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Mar 9th, 2013
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  1. 1. What OS are you using ?
  2. 2. What programming language/s you learn ?
  3. 3. Thats all i think
  4. February 21
  6. 11:06pm
  7. Owen Davies
  8. As a round up of everything I've done (your experience may vary)
  9. -------------
  10. Pre-university:
  11. - 1000 hours+ PHP,HTML,CSS,XML (personal interest, taught myself)
  12. - 20 hours Microsoft Visual Basic
  13. - Comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft Office packages (our school ICT didn't do much else saddly)
  14. - Windows XP, Vista were my main PC OS. 100+ hours with Ubuntu (server and desktop) as I used it for hosting my websites, not much else.
  15. Background: I chose Aber Uni because it has a strong robotics / AI department. I am doing "Computer Science with AI (GG4R)". I worked as a computer refurbisher and website designer / host.
  16. -------------
  17. Year 1:
  18. Languages
  19. Perl - One week introductory from the Uni so that people who have never programmed pick up some simple techniques. I have not used it since.
  20. Java - this is currently the main language Aber Uni uses to teach many programming patterns and paradigms. They go as far as building a simple, multi threaded program with a GUI front end. 2nd semester we covered Java Web Start in our group project.
  21. Haskell - I choose to take this as a module. It's an example of a functional programming language. Had some interesting points. I have not used it since.
  22. Bash script - Compulsory module for learning how to use UNIX and LINUX systems. Covers things such as piping, file operations and permissions. I already had experience so it was just filing in the gaps for me.
  23. IDEs
  24. -- Bluejay - this was recommended to beginner Java programmers. I didn't use it.
  25. -- Netbeans - this was joint favourite between the staff with eclipse. I use this one a lot.
  26. -- Eclipse - good, but having got used to Netbeans, I didn't do much beyond the worksheets.
  27. OS
  28. I'm still using XP, Vista and Windows 7 as my main, but I am using Ubuntu a lot more now.
  29. -------------
  30. Year 2:
  31. C - one module. Compulsory on my course. Foundation knowledge for a lot of what I'm doing now.
  32. C++ - I couldn't take this module (one module). I use it a lot now in my third year.
  33. Java - 2nd year team project required using a Glassfish Server, Java Servlets and Javascript
  34. PHP, HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript - vocational web module. Filed in the gaps in my knowledge. Basics with a bit of object orientated php.
  35. SQL - database design in general. Brief discussion and assignment in Oracle, Postgre and MySQL.
  36. Git and SVN use - brief covering.
  37. -------------
  38. Year 3:
  39. Ruby on Rails : I took this as a vocational (one module). Hated it (good lectures, just that the coding style didn't suit me).
  40. Java: JavaFX, Java Media Framework. No practicals, just brief cover, why it's becoming popular etc.
  41. My project: I'm using C++ (QT framework, some Boost libraries, heavy multi-threading, object orientated).
  42. OS
  43. Using Ubuntu 90% of the time (work wise: 100%, just games on my Windows now).
  44. -------------
  45. Summary:
  46. The Uni experience has made me aware of what's out there, knowing what to look for and given me the basics. However, a lot of the learning is in your own time and up to how much effort you want to put into it. I'm interested in my work and have been happy spending most of my days behind a PC, so it's been fine.
  47. Don't worry about coming to Uni without a background in programming. If you know any of the above then you'll get a big head start over others. The main point is whether you enjoy it and are happy being indoors a lot!
  48. Feel free to ask more questions.
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