Magical Girl For Hire FAQ

Oct 6th, 2016
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  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Have the Dealmakers encountered any other civilization capable of inter-timeline travel? Is there any kind of protocol for how to handle contact with such a civilization while on a mission?
  5. -Nothing quite like they can. There are other entities that can cross dimensional planes, and timelines within one plane, but not quite like Deal-Makers. It's like Hopscotch. Most people with that kind of power can hop from one square to the other. What the Deal-Makers can do is not only hop on the squares, but walk on the lines that make up the boundaries of the squares as well. If that makes sense.
  8. What happens to weapons and gear we bring back to The Intersection?
  10. -Equipment you buy at the Intersection has two 'flavors': Attuned and Non-Attuned. Attuned is Stat Boosts, and will merge into you once you leave the Intersection. Non-Attunded is 'as is', and you can use the equipment as it was meant. For example, right now both swords you brought back are Non-Attuned, so they're just swords with perks. Eventually, they'll be Attuned, and give you stat boosts.
  13. How are the stats spread out gear wise? I mean, if it was attuned. For example, would hard science tech equipment be more mundane than a mythical magic spellbook(when attuned)?
  15. -Nope.
  18. How often does Miranda do joint operations with other mercs?
  20. -Not exceptionally often, but it's by no means unknown to her. She's worked with Izumi a few times and Lorelei once or twice. It's how she knows their pros and cons. Incidentally, you CAN request a partner for a mission in the future, but obviously, it'll cut into your payrate depending on the cut said partner wants.
  24. Would magical technique/technology work outside of their native plane/other planes without problems, or would it break down? Is it a case by case business depending on how different each dimension's physics are like?
  26. -Magical tech works on a case by case-depends on the physics. You, personally, are fine generally anywhere.
  29. Are motes transmutable back into universe-specific currencies? If so, are there people who run multiversal trade routes to exploit varying supply and demand of goods in various universes in combination with differing mote valuations of their currencies? Or are there laws in place against this sort of thing?
  32. -Yes- and that's what the Deal-Makes essentially did/do. They're literally interdimensional traders, always looking for something with higher value, so they can make more motes to make more tangible space for them and everyone else. Transplants don't usually get that honor or skill, but there are one or two...
  34. How easy is it to revisit a plane? With or without a Deal-Maker's help?
  35. -Without a Deal-Maker sending you to and fro, you're stuck. Period. They're your transport system. Revisiting one, however, isn't...trivial, but it's not hard either. It's less 'difficult' and more 'lot of red tape unless you're there for a job.' 
  38. Can we request specific type of mission/clients for Sal to focus on finding?
  39. -If you want, but he may not find much or anything depending on the criteria.
  41. If somehow, by some weird mood swing or favor, a vote passed to bring an entity to the Intersection, are they expected to work on their own with no support? Not just material support, but no brokers, no nothing? Are they expected to figure out those things all by themselves, or does the administrative building process that kind of influx autonomously?
  43. -If you wanted to bring someone to the intersection, there's a 'startup' organization to help them understand where they are and how things are expected to work, as well as helping them with job placement- much like the Care House for children. It's optional, if highly recommended, however. And everyone who ends up in The Intersection is 'known about' by the Deal-Makers. Doesn't matter who you are.
  45. What are the other major MG merc groups?
  47. The top dogs are Interdiction, and there are at least 20 MGs working under them, with a lot of other various sorts. They're jacks of all trades as a whole, and tend to have REALLY powerful MGs or extremely capable specialists.
  49. Flashpoint is another, and as their name implies kinda, they're mostly search and retrieval, focusing on speed. If you want 'mysterious suppliers that tell you about or drop an ancient artifact in your lap', that's Flashpoint.
  51. Dynamic Methods is actually very similar to a traditional mercenary corporation in that they tend to operate in squads, are lower powered peoples that still want to be Outgoers, and tend to be the ultimate in deniable assets.
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