Anonymous exposes DevoX program

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  1. Greetings Citiziens of the World. We are Anonymous
  3. Many of you have expresses doubt that Program DevoX is actually real others have said Anonymous miss translated.
  4. We are here to Expose "DevoX"
  6. Program DevoX was initiated by the Japanese government in late September of 2007.
  7. DevoX is a government ran Black Market Program, It has annual sales of over $850,000,000+ .
  8. it's Buyers are from the West. Namely the United Kingdom, United States and Canada.
  9. Actual Tuna exported from Japan goes mostly to Thailand.
  10. Japan has struck deals with Big Name companies to sell Dolphin meat under the name of Tuna.
  11. You laugh at us thinking We won't recognize your schemes Japan?
  12. Welcome to the World of Anonymous.....Where the truth is brought before the people.
  13. The Taiji has bribed high up officials within there Government specifically with the "Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries"(MAFF) Communications from were Intercepted and are at the time of this writing still Intercepting Communications. If things at Taiji are not Stopped.
  14. Anonymous is prepared to ruin peoples lives...
  15. We are Anonymous
  16. We do not Forgive
  17. We do not Forget
  18. Expect us Taiji
  19. #OpKillingBay
  20. Sites taken down by Anonymous & LulzSec_Press
  24. Sites defaced by Anonymous & LulzSec_Press
  26. Communications hijacked by Anonymous & LulzSec_Press
  30. Continue to Support #OpKillingBay
  33. Expect more from us Japan....
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