Danuki Diary (Revised) Pt. 7

Feb 12th, 2018
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  1. Entry #7 24th March, AIEG
  3. Visited a place today I never thought I’d see again, not at least in this life. Moon's pekaing through a few clouds as I write this since we stayed there for dinner.The week itself has been one big old rush as we're preparing for the party, got lucky too when we stopped into town yesterday and Miyabi bought me some journals. Did have to tell her about my old one, luckier still is she didn't pay it no heed and even said it was cute I do this kinda thing, so I've gone and caught a break there. Thankful for it though, been keepin a journal since I learned to write when I was little. Ma and Pa thought I'd be better if I had an education and all that. While I kinda write how I speak I've done my darnedest to write like some of them authors as they're called. Though I'm gettin off track and whatnot and I need to cover what I can since it's gonna take more than the usual 2.
  5. Well the mornin started off like normal, and even though I'm married now we're still sleepin in separate beds on the account of I'm still right nervous about everything. Miyabi's a nice girl and all but my chest gets really tight when I start thinkin about the two of us going and sleeping together, and I start gettin these weird thoughts. In any case Miyabi comes in through that other door next to the desk, turned out it connects my room to hers. She asks me if I slept alright and all that as she sat on the edge of the bed lookin over at me. Told her the truth, that I wake up real early and tend to wander around lookin for something to do, asking back if she slept well, and learned she's hopin I work up the courage to sleep with her soon. The way she said it though made it seem like she was fine but would've liked it better if I was there with her. I guess I can't blame her though seein as how I'm her husband now after all. It wasn't till during breakfast she told me that we were headin someplace special. She wouldn't tell me where at first, just in that it was a place we needed to go for the party. It wasn't like I had a issue before with her so I agreed and we left for this mystery place after.
  7. Well we finished breakfast and like usual Matilda was outside readying the auto, opening the door for the two of us before shuttin it behind me. I've also tried to get into the habit of sitting next to Miyabi, she makes it hard sicne ever since I signed off on those papers she's been teasing me. This time she rested up against me and told me how soft I was, got that chest tightness again and sorta froze up. The ride took longer than normal too, so much so I ended up nodding off only to get woken up by Miyabi who told me I passed out on her. Lookin out the window we were at a cruisin speed goin through a town I started to recognize as my own. I had an idea of what was happening now, though when I asked Miyabi if we were heading back to my family's farm I just got a "you'll see sweetie" from her. When the auto went down Mayberry and towards a dirt road I knew we were headin home. As the house drew into view I did see someone from through that small window behind Matilda, it was Pa, lookin at us pullin up. At first he couldn't tell who was in the auto since the windows are tinted.
  9. I dunno what came over me, but what happened next was a bit ofa blur. I stepped out of the car and said no, which shocked Pa seeing me. Pa was excited to see me, well that was till I threw a right hook at him. I know that the hit connected on the account of my hand hurtin like hell after and the two of us stumbling a bit. When Pa asked what caused me to come down with madness I told him it was for not tellin me the truth about the arranged marriage. Pa didn't hit me back, but cracked a joke as Miyabi stepped out, askin if I was this violent around her. Miyabi came to my defense, and said no thankfully and told Pa I've been fairly behaved. The conversation went a bit down the awkward path though when Miyabi wanted to hand the wedding invitation to Ma. I had to break it to her that ever since my kid brother, Ma's been bed ridden a lot. I had to explain to Miyabi that Ma had been bedridden ever since she gave birth to my kid brother and that Pa and I always felt a bit down when it was brought up on the account of being unable to help her. She did feel a bit easier though when I mentioned Ma could stand up for short stints at a time. Though it was usually for walking aroundthe house and the like, sometimes she did cook supper, but Pa usually mad her sit down while he followed her instructions.
  11. We went inside and left Pa to go do something, leavin our shoes and Miyabi's coat and hanging it on a hook on the wall of the mudroom. Almost damned tripped over Johnny's boots when we tried to take the step up into the kitchen, he's always been the one leavin his boots around. Compared to the mansion my Ma and Pa's house ain't that big, the mudroom connects to the kitchen by the left wall and the kitchen connects to the dining room on it's left wall. Kind like a corner of a square, and from the dining room there's the stairs to the second floor where I used to share a room with Johnny. Though I didn't show Miyabi my old room, instead when we went upstairs we went through the door on the right. Inside Ma was propped up against the headboard of the bed readin a book. I dunno who was more shocked though, Ma when she saw me poke my head in and askin politely how she was doing, or Miyabi when she learned that Ma was a mamono. I told Miyabi as we stepped inside that Ma was a minotaur and the only thing I ever got from her was her blue eyes and rust colored hair. Went over tyo Ma and gave her a hug while Miyabi came in and closed the door behind her, introducing herself to Ma. Ma being the person she was had Miyabi come over to her side as well and brought the two of us into a big old hug telling about how she was happy the two of us got along, Tellin us that it wa a sign of a long and happy relationship. Ma did get a bit upset though when I told her Pa had made played such a dirty rotten joke on me, but outside that we had a right nice chat the three of us. Near the end of it Ma figured she should cook up a special supper to commemorate the news. I got a bit worried though not only for her but when Miyabi asked to help. Never seen Miyabi cook till today, usually the maids handle all the hard work.
  13. I had to help Ma outta bed and down the stairs, but left her and Miyabi in the kitchen while I went to find where Pa went.It took awhile, checked the usual places like the Tool shed behind the house and the tractor house. Last placed I checked was the barn and sure enough Pa was up in the loft grunting and trying to pull up a big bale of hay. When I tried to tell him that Ma didn't like him strainin himself he told me to shut up and help him, so I did. Climbed on up the ladder and got behind him and pulled with him, took a bit of effort though to hold on while Pa brought the bale onto the loft, almost lost my balance at one point. Once Pa and I got the bale where it needed to be I told him what Ma had planned, telling him Ma wanted to eat outside since it was getting warmer out. Pa had me and him haul the old oak table out there, the thing was too heavy for just the two of us and we were stopping and going every few seconds. My back still aches a bit from all of it, but we finally got it to it's usual spot right outside the door that leads in towards the dining room. Pa wanted us to cut corners by grabbing the chairs from the dining room, but we ended up just grabbin the benches as well since Ma would've raised a stink about bringing her nice chairs outside. On our second trip back and we saw Matilda helping set the table out front, turned out Ma managed to coax her into eating with us, Ma even gave her a nice big garden salad since it turns out her kind ain't too keen on eating meat.
  15. The girls outdid themselves really, The first bit was one of Ma's big old garden salads with some corn. Just as we were bout to dig in though we saw this red pick up truck screaming like a bat outta hell down the dirt road. We got our answer quick though since it was my kid brother and his friend being dropped off by his pal Curtis who works the garage back in town. I mean Curtis was all dandy when Ma told him it was a family dinner for a special occasion, otherwise he'd had been welcome to join. Right off the bat Johhny, the moment he saw tilda, went full tilt into flirtin with her. Needless to say, Matilda's ace turned the same color of her feathers. I right embarrassed her further by joking about how there might be another man livin in the mansion soon if Miyabi wasn't careful. The main dish itself turned out to be Miyabi's doin, with Ma's coaching of course. To say the least it was right tasty. Blind wolf ribs marinated in peach juice, Ma's signature recipe. By the time we finished, every one of us was in high spirits and the sun was close to disappearing over the hills off in the distance. We skipped on dessert, though Ma let us take some home, might offer it to one of the maids later since I'm not a fan of Ma's mud pie on the account of it being too sweet for my tastes. Sun's light was all but gone when we left, Matilda had to use the auto's headlamps. We said our final good byes and hoped to see em at the wedding. I did watch the house as we pulled away, I didn't feel angry this time, just really happy, and with Miyabi seeming ready to hop right off to sleep I felt that warmness right in my heart that everything felt right.
  17. The party's in two days now and its gettin right late. Miyabi is already fast asleep in her room and I'm about ready to go to bed myself.
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