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  1. (Subject to Change)
  2. Name: Mikhael Abdul-Hakim
  3. Pseudonyms: Mercurius Decimus Cyprian AKA MagicMik AKA "Crazy" Hassan Adalet
  4. Occupation: Aghtaki
  5. Age: 27
  6. Background: Raised in the city of El-Amin amongst the tribes of Pidjata. Formerly betrothed to the Shah's niece, though the betrothal was broken once his magical talent was discovered. Studied under Master Karim from the age of twelve to become a Vatis and performed admirably in his duties. He was granted the right to wear the robes of a Vatis at the age of 25 and banished only a year later, at the age of 26.
  8. Vital Statistics:
  9.     Height: 6'10"
  10.     Weight: ~200 lbs
  11.     Eye Color: Green
  12.     Hair Color: Black
  13.     Complexion: Coal
  16.     *Baklava.
  17.     *Magic.
  18.     *Liquor.
  19. Dislikes
  20.     *Kadir.
  21.     *Stagnation.
  22.     *Spicy curry.
  24. Personality
  25.     Positive:
  26.         *Clever
  27.         *Stoic
  28.         *(Generally) Friendly
  29.     Negative:
  30.         *Dickish
  31.         *Arrogant
  32.         *Passive Aggressive
  34. Reputation:
  35.     Dragon Rider (Pidjata)
  36.     Parbau (Samjan Nomads)
  37.     Grandmaster Vatis (Anthus)
  38.     Maharishi (Tel Lakud)
  39.     Adventurer (Generally)
  40.     Horny Bastard (Generally)
  42. Special Abilities (Mundane):
  43.     *Combat Trained
  44.         Veteran Rank in Marsala Ve
  45.         Trainee Rank in Way of Metal
  46.         Trainee Rank in Rhynian Martial Training
  48.     *Adhikari: Roughly equivalent to a Lieutenant within the Shahdom's military. Provides a +4 bonus to leadership rolls.
  49.     *Rhetorician: You get a +8 to all bluff and diplomacy checks.
  50.     *Light Step: You've done enough creeping and lurking to know how to walk quickly and quietly. +2 to Stealth rolls.
  51.     *2Spoopy: There's a skellington right behind you, look out! +4 on rolls to spook others.
  52.     *Atrocious Oud Player: You get a -4 modifier on rolls to play the oud, and don't gain any benefits from high quality instruments.
  53.     *A Terrible Thing to Waste: You understand perfectly that you are the only one with dominion over your mind. +4 to meditation and finalization rolls, +6 to resisting outside influences.
  54.     *Anatomical Knowledge, Basic: You've gained a basic understanding of the way the body works. +2 to healing, melee, and attacks against organs.
  55.     *Pistoleer: Having achieved some passing familiarity with the handgonne, you receive a +2 to attack when using pistols.
  56. Special abilities (Arcane):
  57.     *Maximum Vys Pool: 74
  58.         Basic Elements:
  59.             Grandmaster Water Vatis
  60.             Master Rank Fire Vatis (2/5 Insights)
  61.             Vatis Rank Earth Vatis (2/3 Insights)
  62.             Grandmaster Metal Vatis
  63.             Master Rank Nature Vatis
  65.         Extraneous Schools:
  66.             Shaping Arts Apprentice (0/2 Insights)
  68.     *Vatis: Opens up the use of spells and the channeling of Vys. Provides +2 to meditation, +4 to resisting outside influences.
  69.     *Shaper: You've taken the first step on the road towards mastering the self. +2 meditation, +2 resisting outside influences.
  70.     *Enchanter: Mikhael has rediscovered the lost art of enchanting. +2 to finalization rolls and +4 to inscription rolls.
  72.     *Maligned: After repeatedly flaunting the cosmic order, Mikhael has earned the ire of the Gods themselves.
  73.     *Child of Surya: The body is but a prison, it limits the true extent of your power. You've learned a method of breaking free. +8 to Husk Casting, and additional +4 against Spirits and Void Entities. Only when in your Ascended form.
  74.     *Frosty: Largely able to ignore cold, +4 bonus to ice and freezing based spells, +4 bonus to healing, sanity fortified by stoic mentality.
  75.     *Force of Will: The will is pure. You have but to exercise it to exert your control over the world around you. +4 to Metal Magic, +4 to Husk Casting. Negates any limitations upon the manipulation of your soul.
  76.     *Preceptor: The process of teaching is necessarily arduous, but sometimes a subtle nudge in the right direction can do a world of good. +4 to Nature Magic, +4 to Group Meditation.
  77.     *Mark of a Dragon Slayer (Contain+Soul): +6 to Metal Magic, +4 to Healing rolls, +2 to Resisting Outside Influence.
  79. Pets:
  80. Al Gasreed, Guar Mount (Carry 300 lbs, cover 12 miles/hr, consume a day's worth of food if not grazed) (Missing, presumed dead)
  81. Ricky, Horrible Abomination, OCD Sufferer (Organizes your cloak, shrieks horribly, master interrogator, abomination)
  82. 4 Unnamed Camels, pull your carriage. (Average 15mph, carry 1000lbs, consume half a day of food each if not grazed.)
  83. Vaisala, Sarada Mount (Carry 200 lbs, cover 10 miles/hr, consumes a third of a day's worth of food if not allowed to hunt.)
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