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  1. boon11: did you find a battle?
  2. sanjaytheslayer: y
  3. sanjaytheslayer: battle u after
  4. boon11: kk
  5. sanjaytheslayer: HEY YOU AROUND AND READY?
  6. boon11: 1 sec gotta bathroom
  7. sanjaytheslayer: 0619-8091-9483
  8. sanjaytheslayer: OK
  9. boon11: back
  10. boon11: 2079 6727 0912
  11. sanjaytheslayer: o adding
  12. boon11: online ign Sol
  13. sanjaytheslayer: snjay
  14. sanjaytheslayer: sanjay
  15. sanjaytheslayer: sent
  16. boon11: I can't do level 100 battles
  17. sanjaytheslayer: ohhh
  18. sanjaytheslayer: wait lemme redo
  19. boon11: sent
  20. sanjaytheslayer: oki
  21. sanjaytheslayer: u set the rules please
  22. boon11: sooo much paralysis
  23. Nature's MadnessFairySpecialAccuracy
  24. 90%PP
  25. 16Does damage equal to 1/2 target's current HP.
  26. Priority: 0 |  Gen: 7 |  Z-Power: 100 |  Target: One Adjacent Pokémon
  27. sanjaytheslayer: Lol
  28. sanjaytheslayer: Such a pain
  29. boon11: the para is saving me so much pp
  30. sanjaytheslayer: Yea thats my issue.. if this comes down tobstruggle you will probably win
  31. sanjaytheslayer: If i see it get close I'll just stall so the batlle timer runs out lol
  32. boon11: is there procedule for if a game goes to time?
  33. sanjaytheslayer: I think the person with more pokemon and health wins
  34. boon11: thats a toxic
  35. sanjaytheslayer: Yea i didnt realize the misty terrain timed out
  36. sanjaytheslayer: Ok am sorry I'm gonna have to stall out time because I'm at a disadvantage
  37. sanjaytheslayer: So my plays will start taking long
  38. sanjaytheslayer: That's the only way i can win
  39. sanjaytheslayer: I'm sorry lol I just really want the tp
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