homeopathy buffs - bipolar disorder and voices in head

naturowhat Jun 10th, 2016 399 Never
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  1. homeopathy buffs - bipolar disorder and voices in head
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  3. Dr. Jena Peterson
  4. Message 1 of 6 , Jun 8 5:21 PM
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  6. I have a new patient that is having an acute episode.  Diagnosis coming in is bipolar disorder 1.  She describes panic attacks, 5 hours sleep per night, and voices in her head constantly.  She also describes feeling like the voices or entities are in her body and moving her body, moving her hands for example.  PHx of sexual abuse as a child.
  7. She has many resources in place currently, but I am hoping to start working on a remedy for her. Any suggestions anyone has would be appreciated; with such unusual symptoms I am hoping to get ideas to narrow down my search.
  8. Best, Jena Peterson ND
  9. seattle
  13. Shiva Barton, ND
  14. Message 2 of 6 , Jun 9 3:19 AM
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  16. Hi Jena,
  18. Please investigate PANS/PANDAS in this patient. Ask if she has had any
  19. antibiotic use or food poisoning/stomach bugs; or strep within the last
  20. 6 months. Please do a stool culture to see if there are abnormal
  21. bacteria growing. The use of antibiotics raises the risk of panic attack
  22. and anxiety by 50% within 6 months of taking them. I've had a few
  23. patients recently who have had new onset of panic, anxiety and insomnia
  24. post antibiotic use. Improving the biome can be very helpful.
  26. Shiva Barton, ND
  27. Winchester, MA
  31. J. Claire Green, ND
  32. Message 3 of 6 , Jun 9 7:08 AM
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  35. With respect Jena, I suggest you refer this patient to someone who specializes in constitutional prescriptions.  I have been practicing homeopathy and doing advance study in this area for 25 years, and I would hesitate to take on a difficult case like this.  
  38. J. Claire Green ND
  39. Santa Rosa, CA
  44. Dr Jena
  45. Message 4 of 6 , Jun 9 1:06 PM
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  47. Claire
  48. Excellent suggestion, and agreed. I have some amazing homeopathic docs in Seattle to refer to!
  49. I would still be interested in any thoughts so I may further my own study of homeopathy....
  50. Jena Peterson ND
  51. Seattle
  56. Dr Jena
  57. Message 5 of 6 , Jun 9 1:07 PM
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  59. Shiva
  60. Excellent suggestion
  61. What are your methods of treating if antibodies come up positive?
  62. Jena Peterson ND
  63. Seattle
  68. Richard Cooper
  69. Message 6 of 6 , Jun 9 1:39 PM
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  71. I have a Myasthenia Gravis patient with low 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D and normal Level 1,25 Di-hydroxy Vitamin D. The Vitamin D Council says to ignore the 1,25 Dihydroxy normal levels but I seem to recall reading a cautionary note about supplementing under these circumstances. I would appreciate your help. This patient is doing well so I do not want to trigger an unwanted exacerbation.
  72. Thank you
  73. Rick Cooper ND
  74. Norwalk Ct.
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