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  1. /umamusume/ ""tactics"" for aglel4
  2. 1. NEVER play Hana-san. If Trainer-san can't goalkeep, put in Urara looks fast! instead (sub someone fitting into her CF position if required)
  3. 2. MANUALLY sub in best conditions.
  4. 3. Left CK on left CMF, right CK on right CMF, players to join the attack on the CF and the middle CB.
  5. 4. P1 dude lmao
  6. 5. appul or other food balls if you got'em, kits whichever fit, stadiums whatever looks nice I dunno
  7. 6. subs anywhere around 60'-65' whenever the other team is making them
  8. 7. In case of strong memes, push the meme button
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