Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 24, The magic of music

Jul 19th, 2018
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  1. >"In layman’s terms, the magic of music is when creatures focus their feelings in a single song. What is special about this is that various creatures around the single individual can start to join them and sing-along, even dance if the magic was true on the lyrics."
  2. "And that's the reason I sang so... well and I listened to various instruments at my side?"
  3. >Maria nodded while smiling slightly.
  4. "Aw, shucks. I thought I had my chaotic magic back!"
  5. >Maria started petting your curly mane with her left hoof as she giggled.
  6. >"Silly Prince, lying and blaming on a pony won't give you enough for a day. I will give you a tip, start seeing opportunities around you or else you're gonna struggle to gain your magic back. The Spirit of Chaos gave you a handicap when entering this dimension, and that is starting without magic." Magically, a blue butterfly appeared in front of Maria's face which started floating around her until it found you. "Of course, since your father doesn't have any knowledge of my existence, I'm willing to give you a gift."
  7. >You touch the blue butterfly as it gets close to you and it disappears in tiny sparkles.
  8. "I'm glad this one didn't enter my body without my permission..." Still, that touch didn't stop to send some chills down your back. "So what was that for? Does it relate with more butterflies?"
  9. >"You already had this power from me the first time we met, it's quite basic and simple to understand, and I'd say it suits you very well."
  10. >A mirror appeared in front of you, on it there was only you.
  11. >Maria stepped near your side, enough to be in the mirror with you.
  12. >"Focus on the mirror and say to yourself: 'I am the prince of chaos'."
  13. >At first you were confused and stared at her with all the questions in the world, but since you don't care about most of the stuff and you along with stuff... you ignored it and obey her.
  14. "I am the prince of chaos!" You say out happily at the mirror.
  15. >For a few seconds your whole vision turned blue and you could see your own words in the mirror, highlighted in blue too.
  16. "W-What?" You rub your eyes with your hoof but the words disappeared. "What!?"
  17. >You tried to touch the mirror but it was just an illusion, as you see your hoof pass through it.
  18. >"Now, let me try to show you another trick before this dream ends." Maria coughed on her hoof. "The Spirit of Chaos, Discord, cares about you as if you were his real son."
  19. >It happens again, your whole vision becomes one color, this time it was red and the words weren't in the mirror, but rather below Maria at height of her throat.
  20. >You blink and the words disappear.
  21. >This... never happened before! Whoa!
  22. >"Did you know what your utility magic is or do you need another example?" Maria asked while a teacup appeared next to her with a golden aura.
  23. >Let's recap what she told you.
  24. >She told you to say that you were the prince of chaos and then told you that Discord cares about you. With your words your vision was blue, but with her, it was red, inclusive the words were too.
  25. >...
  26. >You stared at Maria for a few seconds as she sips on her teacup, she stares back at you as she finishes giving it a sip.
  27. >"Got an idea, hmm?"
  28. >...
  29. >You do.
  30. "Maria, what are you, to start with?"
  31. >Maria was surprised at first but then she smiled with such a smug smile, it sent you another chill down your back.
  32. >"A witch, the spirit of one that passed through generations in the fabrics of time... now guiding a colt that once was a human and now adventures into a mythical land, expecting to become something in the near future."
  33. >This time it wasn't the whole scenario getting blue, but only her words that you could read below her head.
  34. >It was... odd. Like, as if you were in some RPG and you were reading her dialogue.
  35. >But you got the general idea of what this magic does now.
  36. "Blue tells me the truth and red tells me the lies, uh..." You say under your breath.
  37. >"Correct." Maria started to clap-- well, rather clop with her hooves at you as a tiny congratulations. "Points for not wasting my time and giving you another example."
  38. >A cup of tea appeared in front of you, Maria motioned to you to grab and drink from it.
  39. "Oh, thanks." You take a tiny sip but the darn tea was hot as lava! "Pfbbt- my tongue..."
  40. >"The abilities that are within your use now are called Blue Truth and Red Lies. You can identify when someone is lying or saying the truth, it can be useful... now or in the future, who knows?"
  41. "Does this mean I'm going to turn into a witch too?!" You say excited, your tail wagging a bit. "Or, well... whatever the male witch title was! I just... forgot, I only remember it was "Mago" ("Wizard") in Spanish..."
  42. >You look below you, as there was a parenthesis with the word "Wizard" between it.
  43. "Oh hey! Yeah! Wizard, that's it!" You start laughing a bit. "Dreams can come very handy to remember words..."
  44. >You gaze at the view of Canterlot city from the peak of the mountain, even if it was a dream, it was a really good view with all the city lights shining in a single spot.
  45. >You mean, whoa. You could see part of Equestria from here! There were train tracks crossing between the mountain itself! Heck, the wind felt extra real on your curly mane, it was amazing that this was a dream.
  46. >You take a sip at the teacup again, but it starts to disintegrate into the air.
  47. >"Seems like our little session is over." Maria turns back at you while she starts to disappear little by little. "Until next time, golden prince..."
  48. “Oh yeah sure I-- w-wait! I forgot to ask you about Sweetie Belle! Why does she has both yellow eyes but I only get one? Did you see her? Tell me!”
  49. >”Ky hi hi hi… ha ha ha…!”
  50. >But Maria only cracked in a slow maniac laugher as the dream was over.
  51. >...
  52. >..
  53. >.
  54. *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
  55. "..." You slowly open your eyes as the clock at the side of the bed points to 6 o'clock. "Ugh..."
  56. >You tried to reach for it, but you couldn't move your hooves as you feel the grip from somepony who wouldn't let you turn off the alarm.
  57. >As your vision stopped being blurry, you realized Epona was cuddling with you in the bed and had a firm grip on you... and it looked like the alarm wasn't waking up your sister anytime soon.
  58. >This is your life now? A big size plush for her to cuddle with?
  59. "..."
  60. >You just blush while scrunching your muzzle.
  61. "Buenos días... (Good morning...)"
  62. >Epona slowly started to open her eyes, but still looked sleepy.
  63. >Suddenly she gave you a tiny kiss on your right cheek that left you in shock.
  64. >"...Mornin...bro...bro..."
  65. >She fell to sleep again, drolling this time.
  66. >As for you? You were pretty much K.O from that adorable kiss.
  67. >And the alarm couldn't stop sounding.
  69. >Okay! This was a brand new day! A new day for many chaotic opportunities!
  70. >The alarm sounded at 6 a.m., but Epona and you had a hard time to wake up... mostly you. So it was nearly 6:30 a.m. and the receptionist hasn't called you or anything.
  71. >Not that you are waiting for him, you two are going out right now and you are telling Epona your plan for having money AND chaos at the same time! You were ready with your regular size guitar as it was carried on your back and your sister... hopefully wouldn't get lost this time.
  72. >Both of your bellies start to grumble at the same time.
  73. >"Oh... my tummy..." Epona complains.
  74. >This is the consequence of renting a room in these kinds of hotels. Still, you two shouldn't spend all your time sleeping in hotels! You totally need to find a way to rent... an apartment, maybe? Uh, that's gonna be tough.
  75. >And who’s going to serve the everyday meals into your plate when you rent an apartment? You surely don’t know how to cook and Epona… probably even less.
  76. >Well, plans for later Alberto, for now, carry on.
  77. "Yeah, we should get something to eat before starting el performance..."
  78. >Epona's ear perked up and her tail was wagging, excited as ever.
  79. >"Oh! Are we gonna perform magic tricks? I saw a bunch of posters in the streets about a pony doing something called street magic! Are we gonna compete? Are we!"
  80. >Magic tricks? Street magic? Don't ponies have magic...? It's a bit weird that some do magic tricks when, well, magic is a thing. But eh, not that you really care, maybe it’s just to entertain the kids.
  81. "No, we're not gonna do magic tricks, we're gonna play a song to get money so that we don't use your rupees, okay?" You say to her while you close the door to the suite, although Epona tackled you with yet a quick hug before you completely closed it.
  82. >"A song! Like the ones I sang back at home? Wake up! Pull up something and... makeup!
  83. >Huh, yeah, now that you remember she is actually good at Guitar Hero, perhaps she is good at playing musical instruments too? You need to let her try your guitar later. But at least you know for sure she is good at singing, so that's something!
  84. >As for now... you two need to go NOW to eat before your stomach eats itself.
  85. "Yeah, yeah... I'll tell you about the plan I have once we found a good restaurant nearby this area... let's get going-- whoa!"
  86. >Yet again, Epona decided to go below you... somehow... and carry you like when you two entered this dimension.
  87. >"And what are we waiting for? Let's go! Food! Plan! Music! Yes!" She started to run towards the stairs of the floor and you barely had the time to grab her mane, carefully again, before you fell by the speed in her enthusiasm.
  88. "Gosh, que rápida (so fast), jeje!"
  89. >Epona was going down the stairs at an incredible pace that left you speechless for a moment and you were hoping she wouldn't suddenly trip, but she was too focused on running to even care about that.
  90. >"Rapiduh! Rapidaah!" She... was imitating your Spanish? By Mezcatitlan, that's cute!
  91. >Epona jumped on the last step of the stairs and stopped, not from being tired but she stared back at you with her nuzzle looking scrunchy and her ears dropped down.
  92. >"I dink I bite my dongue..."
  93. >You couldn't help but burst out of laughter.
  94. >God, you love your triforce horse.
  95. >"Ids not bffnny!" She held a serious expression at you but that didn't help to stop your laugh any time soon.
  97. >So you two arrived at the lobby and there was literally nopony at the front desk and the receptionist was nowhere to be found, not even a note, nothing, nada. As weird as that was, he probably ran away scared from actually being in trouble for letting a pair of foals enter a hotel for adults.
  98. >Like... hell, there is no proof either that you two are lying, but you had the upper hoof for being two versus one, plus being kids makes for a good excuse. Yeah, you would run too and never come back to the hotel and avoid all calls from your boss asking why you quit so suddenly, hah.
  99. >But Maria was right, this pony isn't worth a damn magic sneeze from you, so you shouldn't really care and move on... besides, you two are hungry.
  100. >Speaking of the devil, you should test your ability to see between the lies and the truth of ponies.
  101. >Starting with your sister!
  102. >Epona was moving into the exit doors of the hotel, but you waited to ask her until you were outside this... lewd hotel.
  103. >As you two exit the hotel, you look back and notice the name of the hotel was 'Bust n’ Go'. Well, if you had noticed that name, you could have had a clue on what the big deal was about.
  104. >You would have still entered it tho.
  105. "So, sister..." You tenderly grab between her mane so she doesn't look back at you and doesn't stop galloping. "Do you love me?"
  106. >Epona gasped, but that didn't stop her from galloping as you were grabbing her by the mane.
  107. >"Is that a question? You want me to stop in my tracks to pursue you until I hug you until dawn?"
  108. >...Was that a threat? It sounded like one.
  109. >Epona was looking ahead but noticing from moment to moment the morning sky from Canterlot city.
  110. >"There is nothing in this world... or dimension that makes me happier than being with you! I wouldn’t change you from anything! I save every little moment that we have together to remember for eternity… I always wanted a little brother… and to run! Always run! And guess what? I got a little brother and I can run!”
  111. >You didn’t need to see all the words, but they were indeed, blue.
  112. >Having a God of Chaos as your father… having a triforce horse that is from a video game as your sister… all you need is a mother now and you could have everything, hah. Maybe you should joke with Maria and treat her like your mother and see what she does, haha.
  113. >Epona stopped and looked around, the streets weren’t that populated as they were in the evening, but there were a few ponies that you two could probably ask for a place to eat.
  114. >There were signs and you could try to see if there were at least one pointing for the closest restaurant possible.
  115. >”Hmm… should we ask somepony for help again? I’m not good in cities…” Epona turned her head to look back at you, but she noticed something on you that made her move her left hoof into your right cheek. “Aww, there is no need to cry, brother! That will only make me cry too!”
  116. “Uh?”
  117. >You just noticed now that your right eye was tearing up…
  118. “I…”
  119. >You weren’t sad or happy, you know your sister is like that and adorable and stuff but… why are you crying from your right eye only?
  120. “I’m not crying…”
  121. >…
  122. >What does this mean? Maybe a power that Maria hasn’t explained? She told you that you have a few… right?
  123. >You tried to talk to Epona but she was already talking to a guard, asking for directions for any restaurant nearby.
  124. >…
  125. “What is this feeling?” You say under your breath, as you feel tears dropping down your right cheek still.
  126. >You’re asking Maria new questions as soon as you see her again.
  128. >YOU FINALLY GOT FOOD! AAAAAAAH! You feel like it's been forever!
  129. >"So... delicious~"
  130. >After Epona asked a few ponies for directions to a good restaurant, most of them pointed to "Canterlot's Restaurant Row", aka the establishments with the best food at hoof.
  131. >And boy... they weren't wrong! The name of the restaurant was on point, the food is so tasty!
  132. "I can't stop drooling... it feels so... real and good..."
  133. >Maybe your tacos and Discord's food were made out by magic and that's why it had a different taste, but this stuff! This! Was the stuff!
  134. >"I'm glad you two are enjoying it, two of the best dishes in our restaurant! Curry sells out pretty fast nowadays." The kind unicorn at the restaurant that served you the dishes says with delivering a tiny but proud smile as you two continue eating the delicious dishes.
  135. "I want to congratulate the chef... this is so beautiful I could cry of happiness!" You were actually trying to hold any tears from this good ten stars food, and not because it was spicy!
  136. >You never tasted curry before, it was so... so good! It was like your mouth was having a blast.
  137. >"And it has carrots! Carrots!" Your sister Epona happily announced as she devoured a big bite out of the curry.
  138. >The female unicorn giggled while she saw the satisfaction in you two.
  139. >"Well, thanks. We aim to please everypony with our dishes! I can get you more of that no problem in a few minutes myself."
  140. >Wait, did that imply she was the chef? You thought it was el chaparro (the midget) pony that was also serving.
  141. >You take a slurp from your drink and pass part of the curry before the chef goes back to the kitchen to prepare more godly meals.
  142. "So... you're the chef?"
  143. >She nodded. "My father and I- we're both the chefs and hosts!"
  144. "If we get to live in this city... I'm ignoring all restaurants and coming to THIS restaurant, any day!" You look and start attacking what's rest of your dish, devouring it with no survivors left.
  145. >Your taste buds are so pleased...
  146. >The dish started levitating with the help of her magic and so was Epona's dish since it was empty too.
  147. >"I'll come with more for you two since you liked it so much then!"
  148. >She is a goddess and you're in heaven...
  149. >Also you might be overreacting, but you gotta attack the point of the adults and be all happy and colt related, you don't want to use all of Epona's rupees, even if she finds new ones. Ugh, if only she didn't use them as memories.
  150. >”Bro, look over here!” Epona says to call your attention”
  151. >You look at her and suddenly a napkin was over your cheek, probably Epona helping you out.
  152. >”You had something on your mouth, so I’m helping my little brother!”
  153. “Mhmm… Than- hmm!”
  154. >She was actually being a bit rough cleaning it, and you know you’re a kid but you don’t need that much help!
  155. “Okay, stop, I’m clean! I wanna tell you something before the chef gets back.”
  156. >"Oh? What is it bro bro?"
  157. "After this, we're going back at the fountain to play some music for everypony to listen. Are ya ready?"
  158. >If only your sister wasn't full from the curry, she would jump and start running around the table, but she was satisfied and only showed her excitement with various repeated words.
  159. >"Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! One thousand yes!" Her... her face was filled with blue words all about the word "yes".
  160. >Thanks blue truth, appreciate it! You wouldn't have known she was telling you the truth!
  161. >Jeez, how do you aim to use and not use this thing? It's so confusing sometimes and you don’t know when it activates other than when you’re focusing in somepony.
  162. “Tell me, sister, you’re good at singing, right?”
  163. >"Aha!" She said, nodding her head.
  164. "And you know how to uhmm... play the drums?"
  165. >She nodded again with a "Mmhmm!"
  166. "Now, listen closely..."
  168. >After telling Epona your master plan and thanking the host of the restaurant for the incredible meal of your life, you ride up on Epona’s back and went directly to the fountain from yesterday.
  169. >It's not like you wanted to ride Epona’s back or have it as a habit, but she has a problem with getting distracted and getting lost… a lot. So, this is the best solution, besides, she likes to do this and doesn’t complain a bit.
  170. >Maybe you’re light, maybe is her memories about Hyrule and Link.
  171. >Heck, does she even remember that name? Would it be dangerous to ask her? You don't want to see Epona freak out over a name... but, ah... curiosity kills the cat.
  172. "Hey sister." You call her attention, she only smiles back while keeping her trotting.
  173. >"Yeah?"
  174. "Does the name Hyrule rings a bell to you?"
  175. >"Well, duh! It's my homeplace silly!"
  176. >She just said it like if it was nothing, natural and nothing off. That makes you have a bit less of weight on your part, still, Epona is a really special pony.
  177. >What about asking her about the triforce cutie mark?
  178. "And about your cutie mark, what can you tell me?"
  179. >Epona doesn't reply for a while, probably she was thinking or didn't know about it.
  180. >"I don't remember having these three golden triangles in my flanks when I was in Hyrule before you two called me, but I don't mind them since they look cute! Do these mean... something? Or they are there just to make you look cute? Because the golden butterfly you have makes you look cute too!"
  181. >...How manly will you look once you grow up and you have to be around with a twisty like-butterfly on your butt.
  182. >Eh, don't know don't care, you probably will be a king in the future anyway.
  183. >”Uhm… brother?”
  185. >Epona called your attention, obviously to call that you two arrived at the entrance of the park where the fountain was situated, but what she was all uncomfortable about was the fact that there were two twins unicorns blocking the entrance to the park, a stallion and a mare; probably from the high society of Canterlot cause they looked unamused as heck while also with a bit of fashion, well, the mare had a good dress but the stallion only a bowtie.
  186. >And they were just… standing still, the mare was holding a plate with a coin on it, as the stallion had at his side a chalkboard with the words Sun and Moon, as if they were counting something.
  187. >”Sun…”
  188. >”…Or moon?”
  189. >Oh, they can speak.
  190. “Excuse us?”
  191. >”Sun…”
  192. >”…Or moon?”
  193. >The mare tosses you a gold coin, on one side there was the figure of an alicorn—probably Celestia, looking up at the sun, as in the other side there was a castle that could be this one from Canterlot and the moon near a balcony view.
  194. >Well, for some reason you want to follow their game… also, it’s nice to know how bits look too.
  195. “Whatever.” You toss the coin into the air and it starts flipping, until it lands on the plate. “Wait, I forgot to call either sun or moon!”
  196. >As it stops on the plate, Epona and you are surprised to see the coin didn’t land on the sun or moon, but rather on its side.
  197. >”Well, this is a surprise.” The stallion says while holding his chalkboard with his magic.
  198. >”A surprise, but a welcoming one, brother.” The lady smiles as she holds a chalk and writes behind the chalkboard.
  199. >”Do we count this as a tie…”
  200. >”…Or a defeat for each side?”
  201. >The pair of twins walk away, they didn’t say a word to you but you could take notice that behind the chalkboard of the stallion, there was written the words “Tie/Defeat” with various counts.
  202. “That was… odd.”
  203. >Well, at least you two can enter now the park to prepare for the show.
  205. >So, after the weird coin thing, you two finally arrived at the fountain that Epona was yelling at before, hopefully, she doesn't do that again and ruins the spectacle.
  206. >Not gonna lie, you're quite nervous about if this is going to work. Maria said that ponies just... tend to join in random musicals, right? This should work, right?
  207. >You get down from Epona's back and she stretches a bit from the ride.
  208. "Okay... deep breaths, we can do this... we totally need this to work."
  209. >You take a deep breath in and let out slowly.
  210. "Much better... so! Epona, let's do this!" You pull out your guitar from your back and await the reply from your sister, but she doesn't reply back. "I swear if you're yelling at yourself again."
  211. >You stare at the fountain, but Epona was drinking from the fountain instead of yelling at it this time.
  212. "Epona! You can't just drink out of the fountain!"
  213. >She pulls her muzzle up and drinks the water she had in her mouth and looks at you with a curious smile.
  214. >"Why not? Other ponies are doing it too!" She points at the other side of the fountain where a pair of mares were drinking from the mountain.
  215. >Okay. First. Why do you tell what your sister shouldn't do? If anything, she can do whatever she wants, be damn chaotic neutral at least, Alberto...
  216. >And second. Horses. Ponies. Okay, we drink from fountains now, yay.
  217. >"Don't you wanna drink from the fountain too, brother? It's refreshing!"
  218. >You will poison the fountains of this city with sugar if anything.
  219. "Maybe after we are done with the spectacle. Get set, sister."
  220. >Epona's tail wagged, meaning she was ready or, well, probably excited to sing. Epona just sat near the fountain and started to tap it as if those were drums, probably practicing.
  221. >If Maria was right... music will come from nowhere and you will lead it with your guitar.
  222. >You stand right beside your sister, looking as various ponies walked from the entrance of the park to the exit, nopony stopped yet.
  223. >Good thing this song starts a bit slow at the start.
  224. "Ready?" You say to Epona.
  225. >She nods.
  226. >Let's do this.
  228. >So, you start playing the guitar, there was no reply from the crowd of ponies walking around or anypony didn’t want to stay to see what you two were doing, they just walked away.
  229. >Epona was taping the fountain as you told her, there was no other instrument playing yet, but that didn't let you down to start singing the first lyrics.
  231. "Who says... the footprints on the sand doesn’t hurt? Your footprint was taken by the sea, but the moon is still there, but that moon is my punishment...♪"
  232. >There was not yet instruments playing around you, only your guitar and Epona's drum-like helping.
  233. >Ponies were starting to get curious about the song and now you two had a tiny audience around the fountain.
  234. "Lingering in the morning, stirring up at night ♪~ Are the voices of remembrance under the guise of intuition, and in a voice your voice hides...♪" You keep playing the guitar and save a few seconds to continue the lyrics. "And in a voice your voice hides~!♫"
  235. "And I know that maybe, you'll never listen to my song; I know.♪… And I know that maybe~ I'll keep using you like this, stealing you for my inspiration!♫~"
  236. >And so, the chorus begins.
  237. "As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon, as long as I still hear your voice, amid the waves and the foam~!♪ As long as I feel the need to change the radio station! Because every song talks about you.♪ …About you, about you…! ♪”
  238. >”About you!”
  239. >For a moment you were nervous in the chorus as nopony followed the lyrics, not even your sister, but at least she helped you with the last lyric chorus.
  240. >Okay… focus, Alberto!
  241. “Life hides away from me… behind an unfulfilled promise. From where inspiration is born, from where another song is born. And I don't really know who's hiding anymore.” You take a tiny pause. “I don't know what's hiding anymore!~♪”
  242. >You were calling the attention of a few ponies, as others were curious about the song now.
  243. >Time to show them the true lyrics, just for this time!
  244. “Y, yo se que tal vez… tu nunca escuches mi canción, yo se.♪ …Y yo se que tal vez~ te siga usando así, robándote mi inspiración!♫~”
  245. >This time before you start singing the chorus, you lean next to Epona, who keeps on adding the drums atmosphere, but this time she joins in the chorus with you.
  246. *As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon, as long as I still hear your voice, amid the waves and the foam!~♪ As long as I feel the need to change the radio station! Because every song talks about you.♪ …About you, about you…! ♪*
  247. >And again!
  248. >"As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon, as long as I still hear your voice, amid the waves and the foam!~♪ As long as I feel the need to change the radio station! Because every song talks about you.♪ …About you, about you…! ♪”
  249. >You weren’t paying attention at the number of ponies that were listening to you two, but you now had plenty of audience and, Maria was right, as there were instruments helping you to continue the song perfectly now.
  250. >Too bad the song was ending already, but that didn’t stop you to continue.
  251. >You lower your guitar and start playing slowly while singing.
  252. “I’ll keep looking or I’ll keep escaping, maybe from you, maybe from me… I’ll keep looking for a meaning… of this song too.”
  253. >”Too!” Epona somehow manages to guess the next lyric you were about to sing.
  254. >Now, here is where you were amazed, so amazed you couldn’t join the chorus but play and see. Maria was right about the magic of music. Everypony around came closer to where you were playing with Epona and started to sing-along each other the chorus.
  255. *As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon, as long as I still hear your voice, amid the waves and the foam!~♪ As long as I feel the need to change the radio station! Because every song talks about you.♪ …About you, about you…! ♪*
  256. >You were… amused about how ponies really just join in the song. You could say part of you was enjoying this… and you will more later as Epona finally saw the opportunity to walk around from pony to pony as you had planned, but that didn’t stop her to sing from where she was heading.
  257. >No matter she wasn’t trying to do the drums, the sound was still at your side thanks to this magic.
  258. >Time to join in the last chorus, too!
  259. “*As long as I still see your face on the face of the moon, as long as I still hear your voice, amid the waves and the foam!~♪ As long as I feel the need to change the radio station! Because every song talks about you.♪ …About you, about you…! ♪*”
  260. >And so the song comes to its end…
  261. “Talks about you!~♪ Talks about you, about you… about you… about you, ayayay~”
  262. >And so, you finish the song, exhausted but satisfied and with a well-deserved series of applauses from the crowd!
  263. >Various ponies were amazed with your performance, others wanted another song and while others stayed to see if you were about to sing more, you scratched your mane and giggled at them.
  264. “Thank you, thank you. I hope I don’t mind anypony if I ask for a bit of wealth, a bit or two would be appreciated!”
  265. >Ponies around were nodding and pleased to help a colt that earned those bits with one song. Maybe next time you can try other and, who knows? Maybe next one you’ll try Mambo? Would be neat to see a conga line of ponies too.
  266. >As some ponies were checking for their saddlebags or purses, various had a confused expression while searching for their belongings.
  267. >”I’m back, brother! I did the thing you wanted me to do!”
  268. “Perfect, now we wait…”
  269. >The plan was perfect, since Maria told you ponies sing a-long, they probably were too focused on the song that they didn’t expect a single pony to search in their saddlebags and change items from bag to bag, in this case, you gave the job to Epona to act as you were distracting the crowd of ponies and all she had to do was to move any object from a pony to other.
  270. >Epona is innocent, you know that, but we aren’t stealing, just a quick swap of personal belongings… hehe…
  271. >And so it starts, you visible see as some ponies desperately search for items that they have lost just now.
  272. >”I don’t remember having this saddlebag on my back…”
  273. >”Wait, where is my diamond clock?!”
  274. >”I can’t find my golden scarabs!”
  275. >”This… this isn’t my purse! Where is my saddlebag?”
  276. >”That’s my purse! I will call the guards on you for stealing from me!”
  277. >”Hah? What about you, that saddlebag ain’t yours but mine!”
  278. >Screw the receptionist in that hotel! This! This was gold! It wasn’t just a few ponies, the whole crowd that were listening to your song were discussing with each other! Epona inclusive swapped everypony’s saddlebags too!
  279. >Is this your first mischief in Equestria? Oh, if only Discord was here, he would be so proud!
  280. “Hehehehe… now that’s music for my ears…” You say with a tiny grin on your face.
  281. >Even the guards had to arrive for the whole confusion about the saddlebags and purses! Hahaha! Can this get better?
  282. *Wroom*
  283. “Uh?”
  284. >The noise came from your neck, you tried to look and you noticed that the necklace in your neck, that you finally see now, was emitting a glow.
  285. “Oh! The necklace! Epona, look!”
  286. >”Uh?” Epona stared at you but couldn’t see anything. “What is it, brother? What do I have to look at?”
  287. >Hmm, so Epona can’t see the necklace? It’s because it’s made out of chaos, probably?
  288. >”Oh, a rupee! Thanks, brother!”
  289. >…You swear you don’t know how she finds them.
  290. >Anyway, your necklace was shining, vibrating even! And after a few seconds a tiny hologram of Discord appeared in front of you.
  291. >”Helloooooo! Is this thing on? Well, if not, what do I care? This is an automatic message added to the travelling necklace attached to your neck, Anon. Congratulations! You filled the necklace with chaos and probably is now at ninety five percent! Or something near. You need to bring it back to zero percent for it to activate and you to return to the best Equestria, which is, the one I rule over of course. If you ever feel like giving up, just crush the orb into the ground or any hard surface, lava works perfectly too! It will immediately bring you back home, or, well, get you stuck in there forever. It’s a fifty fifty! Good luck!”
  292. >…Seriously?
  293. >The worst thing of that last message was that… there were words in red, like bringing it back to zero to return or breaking the orb.
  294. >You know Discord tends to lie, but… you don’t know what to say about that.
  295. >Neat, you guess.
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