm to lead them out of the shop! Cybil floated after them miserable, but did not intervene. The spirit wanted to see how this unfolded. If things went bad, Cybil would just try to forcefully possess Daphne and have her flee out of the city. Emergency plans that Daphne knew nothing of. When they were in the street, she looked left and right. Left again. “Erm..” Thinking aloud not knowing which way to go now after all. No idea what was to the left, she went that way anyway with more confidence than she deserved for the choice. “What sort of questions do you have for a city leader?” She poked her nose into his business. Though all he had to do was say no or avoid answering and she would back off. =-
  107. Ðαphŋϵ : I have a question. What is the weather like now? ))
  109. JustiniaDevonshire : It is most likely hot and humid ))
  111. JustiniaDevonshire : Storms will be coming later in the evening 😋 ))
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  115. Ðαphŋϵ : I just put Daphne in a white dress lol you're evil lol ))
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  133. AntaresPhelan : "If you could that would be great" chuckling lightly as well, there had to be someone right? This place was huge and even...Glancing towards the direction of the forest outside the city he breathed deeply "I would like to learn more of the other places outside this city. There seems more to this world then my own and it would be wise to ask someone who knows. As well...." blushing lightly he glanced to Daphne and couldn't help it. He had no reason to hold secrets from her >
  135. AntaresPhelan growls lightly and protects Daphne))
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  139. JustiniaDevonshire : Have to make sure she can't change her clothes so easily 😋 ))
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  145. AntaresPhelan : nor anyone else that wanted to know anything he had the knowledge to tell her. Holding her close at least till she started pulling at him out of the shop and further into the streets of the city he smiled following her though keeping an eye and nose open for those she had seen and seemed to wish to make friends. Being with her though, it was a good bit of an energy boost compared to his own just survival. Though hearing her question he sighed and gave a nod "You...don't >
  147. Izalith : ...Ideas.]
  149. JustiniaDevonshire : 😀 ))
  151. AntaresPhelan : seem to wish to stay in the city, and well" rubbing the back of his head to try and continue to hide the bit of blush. "I...wanted to make sure you were safe so I wanted to ask if it was alright to build maybe a simple home for you within the forest outside the city. That way you could be close to the earth still...but not terribly away from the city either."
  153. AntaresPhelan : Naughty women))
  155. Izalith : You're next!]]
  157. AntaresPhelan holds Daphne closer to himself))
  159. AntaresPhelan : 0.0 ))
  161. Izalith : MUAHAHA ]
  163. Ðαphŋϵ : -= Antares encouraged Daphne to help find a city leader with him. Cybil about died at that, knowing the way the dryad worked when enthusiastic. “I will help!” She confirmed as she tugged them into the street and made that uninformed right turn. What did a city leader look like? She had seen some before..in her captivity the lord had many notable guests elsewhere. She had seen different nobles and people of importance from here or there. She was familiar with what she thought their clothes and demeanor should be like based on all of that. Though, where did you find them to begin with? She approached someone who was dressed very well. Openly, she asked, “Are you a city leader? We have questions!” Cybil cringed and buried her face behind transparent hands. <Iiidiot.> The person gave Daphne a puzzled look and shrugged away and moved on. “Not a city leader.” She commented to Antares like some ridiculous detective. +
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  167. Ðαphŋϵ : “If a city leader would know more about those things I could do well to hear about all of that, too..” she considered aloud to him. She pulled him along to another well dressed person, but it was a similar outcome. She then turned toward him more directly from his side, still holding to that arm he offered. There was a tinge of blush to his neck she noticed, which made her own cheeks warm but she wasn’t sure exactly why. He was flushed, so she was now, too. “Are you okay..?” she asked a little uncertain. He then explained his observations of her. More than that, a wish he had to see her well and in a place she could be safe and happy. “Antares..you want to build a home for me..?” She repeated in her own way, staring up at him in optimistic surprise. +
  169. Ðαphŋϵ : “I would be honored and..I don’t know what to say or how to say it!..I would love for that. I get curious about the city but I don’t know my way around well and I feel most comfortable back among the trees.. that would be perfect..” she was at a loss for words so she just stumbled through whichever she came up with. Of course sincere. “You will stay with me when you build me a home..?” She asked next. She hoped that a shelter wouldn’t mark a point where he would then leave. She remembered the promise he made. Though maybe a place to live would mark the end of that so he could go on his way. It made her sad to consider but it would be fair, he didn’t owe his life to her in any way. =-
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  175. AntaresPhelan : Watching her he couldn't help but hold in his own laughter and in turn would just bow his head politely to each person he was pulled with and she questioned. Apologizing for the bit of outburst, though he couldn't help but just let her do it. "Your my friend, I would always want to see my friends safe. Even though it's only been a couple days, it's not like I had much of my own life going on. Just traveling all the time, never really settling unless I had a job for a >
  177. AntaresPhelan : while. The wilds call for me, and even the village I grew up...well like I told you. Only some of us were together while being shunned by even our own family....I don't hate humans, but I don't like them fully either. I've always met fear from their eyes, and other creatures it's more of a safety caution till I get to know them." Sighing he leaned back a bit glancing up to one of the roaming airships it seemed they just floated up there. There were deeper feelings but he >
  179. AntaresPhelan : wasn't going to open to them. That was another trust issue, but it was his alone. "Hmm...maybe we can ask around simply if there is a queen, king, princess or some sort. Can't go around just asking if each richly dressed person is that one" he chuckled deeply and gently patted her head till...letting a few fingers stroke her hair till he pulled back. "I am fine, just...I don't know. Warm I guess." With that he then patted one of her smaller hands and began to lead her>
  181. AntaresPhelan : back for the market. There he reached up to the grown orange tree he made and plucked down an orange only to hand it to her. Those eyes though looking around curiously for some sort of rather, not richly person but more of a person in armor, a guard, knight, those rankings seemed to lead to more answers. As he walked with her he paused a moment only to bring those red eyes to her, from her question. "Stay....You want me to stay with you?" As he had told her before, Antares>
  183. AntaresPhelan : was to his word to staying by her side till she no longer needed him. He wasn't asking about building a house just to be rid of that, no it was truly so she wasn't just sleeping in the dirt or bad weather.....or the other creatures that roamed the woods outside. Though now he looked to her for an answer, rather curious to it.
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  189. Ðαphŋϵ : -= Daphne listened as Antares gave a response to explain. She related to some points he made, even though it was obvious their lives had been very different. Still. The wandering, sort of lacking a place but pulled or called by opposing things. “Having purpose and a direction do feel better than lacking those..” she slowly thought aloud while she related. “I do not know what people would just fear you outright. You have been nothing but kind and good to me. If you shifted would you be a danger? Even so. I think I could be okay.” She didn’t say why, and if Cybil had physical teeth, she would be grinding them at the dryad hinting too close to her abilities. She could hide in the bark of trees or use other talents to defend herself against him if he were a wild danger while shifted. She didn’t pretend to be human, but she didn’t speak to that part either. Fae Fae Fae. Fairy. Elf fairy. Something. That was her line of defense, too. Catch a dryad, find her specific tree, enslave her. That +
  191. Ðαphŋϵ : was the pattern she learned about people. She didn’t ever want to fall to that again. She didn’t believe Antares would try to do such a thing but Cybil and her experience before scared her enough into not bringing any of it up. Even if they became especially close, it was safer for her if no one knew the location and name of her specific tree. It was still safe for now. Its roots weren’t poisoned and it wasn’t chopped down. If any of that had happened, she would have felt it and suffered the same fate as the tree. The lord who captured her before had tricked that information out of the younger, naïve dryad. Though no need to dwell on all of that now. She peeked up at the airships as she followed his gaze. “I wonder how they stay up..” she considered when both of them stared toward the sky. She noticed darkening clouds then. Though rain or storms didn’t scare a dryad. The water brought life to trees so that was considered good by her kind naturally. +
  193. JustiniaDevonshire : 😋 ))
  195. Ðαphŋϵ : She laughed. “That’s a good idea. That way some of these nobles might not get angry at us for poor questions!” she realized. If someone walked up to her and asked if she was a city leader she might be bewildered, too. His fingers played through her hair while she grinned up at him about the way she had been approaching these richly dressed people. “Yes of course I do I just worried..erm..more thought maybe you needed to get on with your own business and so you wanted to see me okay and then move on with your word fulfilled. I understand if you do have other business and interests to follow. I just..I would like for you to stay though. With me, yes. You wander, and so do I. We could wander from little home to little home maybe..? But together instead of alone!” She puzzled her idea out to him. Maybe a more sentimental moment might have developed but then a big raindrop dripped across her face. Then another darkened into her hair. The early signs of the storm rolling in. =-
  197. AntaresPhelan : Chuckling deeply "Your dirty friend the other day didn't seem to, like I said it's what I'm use to because other's think of me as a demon because of my eyes and appearance. Though I will admit, I'd take my wolf tail any day to a devil's tail....Mine's better looking." Laughing lightly he the continued to walk with her till finally stopping by an elderly woman's stand and asked about anyone of importance. And there it was, a name "Queen Maria Bloom...hmm not so easy to get >
  199. AntaresPhelan : in touch with a Queen, but maybe we can find someone else. That or luck may find us if I happen to find a rabbit crossing our path." Glancing back to the airships he did notice the darkening clouds but he did give a nod "It is...interesting. I wonder how many magic users they have up there to keep them up...musn't be that easy to hold your power that long up there. Even mine get's tired to a degree." Giving a nod though he continued to watch Daphne and smirked "Are all fae>
  201. AntaresPhelan : as cheery as you? I don't know why, but that's what I think you are. Your atmosphere and just the way you are...Reminds me of another fae I once knew. She smiled a lot when she wasn't hurting, and she helped heal me a couple times when I was out fighting orcs off her, and those I worked for lands." So he didn't wander all the time, he had stayed there for a while until....well, thinking all he could remember was an empty house. And the once flowers he grew...died. But >
  203. AntaresPhelan : he guessed that's what life was like. People always came and gone, then again so did he. Stopping a moment as he listened to her he sniffed at the difference in the air more and shook his head till looking down to Daphne and spotting the raindrop. Chuckling he smiled only to feel it falter as those eyes widened a bit and he blushed realizing now her clothes....White! Thinking he grabbed her hand and began to take off running at least to a covered shelter and sighed keeping>
  205. AntaresPhelan : her rather close to the covering while he didn't mind the rain drops but...he wasn't wearing White nor....well blushing to her figure he shook his head. 'Big trouble if she got soaked' he thought to himself. Breathing deeply he shook himself of the coming wind that tended to come with any growing rain shower. Red eyes though looked back to Daphne as he smiled to her warmly "I don't have other business...mostly I would just look for a job, then sleep in a bed and eat >
  207. AntaresPhelan : proper cooked meals...I don't get much of that on the travels. But...If you wish it of me, I will stay with you Daphne, and go wherever you wish me to go with you. I'll keep you warm, protected to the best of my abilities...All you need is to ask." Though in the back of his mind he was kicking himself 'now we have to go back to that damn shop for darker colors!' he thought though kept the smile.
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  211. Ðαphŋϵ : -= She imagined first a wolf tail, then a devil’s tail. Both images kept Daphne laughing. She turned her face into his shoulder to help smother out the laughter but she still trembled with it. When she withdrew she drew in a long breath and similarly breathed out a long and relaxed exhale. “I have met devils without tails. I will take a wolf’s any day over them.” She was cheery like he observed even if there was slight darkness to the recollection. It was positive in the end.  He asked an elderly woman who informed them that the queen of this place was called Queen Maria Bloom. She then listened to Antares explain the difficulty of finding a queen, which made sense. She didn’t comment about the magic it probably took to keep the airships up. Though she turned surprised eyes to him when he asked if all fae were cheery as her. “How did you know?” She asked stammering a little but she didn’t turn defensive about it. He explained why he thought she was fae, and she was charmed to listen. +
  213. Ðαphŋϵ : “I prefer nature to cities but.. after the captivity I told you about, I still feel drawn to cities. I had been kept in one. So cities are the devil I know, sort of..speaking of devils.” Though obviously she wasn’t great about cities either. She demonstrated that much already several times. She didn’t want to directly lie to him now, though. But she was afraid of how things might shift if anyone here heard there was a dryad there in the open city streets. So she just bypassed directly confirming what she was or wasn’t. “Laurels. I really enjoy bay laurels.” She offered this bit of trust. It didn’t give away she was a dryad nor did it name her exact tree. Though it was something at least. “Fighting orcs off of another fae! Sounds frightening and adventurous!” she replied. He pulled her closer and she looked a little surprised. Though she found him warm and realized he was sheltering her from this storm the best he could. “I’ll be okay..” She started to say but they were already under an +
  215. Ðαphŋϵ : overhang. She was glad for the thoughtfulness. Kindness shouldn’t be treated badly. Rain had fallen over them both before they got to the overhang, but they missed the bigger downpour now under it. She laughed a little and reached up for his hair, collecting some of it to ring out some of the wetness. Thunder rumbled. “Looks like you have to stay with me either way now until the worst passes!” She happily teased. The street cleared a little bit of people as many sought shelter. “That might complicate finding someone to ask your questions to.. but it won’t rain forever!” She assured. Where was Cybil? Not even Daphne could see that spirit when it rained.. she figured it related somehow to what type of spirit Cybil was, though she didn’t know what it was herself. =-
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  221. JustiniaDevonshire : Welcome -- __
  223. JustiniaDevonshire : Or not! ))
  225. AntaresPhelan : damn))
  227. AntaresPhelan : "As do I, cities can be noisy and crowded...but it's nice to find people to talk to...and like I said, fluffy beds" he sighed at the thought of a fluffy bed right now. The pillows, the blankets...the already made shelter around it and possible fireplace but utmost...the bed. Grass could be made as thick as he wanted but...it wasn't a bed. That and it didn't come with an annoying cleaning maid to growl at from time to time. Chuckling at the thought he felt it leave as he >
  229. AntaresPhelan : then heard Daphne and shook his head. "Not on top of her, I met her in a garden during my employer's and her friend's masquerade party. I was on duty and she seemed lonely so I talked with her...Fighting the orcs mostly happened in the woods surrounding the home. It was exciting to kill them, however...they don't have the most gentlest touch in return. " Smiling softly though he looked to her "Laurels huh? Like those old made crowns? Interesting, I like dog roses, their >
  231. AntaresPhelan : from my home and look simple but...if not managed well can take over your garden. Their a fighter." Chuckling though he felt her hands in his hair pulling out the water only to smirk as he would then shake his head suddenly a bit more wild causing some of the left over water to fly out while he then brushed it back a bit. "And you may be ok Miss Daphne but...your...dress won't be then you won't really be ok either. Even...it brings a blush to me thinking of it" that and he>
  233. AntaresPhelan : didn't want to be rude to her. So he said nothing much more about the subject of the rain and her white dress but he did notice the people as well and gave a nod. "Well, there is always another day. And being stuck with you isn't so bad. Though I would be careful in letting other's know your a fae...there aren't always nice places in this city." In which yes, Antares did notice the slave areas.
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  237. JustiniaDevonshire : I will be posting shortly if someone would like to join. ))
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  251. JustiniaDevonshire : There was no Queen Maria Bloom, or her daughter any longer. Maria passed away from an opium overdose, leaving her young and clearly unprepared daughter to run the court and kingdom for a short time. By the time Nadia got hold of things, the Kingdom had been in disarray with the corruption and amount of deception that was taking place. And her mother was the culprit. After a good run at almost getting things back on track, the invasive action of the current -more-
  253. JustiniaDevonshire : ruler known as the bastard king toppled the throne and young Nadia was cast akimbo with the rest of those who were displaced by the war. To meet the king would certainly be tough considering he was a hard man to find. He was never really in the castle, but out with his troops or establishing negotiated orders with the lords and ladies of the land; who under him govern Bloodspire. If one were to find Nadia out there somewhere, it would most likely not be -more-
  255. JustiniaDevonshire : the same woman if they knew her before. Justinia on the other hand, would assure that her good friend was at least safe.. which was why she conducted a little ploy to keep the young girl from harm and also allow her to learn combat as well as magic that she so needed to bare in order to defeat the king, or at least cause him to lose his head and then Justinia could step in to finish it off. She was no stranger to death, and Nadia was still naive enough -more-
  257. JustiniaDevonshire : and unexperienced in many things that she needed to be unsheltered from the reality of things. The petite little blonde known as Lady Devonshire was no stranger to rain as it began to come down in sheets. A leather-stitched cloak covered her with the hood drawn over her head, almost waterproofed with the droplets running off of the surface of the leather to the ground. She wasn't one to dress up so much unless it was truly a formal event or gathering about to happen -more-
  259. JustiniaDevonshire : so it left the young thing in a leather corset with a black, velvet skirt that ended just above the knees; a slit running up the right leg to expose a little thigh. But those were covered with the leatherbound boots she wore, ending beneath the curve of her rump but one wouldn't know that unless they were bold enough to lift her skirt. And believe it, many would have walked away with a broken or missing hand. A dagger was tucked into her left boot with her -more-
  261. JustiniaDevonshire : favored glaive at ease at the other side, the extendable pole now simply a six-inch bar of metallic grip, which would ultimately become a weapon of range when in combat. Leaning back against a post out in front of the Hallowed Hag, she watched the woman who had been accused of being a whore the night before, along with a man who she only seen for a brief moment before he wandered off somewhere. Friends? Eyeing the scantily clad white dress wearing woman -more-
  263. JustiniaDevonshire : who said she was not a whore, the corners of her lips curled upward ever so slightly until she puckered them and made a kissy face toward her. She was a creature of instinct, and no stranger to being open about many things. But those who didn't know that about her may very well think she was just out of her mind. -done-
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  267. Ðαphŋϵ : wait, am I the white dressed whore o.o ))
  269. JustiniaDevonshire : LOL it says the woman who is accused of being a whore 😋 a'la Rolf last night ))
  271. Ðαphŋϵ : oh ok lol saw that so I was confused lol ))
  273. JustiniaDevonshire : Who happens to be the equivalent of Oscar the grouch >.> ))
  275. JustiniaDevonshire : Oh it's fine hun ))
  277. AntaresPhelan : lol I was a bit confused by the white dress part but I remember, not you Daphne *pats her head*))
  279. Ðαphŋϵ : -= She blinked at fluffy beds being mentioned. He really seemed to like a cozy place to sleep! Though, who didn’t? She could understand, though. Wandering didn’t always lend a very comfortable spot to lay one’s head. “You wanted to stay somewhere comfortable the other day but I dragged you into the forest!” She realized and confessed together. “It’s raining tonight.. we should stay in town then?” She proposed. She listened to his story from his past. It did sound a bit adventurous and she grinned at his jest. No, she didn’t imagine orcs were very gentle. “Yes, just like those!” Daphne cheered. Dog roses? She thought a moment, then found a picture of them in her mind. “Those are very delicate looking and lovely, too. That’s funny that they can take over a garden, though!” She observed of her mental image. She was made to keep the grounds of the old lord who’d captured her, but there hadn’t been dog roses. She squinted when he shook his head to send more water about after she had helped +
  281. Rolf : I called Seirye a whore. Daphne never got name-called. ))
  283. JustiniaDevonshire : Then I am mistaken! My fault LOL ))
  285. JustiniaDevonshire Goes back to being blonde. ))
  287. Ðαphŋϵ : ring it out. “Oh fine!” she laughed. He really did have some canine habits even while standing humanoid in front of her. He mentioned her dress relative to the rain.  She glanced out at the downpour, then down to her clothes. ..oh. Cybil was going through the motion of banging her invisible face against a wall after watching the dryad. “Blush..?” She asked in a teasing way. Dryad like fairies could be playful and this was too easy an opportunity. She took a slight step toward the rain while staring at him over an mischievous grin. Rain started pelting her shoulder but not much else yet. That side of her hair plastered down to her skin too, though. She took his warning about letting people know what she was to heart. It fit in line with Cybil’s warnings, too, even if what she was was more than just fae. “I won’t. I’m just a merchant’s daughter!” She said with a smiling wink. She was charmed by his blushing. He did come off as a harder type with his crimson eyes and demeanor. Even if she +
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  291. Rolf : Hey. ))
  293. Nyxian-Solforge : ello))
  295. Ðαphŋϵ : got to know him as thoughtful toward her. Still the blush felt like a novel thing. She took another step back so that more of her was under the downpour. Rain wouldn’t make her catch ill or hurt her so these weren’t things to worry about. Though to make someone like Antares blush? That was a game worth playing! She kept taking steps backward until the downpour fully consumed her and her blush hair was plastered down her front, shoulders, and neck. She then took another step back and.. might have bumped into another woman walking that stormy street (Justinia). “Oh..sorry!” She called out suddenly surprised. She turned to face whomever she bumped into. Unaware of her previous encounter with another woman in white considered a whore. =-
  297. Nyxian-Solforge : brb I think I need to reboot my labtop))
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  303. Rolf : wb ))
  305. Nyxian-Solforge : Yay fixed it))
  307. Nyxian-Solforge : *dives head first IC*))
  309. AntaresPhelan : Laughing he shook his head and smiled to her those bit of fangs showing themselves a bit as well, another trait he caught. "It's alright, it was still comfy at least it wasn't a cave with stones to lay on" shrugging he smiled to her and gave a nod. He wasn't really in the mood to build a shelter out in this mess and a place to actually cuddle down into was more welcoming. Closing his eyes for a while as he listened to the rain, it was soothing and fun to listen to >
  311. AntaresPhelan : along with Daphne talking about the flowers and he gave a nod smiling. "If it wasn't for me keeping up with them my mother's garden would of been over grown with them and then no one else but the roses would get sunlight." Smirking at her merchant's daughter bit though it was good they did shop at least, and walked around as much as they did. Daphne had to be at least somewhat knowledgeable now but then again she could say that he lead her to wherever she wanted to buy or >
  313. AntaresPhelan : see. "You are very right....Miss....Daphne?" watching her a bit and at first he thought she just wanted to feel the rain. That all changed though the moments she kept stepping into it further and further. The rain brushing down against her, her beautiful hair, and then her white dress Antares felt a hard swallow come to his throat as his cheeks flushed deeply watching her form in the rain. He was stunned watching her at least till he heard her surprise voice break his mind>
  315. AntaresPhelan : and those red eyes widened. Moving out of his sandals he ran to her quickly before those still outside could take notice even the woman she had bumped into, at least not fully of Daphne's soaked frame as he stripped out of his shirt and forced it down upon Daphne. Thankfully tunics were easy materials and with his frame it was big enough to come over her without a problem. Shivering lightly to the rain though he held her gently his arms keeping the shirt down upon her >
  317. AntaresPhelan : for now modesty as those red eyes looked to the woman she bumped into. Fidgeting a bit he breathed and wiggled the shirt a bit while whispering to Daphne 'Slip your arms into the sleeves you playful woman' he couldn't be mad but he couldn't help but smirk at her.
  319. Nyxian-Solforge : * Having found a quiet place to sleep the small framed figure would be seen sleeping under the large tree in the city center. An ethereal blue bed was positioned near the tree and the small frame slept under a somewhat see through blanket though nothing was really visible as its long silver hair blocked some things from view. The thing that brought more attention to it was the spectral serpents that circled around the figure hissing at most who approached. The serpents where temperamental though capable of acting they mostly hissed and scared the common folk away from their sleeping master who seemed to be having a fitful dream about something. The chime on his bracelet seemed to be going off at an alarming rate. Sweat trickled drown the figures forehead and clung to his hair the ill dream was cause some malcontent with the tree as well.* end
  321. JustiniaDevonshire : She knew fresh meat when she saw it. A lot of new faces have been pouring through the cracks in the system, seemingly coming out of the woodworks so to speak. Some of them were a little less obvious than those two standing across the way, but there were distinctions that set everyone apart. The man from the night before who smelled of strange offal and offenses listened decently even if something like her was pushing him around. He needed to bathe and to -more-
  323. JustiniaDevonshire : have new threads.  Had there been an argument, she would have dragged him kicking and screaming! Hah, to think of that. He was quite a bit bigger than her but malnourished from what she could tell. You could see the look in their eyes, a constant hunger other than for blood or safety. But she could assume that perhaps that these two were simply passing through? They seemed to be a bit more interested in each other when she stepped out into the rain drops -more-
  325. JustiniaDevonshire : and decidedly got a little closer while enjoying the dampness misting against her skin. Justinia was aware of the woman backing up and she purposely stopped, allowing the woman to bump into her. Why? Well, she would keep that little secret to herself. In what shadows of the hood casted upon her features accompanied with the fact that it was getting much darker, obsidian hues emitted a gentle glow with golden and red aureoles swarming amongst a black mass -more-
  327. JustiniaDevonshire : known as her eyes. Justinia instantly felt the inclination of magic coming from this woman, and knew that the man must have been capable of it to some extent himself with the way their auras made her skin prickle. Her voice came out in a husked tenor, "I'm not complaining." She commented, though they may not know what she meant by that. She enjoyed the feeling of warm bodies against her own and had a little penchant for pissing people off when she didn't -more-
  329. JustiniaDevonshire : do anything more than actually use their warmth while she slept. They always wanted extras, and she was leaving herself untainted because she didn't think any of them deserved it. Looking between the woman and man, she spoke once more. "Your flustered male friend here seems to have something on his mind. He even got half naked for you. Suggestive much?" Winking, she wrinkled her nose a little as if dismissing the antics and teasing ploy while checking them  -more-
  331. JustiniaDevonshire : out. "You lovebirds seem to be lost. Looking for a place to go?" Ah, the strange things this one did with people. Justinia had her own little quirks, one of them being that she wasn't afraid of people and that she did random things from time to time.. Even if it seemed to be strange to others. -done-
  333. Nyxian-Solforge : So I actually have an image of what he looks like now))
  335. Ðαphŋϵ : -= She had enjoyed his stories about old gardens. Though she had moved into her evocative game with him now in the rain. Her antics were rewarded with a deeper flush to Antares’ face. He just stood there, though! That is, until she bumped into someone else. While he closed the distance to them, Daphne grinned at the blonde woman. She didn’t act offended or put off by a random encounter in the rain, and she thought that was a good quality! “True enough!” Daphne laughed in reply to Justinia’s point that she wasn’t complaining. Whatever she meant on the surface it simply sounded as though she weren’t so easily flustered. Or that the encounter didn’t come off as a bad thing. When Daphne’s blue eyes met with Justinia’s, she openly stared. Stared in an admiring sort of way but without subtlety. “You’re very lovely, miss!” She commented honestly. She only meant it as that. Daphne, for what she was, did not have the teaching and practice to really sense magic on someone else. Not in a way to +
  337. Ðαphŋϵ : identify it as that. She had a comforted sense of the wilderness near Antares when they first met. She wouldn’t have been able to put her finger on it without help, though. There was something that felt reminiscent about Justinia, too. Like a pleasant, but lost dream. It might have just been an impression Daphne imposed upon her to try to comprehend it. A tunic then fell around her. It was much larger in design than for her actual frame. Antares stood with her now. He’d closed the distance and despite her game with him, he had still sought to ensure she was warm and covered. Shivers and related goosebumps were easy to see across his skin. She quickly did as he suggested and shoved her arms through the sleeves, but then huddled against his side to offer some of her own body warmth. “You’re cold!” She stated the obvious but her tone relayed her concern. “He’s my caretaker. A vagrant told us so!” She declared as sure as anything else true. +
  339. Ðαphŋϵ : Lovebirds? She glanced back at Antares through his long, dark hair weighed down by rainwater. Is that what we are? She wondered. “Oh, yes..” she replied about a place to go. “We need a place to stay. He also has questions for a city leader. We haven’t had very good luck yet finding someone who fits that.. are you a city leader?” Daphne figured it was worth trying again even if it hadn’t worked very well earlier. Elsewhere, a large old tree seemed inexplicably troubled. All Daphne experienced of this was a buzzing headache, but she didn't know why or where it came from. She shook her head in a way as though she could shake off the dizziness like Antares had shaken away water earlier. No luck. =-
  341. AntaresPhelan : Relaxing a bit now that Daphne was covered though glancing to her feet he sighed only to feel his own long black mane begin to stick to his back and shoulders. Those red eyes peering up into the night as he stared to the woman that Daphne bumped into and seeing she was fine he gave a nod. As well he studied her frame but not because she was as Daphne said, lovely, but more so to what she carried with her. Judging by it she seemed to have an air of importance and strength. >
  343. AntaresPhelan : All those fitting almost what he was looking for to ask questions. But for now, she was right a place to stay was most welcome at this time. "I...I..what?" he paused at her words about his mind and blushed all the more. Ok so yeah, Antares was a man after all and travels didn't leave much time to finding some to....cuddle with. But that wasn't important right now as he held Daphne "Of course I'm cold Miss Daphne, it's raining. But I won't die from it" he chuckled till >
  345. AntaresPhelan : he gave a nod to the other woman "A place to go would be nice, at least for the night so she may rest and get out of the rain. Though seems the rain part is more on my end then hers....If you would be so kind, Miss?" Antares ended with asking for her name but as well as the place to stay for the moment was nearly priority one, the went to two when he blinked to Daphne and tilted his head a bit "Miss Daphne...are you alright?" he asked her while then also waiting for well >
  347. AntaresPhelan : both of their answers. And just incase he made sure he still had the bags with their belongings in them.
  349. JustiniaDevonshire : This one seemed to be a might wet behind the ears, not because of the rain either. It was funny how different lives afforded different knowledges and insights. An amused little smirk hinted at her lips and nothing more, but her aptitude for blushing was almost non-existent. It took certain ones to get her blushing or stammering, and the two in front of her didn't seem to be those types. Her eyes ticked back toward the man as the woman spoke and she sized -more-
  351. JustiniaDevonshire : him up, though she rolled her eyes as she had her attention back at the woman. "Caretaker. I am sure he will take care of more than just a common cold." Teasingly spoken, she added. "I can smell the frustration. Perhaps you two should board up and work those out..." Her voice trailed off, allowing them to think of what she might have meant. But she was always a little more playful when it came down to two people who were obviously attracted to each other -more-
  353. JustiniaDevonshire : but they were too prideful to admit it. You didn't act in such a way unless you were doting over someone, and they definitely weren't siblings. Noticing that the woman's eyes were shifting in an unnatural way, she leaned in close with her face looming in the woman's vision, at least what could be seen of her face. Boldly, she reached out with a hand and cupped the woman's chin. "Focus." The single word came from her mouth and she went on to another -more-
  355. JustiniaDevonshire : part of the conversation while watching the woman's eyes. Daphne, a name she would remember for sure. "I know of a place to go," Slowly, her hand slipped away from the woman's chin but not without grazing beneath it lightly with her nails. Straightening her posture, she about-faced and started to walk at leisure, looking over her shoulder to make sure that they were behind her. "You may call me Justinia." Lady Devonshire was a little too formal for this. She -more-
  357. JustiniaDevonshire : was truly no longer of importance to the masses like she was before but she was well known, and she was beginning to build a little repetoir for herself among those she used to accost. It was funny how war worked and changed things. "What questions do you have?" A break in silence as she surveyed the crowds to find the least path of resistance before going through such passage. -done-
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  361. Nyxian-Solforge : * The nightmare the small framed figure began to twist the tree slightly as the serpents began to grow even more aggravated. They began to nip at the heals of the common folk and collide with the town guard shields as they hissed more and began to take a slightly dark purple hue to their spectral image. The air around the tree began to take on a sickly sweet smell as the chime became a shrill high pitched note that echoed through the air. The figure slept in a state of hell trapt in the nightmare he was having. *end
  363. Nyxian-Solforge : Sorry was updating bits of my profile))
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  367. JustiniaDevonshire has returned.
  369. Nyxian-Solforge : wb?))
  371. Ðαphŋϵ : -= Daphne had her arms around Antares while he stood there shivering. She looked extra small while in that larger tunic draping around her, maybe like a person who had been shrunk down by the rain. Though, she wasn’t melting. She felt little of cold in relation to this rain or anything else negative from it herself. “You had better not!” She ordered upward at him about not dying. Though, she smiled, blinking quicker than usual as rain teased at her eyelashes. She looked back to Justinia while Antares addressed her. She hoped this woman could provide answers he had seemed to need. Though, the woman spoke very frankly with them in a way that had Daphne’s expression openly astounded. She brought a wrist toward her nose to sniff at it as though there really could be some aroma she could pick up as easily as Justinia. She only smelled rain and her own wetted skin. It was probably a naïve gesture but it was worth considering. Daphne wasn’t totally daft and stupid, though. She simply let her +
  373. Ðαphŋϵ : gaze slide to one side while her own face warmed with some color now. This was all very forward. She might have brought the judgment down on them through her game with him a moment before though. “I’m sorry, Antares..” she murmured near his arm. She felt bad if he felt too uncomfortable because of her antics. When she had begun to feel dizzy, she felt her chin collected. Justinia spoke assuredly to focus. She shuddered her face in the woman’s grip slightly but not in a defensive way to escape. Simply, to focus. Her blue eyes met the woman’s directly and clearly then. “Something is wrong nearby but I don’t know what it is..” she relayed now that the woman had helped her center. She didn’t know about this Nyxian and his nightmare beside some great tree. Though, it was this that had dizzied her. The dryad’s connection with trees in particular could be rattled with such intense things. “Its..twisting. Twisting and tormented..” she muttered while trying to comprehend what exactly was doing +
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