How to use Shopping Sherlock

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  1. Go register on it by clicking here ->
  3. It's a lot like facebook, so you can invite friends to let them shop, and you can network with them at the same time as well.
  5. ** The Browser Extension **
  6. If you prefer to just search from your browser's address bar, get the browser extension here ->
  8. This will download the extension, but you'll have to manually install it:
  10. For Chrome
  11. Open your Extensions list and drag it onto the page there from the download bar
  12. For Firefox
  13. Just follow the prompts really (click "Allow" wherever you see it)
  15. Now you can just search for something that you'd like to buy. On the Google results screen, you'll see a new magnifying glass in the bottom right. This is Shopping Sherlock.
  17. Since you haven't used it before, you'll need to fill in general information about where in the world you are - this is to show you daily deals in your area.
  19. ** Searching **
  20. Once that's done, hover over "Shopping " and click on the "Compare" button that shows up. Watch as around a dozen tabs are opened, all with offers on stuff that's related to what you searched on Google.
  22. Now all you have to do is find the best price and make your purchase.
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