8/24 A Phyre Goes Out

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  1. The girl were quickly smashed down once more, with a clawd hand falling upon her back, as to lift her. Needless to say, the girl bled profusely.
  3. She is then thrown down before Famfrit.
  5. "Pay us."
  6. (Pestilence)
  7. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Slade says, "Ohoho."
  10. Garrick says, "Oh hey pink lady."
  11. Slade says, "I feel splendid."
  12. Famfrit throws down the coin. As requested.
  13. (Famfrit)
  14. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  16. Slade asks, "Is this a gift, sir?"
  17. Despair says, "It is. A mark tha' will allow ma ta call ya at any time."
  18. Yasuyoshi says, "..."
  19. Slade exclaims, "Has the net been completed?!"
  20. Despair says, "Ya may hav' jus' seen ma summon Melody wit' it."
  21. Slade says, "I am excited."
  22. Despair says, "Not yet."
  23. Slade says, ".. Sadness."
  24. Garrick says, "Oh look, a sword I made."
  25. Slade says, "Hello, Famfrit."
  26. Melody places a hand on her stomach. She was getting fat. Someone's been gorging on food. Maybe.
  27. (Melody Ultovex)
  28. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  29. Slade asks, "Wonderful night, no?"
  30. Pestilence says, "..You, may take it back.\"
  31. Pestilence says, "We've recieved the payment we desire."
  32. Melody Ultovex says, "Pardon me..."
  33. Slade says, "Oh! A large sword! I've been collecting those."
  34. Garrick says, "Hmm."
  35. [01:51] Famfrit would rummage through Phyre's pockets. Taking whatever coin she carried.
  36. (Famfrit)
  37. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  39. Garrick says, "You keep it Slade."
  40. Slade says, "I have six now."
  41. Garrick says, "From a dragon to a dragon."
  42. Yasuyoshi says, "..."
  43. Skyler says, "...."
  44. Skyler scavenges.
  45. (Skyler)
  46. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  48. Yasuyoshi says, "..."
  49. Yasuyoshi says, "aRA."
  50. Yasuyoshi says, "Ara..."
  51. Skyler asks, "Yes!?"
  52. Yasuyoshi asks, "...are you enjoying yourself?"
  53. Despair says, "Halt."
  54. Skyler exclaims, "I gggot.. Stuff!"
  55. Despair says, "I want tha' invisbility potion."
  56. Skyler exclaims, "Okay mmister hat!"
  57. Despair says, "Slade, hold it fer ma."
  58. Melody Ultovex says, "..."
  59. Slade says, "Of course."
  60. Yasuyoshi whispers something.
  61. Melody Ultovex says, "Why is this child being declothed..."
  62. Skyler exclaims, "Sssure Lady Ffox!"
  63. Slade says, ".. Do not call him anything but Lord Ultovex."
  64. Slade says, "If you do, I will eat your nose."
  65. Oskar Aime says, "I've been tryin' to learn how T'do that naturally. Also I think she's bein' killed."
  66. Melody stares at Famfrit...
  67. (Melody Ultovex)
  68. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  70. Skyler stares at Slade, she has no nose.
  71. (Skyler)
  72. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  74. Melody Ultovex says, "What-"
  75. Slade says, "My job is done."
  76. Oskar Aime says, "The demon was paid to deliver her beaten to the masked one there."
  77. Despair whispers: i wonder how much pain tha' promise causes ya.
  78. Luna Invidia says, "...."
  80. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. [01:59] "Now THIS is someone who can't be trusted. In a congregation of murderers, thieves, and those who only wish to be free THIS one is the most dangerous.
  84. A traitor.
  86. I gave them a simple task and they had failed. Telling those about my plots. SHE cannot be trusted, thus she has no use to me."
  88. Dragging over his captive, he'd forcefully push them to the ground. No matter if it was a young girl or not, she was a detriment to his vision. Traitors were, of course, the worst.
  90. "She has sold us out! Using the leniency I gave her to gain information and plot against us. SHE wishes to let Agartha rot in chains."
  92. The Snow hardens and freezes, sticking her in place on the ground.
  94. "Any objections to freezing her?"
  95. (Famfrit)
  96. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  98. Slade exclaims, "I cannot in good conscience eat her. She was a doll to me, kaha!"
  99. Slade says, "All is well that ends well, I suppose."
  100. Yasuyoshi says, "...if what Famfrit says is true then..."
  101. Phyre says, ".....I've done nothing of the sort. But I won't lie and say I'm surprsied to see you turn on me."
  102. Phyre asks, "What lie was told one me this time?"
  103. Famfrit asks, "Prodotis parents came swiftly up the mountain. After I had you plant his letter. While it was my intention of letting him go after a meeting, I wonder how they found out?"
  104. Phyre says, "....................................................................................................."
  105. Yasuyoshi says, "..."
  106. Yasuyoshi asks, "Is this true?"
  107. Slade says, "..."
  108. Slade says, "What kind of-"
  109. Slade says, "Excuse my language-"
  110. Slade says, "FUCKING NAME-"
  111. Slade asks, "Is Prodotis!?"
  112. Yasuyoshi says, "...Prodotis seems cool."
  113.  The Ultovexian would watch from the sidelines as the attack occurred. He didn't interrupt it, merely letting the Archon bring Phyre down then turn her in for the bounty. He didn't move more then the occasional daunting whisper on his lips as he watched her taken upwards and the snow begin to freeze and harden around her. He remained silent until hearing them speak.
  115. "Not an interruption, but I do want ta hear how she sold us out." He began before the revelation of how it occurred happened. Sors just nodded.
  117. "No complaint. Jus' one mor' question. Ya seen Physa lately?"
  118. (Despair)
  119. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  121.  The woman stared at the egregious display with with some hesitation. Famfrit's words ring as a warning, a traitor would do it again. All around them enemies lurked, but she was just a child. "She is only a child. There are more ways to punish her than simply freeing her from this world."
  123. To Sors, she looked. Melody did not want to see a girls blood spilled on this mountain.
  125. Not when there were more deserving of such brutality.
  127. "-..." She looks back to Famfrit. "I am sorry, did you say Prodotis? Red hair? Mercenary Prodotis?" Her eyebrows push together into a look of bemused and agitated confusion. He was dead and from the mainland as far as she knew. What kind of jest was this?
  128. (Melody Ultovex)
  129. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  130. The bone thin, anorexic child had stuffed as much of she could of the looted equipment into her practically bursting satchel. She'd hiccup once, looking between the group with a sort of blank, doe-eye'd expression. Most of what they were saying went way over her head!
  132. After zipping up her backpack, she'd flop into the snow- and wriggle the robe over her head for warmth with a shiver. Turns out wearing naught but a skirt and a T-Shirt wasn't the best for cold weather.
  134. "Ppro..Pro-Dot-Is! Uuhh.. Freeze to keep it fresh. I think.. Uu-uhh.. I am Ara now!"
  135. (Skyler)
  136. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  137. Yasuyoshi says, "...Skyler."
  138. Yasuyoshi says, "--er, Ara."
  139. Yasuyoshi says, "Please take those robes off. It is giving me PTSD of a group that tried to kill me."
  140. Skyler says, "Bb..But it is cold.."
  141. Yasuyoshi says, "...I understand."
  142. Yasuyoshi says, "Keep it on."
  143. Yasuyoshi says, "Just remind me daily that you're not apart of the group..."
  144. Phyre says, "What you said is a bold face lie Famfrit. Just admit you don't like me and want me dead. I could respect you more."
  145. Skyler exclaims, "I am nn..nnot apart of the group that did bad!"
  146. Oskar would simply turn to look at Famfrit and Phyre. The bright glow following his battle with Brock had dimmed, his eyes smoldering emerald coals as compared to the burning brightness before.
  148. However, faced with the prospect of an execution, his mood seemed to perk up slightly. Watching with interest, little to no sympathy to be had there... still....
  150. "No objection. Though should probably give the girl a chance T'speak her piece first."
  152. With that a shrug.... and continued interested watching.
  153. (Oskar Aime)
  154. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  155.  Slade asks, "Lord. I desire to lay down for a time. Do you require my services for much longer?"
  156.  Oskar would reach out, and push Eretria over to pull her horns out of the ground.
  157. (Oskar Aime)
  158. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  159.  Despair says, "Ya are allowed ta rest."
  160. Garrick would turn his head with a tilt of his head as he clacked his teeth together with contemplation as he turned his view to the wolf, humming in contemplation as his view briefly trailed over Phyre with a degree of dismissal as he made a tsking noise steadily with his reptilian tongue. If there was one thing the crack scaled smith hated more than anything else, it was a traitor.
  162. Perhaps once, there had been mercy in the drake's chest. A sense of empathy for poor situations or misinformation, a softness for youth. But that was the old him, wasn't it? Before he'd stood before the great wall of occultic energy that had shattered his scales, before his work had been burnt to ash by the fascist tyrants of the white winged demagoguery.
  164. No, the flames of hatred had long since consumed Garrick. He had no mercy left to give.
  166. "Slade will eat well, then. Sword'll make a good tooth pick, made it myself."
  167. (Garrick)
  168. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  170. A series of questions, each deserving a truthful answer. First, to Despair itself.
  172. "Physa? I have not, no. It's why I'm proclaiming this mountain free, even if his claim was... shaky at best.
  174. How she sold us out? I had kidnapped the child of Ascalon and Arlei Zanders. Prodotis. Hoping to hold him for a bit and draw out one of them. I had much to ask, and they came.
  176. Yet without my beckoning.
  178. I had sent Phyre out to plant a letter explaining he had ran away from home. Yet somehow they knew to come to this mountain. I'm certain she sold us out, as she knew the child. Even told him he was about to die, when I kept him perfectly unharmed. She's not to be trusted in any way."
  181. Turning towards Melody, she was next.
  183. "She was already a part of the Phoenix Cult, and turned on them quiet easily. I gave her a chance and despite treating her well and offering to teach her what I've learned from Malentine and his book, she's betrayed us."
  187. (Famfrit)
  188. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  189.  Slade asks, "Famfrit. You will freeze her, yes?"
  190.  Slade asks, "Or am I to rest with a full stomach?"
  191.  Famfrit says, "Lest someone wants the body."
  192.  Phyre says, "First of all you're making up shit."
  193.  Phyre says, "I never turned on the Phoenix Organization, I left after they tried to SACRIFICE ME."
  194.  Skyler asks, "Cc..Caan I have.. An arm..?"
  195.  Phyre says, "Literally everybody knows that in Agartha."
  196.  Erétria tensed up for a moment as chains rattled and wrapped around their form, uncertain what might occur. But, as the ice is broken free around their horns, they relaxed a bit. One hand dropped to the ground to push their head up, and if it were allowed their feet would swivel down and drop to stand flat upon the ground.
  197. (Erétria Fengari)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  199.  Erétria Fengari says, "Much appreciated Lord Ultovex."
  200.  Despair says, "Ain't no thang. I also believe Oscar was tryin' ta assist."
  201.  Phyre says, "Second of all I never betrayed you. Arlei pulled a sword on me and told me to tell her what she wanted to know or else I'd pay and I gave her the most vague of answers. I said her son was in the snow mountain, I never name dropped any of you. But it's funny that you say that when others have done worse and you've said nothing about them. This seems like a poor reason to have me killed."
  202.  Famfrit says, "You talked, worst thing to do."
  203.  Phyre asks, "...But Yasuyoshi over there literally told where you all were, who you met and the names involved to the SAME people and you did nothing?"
  204.  Phyre says, "Just admit you want me dead."
  205.  Yasuyoshi says, "Never said such a thing."
  206.  Phyre says, "Arlei already knew he was here, I simply confirmed it."
  207.  Phyre says, "Oh this is great. If you think I'm lying give me a truth potion."
  208.  Famfrit says, "We've spoken plenty about what he's said, and it was all as I wanted."
  209.  Phyre says, "I have NOTHING to hide."
  210.  Famfrit asks, "Slade, Ara was it?"
  211.  Famfrit says, "Feast."
  212.  Melody looks between Famfrit and Phyre. She listens to the exchange as it goes, her oppinion shifting from left to right and back.
  213. (Melody Ultovex)
  214. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  215. Slade says, "An unfortunate turn of events.."
  216. Slade exclaims, "Phyre. Do understand I mean nothing by this!"
  217. Phyre says, "Soo you just proved my point. You just want me dead."
  218. Melody Ultovex says, "I... "
  219. Slade exclaims, "I hope that in me devouring you - You can pass on peacefully!"
  220. Slade says, "You will become part of me."
  221. Melody exhales quietly... She walks away from Phyre...
  222. (Melody Ultovex)
  223. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  225. Skyler says, "I am ss..ssorry, other lil missus.."
  226. Melody Ultovex says, "..."
  227. Melody Ultovex says, "Let... Me do you do this one mercy."
  228. Yasuyoshi says, "Ara, come here for just a second."
  229. Yasuyoshi whispers: Do you like candy?
  230. Skyler exclaims, "Sweets, sweets!! Not as good as mm..mmeat!"
  231. Yasuyoshi asks, "Chicken? Beef?"
  232. Skyler exclaims, "Yes, I do!"
  233. Skyler says, "All mm..mmeats are nice."
  234. Yasuyoshi whispers: Pretend she is the best meat: Beef.
  235. Skyler exclaims, "Beef!!"
  236. Yasuyoshi pats their head.
  237. (Yasuyoshi)
  238. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  239. Skyler nods her head at Yasuyoshi.
  240. (Skyler)
  241. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  243. Ahead, the woman walks. Departing from the sidelines she retreated to just a moment ago, she now stands over Phyre. "I hope you are not an occultist..." They have always been the bane of her kindness. Within the air moisture coilescess. It wraps around itsef, floating without restriction as exalted light is imbued within these waters.
  245. Gently, the woman gudies them down to Phyre's neck.
  247. It wraps around it like a snake before gathering along the nape of her neck. Through the pores in her skin the water seeped, travelling far through the myriad layers separating the skin from the spine. A potent and concentrated version of blessed waters travels along the spine to the brain.
  249. If her kindness was to be, no pain could be felt. But if the girl was an occultist, she may just have forced agony upon her. "... Goodbye, Phyre. Your next life will be a more peaceful one." Giving the girl one last glance, she returns to the side of the spectators.
  251. (Melody Ultovex)
  252. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  253.  Yasuyoshi says, "...that's beautiful."
  254.  The Ultovexian watches with piqued interest as the group speaks, rarely interrupting, but as things begin to wind down, he shook his head.
  256. "I agree tha' Physa's claim was shaky. But I ain't believe this mountain should b free, as ya phrase it. A mountain under absolute anarchy is not one tha' can crush our enemies. I believe it should hav' leaders, an' I also believe tha' it is not ma place ta lead it."
  258. "I believe tha', as ya are takin' responsibility fer both tha' destruction o' Physa's rules, as well as the takin' o' this girl's life, the person who should bear the responsibility o' leadin' the mountain is ya, Famfrit." Despair speaks sweetly, Dusk and Aurum looking down towards the declothed girl.
  260. "Ya confirmed information ta people who are much mor' lenient. They are tha' ones tha' would hav' spared ya. This mountain's life is tougher. Blood flows. I care not fer innocent o' guilty maself, only tha' those who pose threats are eliminated. Anyone who assist those allies o' the Demi-angels are those threats. An' it sounds like ya hav' done jus' tha'. I will not be interfering."
  262. His clawed hand opened, looking towards Slade.
  264. "Bring ma her head. Melody seems ta hav' taken her life, but her soul can b used fer so much mor' then jus' livin' a life."
  265. (Despair)
  266. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  267. Skyler- or 'Ara' was kind of drooling. But could anyone blame the girl? The new, comfy and fluffy robes did much to keep her from looking like a starved vagrant. Her cheeks were gaunt, her eyes slightly sunken into her skull- then there was the whole 'her nose was just two surgical slits' and her lips were scarred, torn and shredded.
  269. Hardly lips, really.
  271. The sharped bucked teeth dug into her lower lip as she fidgeted impatiently, looking from Melody, towards Phyra, then towards Slade. She hops from one foot to the other- it wasn't until the woman was abruptly executed in a painless way that she'd dart forward!
  273. And try to cut off the pain-numbed woman's arm- just an arm. She'd not take any from the dragon after all. Hints of weak, pathetic gravity magic kept the blood from flowing from the limb as she begun to scuttle off towards the nearest campfire..
  275. Looks like she didn't eat any of her meals raw.
  276. (Skyler)
  277. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  278. Oskar simply nodded along, listening to Phyre and Famfrits exchange of words. Not really raising any objections to either. The execution had his interest... but Sadly, while he was certainly interested in what she had to say for herself, the Oscuri wasn't exactly sympathetic.
  280. Not to mention the way he frowned once Arlei was mentioned, fists clenching in an instinctive way before smoothing, all smiles and nonchalance once again.
  281. (Oskar Aime)
  282. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  283.  Garrick would tap his black sabaton steadily upon the snow as the slush melted around his molten heat, whistling a solemn tune as he took steady drags from his raggedy cigarette in pensive contemplation. He didn't feel much of anything for Phyre, they were a customer that had plagued him regularly with annoyance from the day he'd first encountered them. Yet, there was no wrath or satisfaction in their passing, no sickly joy or amusement.
  285. Just another that would join the ash. Free of rot.
  287. Planting his great, black blade into the crunchy snow, the crack scaled smith would cross his bulky arms over the navy cotton of his engineer's coat as he watched the display of mercy from Melody, glancing with a degree of interest at the ceremonial pain killing that seemed to occur. It was a kindness, he supposed, though whether the youth deserved it was above his paygrade and interest. Just another body, in truth.
  289. If it aided in noble Slade's growth? She was already more useful in death than life.
  291. "Crossing her off my list then. She paid her tab luckily, should be even 0's on the ledger. I'd say some words or somethin', but...I dunno, that seems corny. Like talking over each other at the dinner table. Fun times on chaos mountain."
  292. (Garrick)
  293. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  294.  With Phyre completely locked down and paralyzed, he'd lean the woman onto her back and land on her belly. Slade cared very little for the young or the old, he's grinning bony cheek to bony cheek. "Shh.. Do not speak. This will be a peaceful death, but it will not be a peaceful feast." Immediately Slade brings both of his claws towards Phyre's chest and cleaves down right through the sternum.
  296. The shattering and snapping of bones could be heard in the air as he immediately forced his maw into the organs below the ribcage and sternum. The crimson would fill and stain Slade's face as he pulled at the heart first and foremost. Snapping into it, tearing and cannibalizing it almost instantly - Phyre would pass into the next life very quickly.
  298. The following scene is far too graphic for me to care to put it into detailed, explanative words.
  300. Put shortly, Slade would proceed to clean out and harvest, devour and clean the insides of her body out. Organ after organ, nerve and muscle are all eaten.
  302. Turned into some kind of skin shell, Slade would eat all but the bones. A skeleton picked to the very last speck of flesh. As per request, Slade brings his foot down to stomp out the spinal column and severs the head for Sors behind him. Picked up by the hair, the now crimson stained dragon would throw Phyre's head at Sors' feet.
  304. ".. A meal far too delectable to pass. Wonderful show, Famfrit. Feed me more in the future."
  305. (Slade)
  306. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  308.  Despair collects the head and stores it into a rift for later usage.
  309. (Despair)
  310. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  311.  There wasn't much to say or think... It was normal, too normal. The woman was complex, it was simple as that. Memories, upbringings, teachings and expectations, ambitions and promises, they weren't the normal ones one would think.
  313. A subtle glance away as the deal was done, she didn't need to watch it.
  315. But as soon as her attention returns to the general area in which Phyre's body was, there was her great uncle. Drifting over to stand behind him.
  316. (Luna Invidia)
  317. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  318.  Skyler tended to her meal like a homeless person would, really.
  320. From her bag she procured some tin foil.. And started skinning the hand she'd managed to nab. Cutting off chunks of flesh from the bone and piling it up onto the tin-foil wrapping. She even pulled out what looked like some- What a waste of Luminite, she was literally using it like a cooking herb. Squeezing and tearing bits and pieces off onto the chunks of human meat.
  322. No bone crunching here! If it weren't for the fact that the meat she was tenderizing and peeling apart was a human arm. It'd look almost normal!
  324. A fire crystal was used to spark the firepit, and a few sticks were placed over it as she had herself a good old fashioned hobo dinner. Letting the foil cook the meat within as she sat back and waited patiently. Rocking back and fourth.
  325. (Skyler)
  326. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  327.  They felt very much the intruder here. A less-than-violent individual among killers and thieves and brigands. Gold-flecked eyes scanned the scene ahead, more than a little uncomfortable as 'vultures' descended on the fresh 'kill.'
  329. Not dead yet. But certainly dead soon enough.
  331. Uncertainty was almost palpable around them. A nervous air to the shift of their weight. Standing so tall, at least a head above most of the rest of the crowd, it was hard to miss the motion.
  333. Eretria set to distracting themself as blood was drawn. Their gold-flecked gaze turned downward as they searched through their coat pockets. From within one they pulled an immaculately clean white handkerchief, and set about cleaning dirt and snow from their horns. Bits of dust and flakes of snow were brushed from their hair.
  335. When the last bits of grime were removed the ridiculously tall neries set about returning their jewelry to its proper position.Glinting gold, dangling chains with charms and chimes hanging from them. Emblazoned not with contrasting gemstones, but with ambers and topaz instead.
  337. That must've been some highly expensive décor.
  339. That done, the scene was over. At least, the very worst of it was ignored. They couldn't help but notice the red-stained scales of that undead draconic beast. But they made no comment.
  340. (Erétria Fengari)
  341. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  342.  It seemed that Brock had returned just in time to watch the execution and subsequent devouring of Phyre. The shadow-mage frowned, rather irritated at these events. Phyre had owed her after all and a debt left unpaid was infuriating to handle.
  344. Though, really it wasn't a large lose. The girl had been overly aggressive and tried to pull one over on the Vashranan. It'd been enjoyable then to beat the whelp like a rag-doll. Though, that'd never happen again.
  346. So, the shadow-mage would simply watch what was taking place. A shame that Galrogg had went to rest they could have watched all of this from the get go.
  347. (Brock)
  348. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  349.  Feeling a sense of unease, the woman looks away.
  351. If this were an adult, a grown woman who had wronged their agenda, she might have felt little. But it was not a grown woman, it was a girl. Someone who was around the same age as Aia was when so much heartbreak had hurt her. Melody did not want to see this girls life be degraded through a feast.
  353. As the sound of ravaging fills the air, she casts a spell around herself and silences it for her ears alone.
  355. It was not until Sors collected the head that she would finally catch a glimpse of Phyre's expression. Locked in a limp look of agony. She might have been able to stop the physical pain, but the emotional? "I think I am going to be sick..." The woman places a hand upon her stomach and the other along her mouth.
  357. The smell of blood...
  359. ... Why was it so potent?
  361. (Melody Ultovex)
  362. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  363. Malentine is here.
  364. (Malentine Invidia)
  365. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  366.  Erétria lifted a hand to place atop Melody's shoulder. Comfort, as well as it could be given in such a simple action.
  367. (Erétria Fengari)
  368. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  369.  A King? Regent? Adjudicator? Could Famfrit consider himself any of these?
  371. He was fighting against it all, but to be asked to lead in some capacity by Sors Ultovex. To have a group of Magi stand before him and watch Phyre's execution.
  373. He was... something to them it'd seem.
  375. "Call me whatever you want. The Mountain will be under my protection and anyone who disturbs it will have to answer to me.
  377. Yet I seek to be no greater than any of you. If so desired, you may follow me, but know I want one thing. And one thing only.
  379. Bloody Revolution upon Agartha. To get rid of Huangzhou, Gehenna, Levengard, all of it."
  381. The Laughing Wolf stood before them all. Observing each and every one of them. It was an odd feeling to be here. It was something he never wanted.
  383. But before he could further consider it all.
  385. "Lord Malentine?"
  386. (Famfrit)
  388. Garrick would pace away from the scene, mulling over what he had occurred with pensive contemplation as his molten eyes glanced over the edge of the frozen mountain. The child had been a traitor, had been loose with their words and lost their life for it. Such was the law of the wilds wasn't it? There was no law here to defend the weak from their failures, no mercy for those that would stand in the way of the revolution to come. It didn't matter that they were young, that they were frail and incapable of fighting back. Nothing would stand in the way of the mountain, nothing would stand in the way of the coiling fire that would spread across the island and bring ash to the land.
  390. Crossing his black greaved legs as he sat upon the powdery snow, igneous cracks spreading about the nearby stone as he made his purchase upon the cliffside, the cracked scaled smith would feel an itch in the back of his neck, the barest prodding of empathy so dull and weak as an ember that it felt almost like an annoying, buzzing sensation. The young drakan smith in Gehenna might have found the situation repulsive, the gestures against someone so young cruel and morally unacceptable. But then, hadn't all Garrick learned shown him that morality was a farce that dragons were above? It was all subjective in the end, posturing for those in power to damn the few while the apathetic many suckled upon the teat of rot and stagnation.
  393. Phyre's face briefly appeared before the fire drakan's vision, but all he saw was the flame.
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