WarpedRealm release 1.39

Dec 31st, 2022
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  1. Release 1.39 Changes:
  2. - Added /adaptations to TCF
  3. - Changed color and added gradient of the Yggdrasil Staff
  4. - Removed snowing at spawn
  5. - Removed snowy particles at spawn
  6. - Removed the calendar
  7. - Removed Santa NPC from the village
  8. - Removed christmas tree and presents from the village at spawn
  9. - Removed all the snow and snow blocks at spawn
  10. - Set spawn time from night to day
  11. - Fixed spawn to village bridge being borked from the santa outpost
  12. - Fixed ethereal leaves being placeable
  13. - Hardened steel rarity: Rare -> Super rare
  14. - Added new loottable with higher chances for wilderness rod
  15. - Added new loottable with higher chances for Nether rod
  16. - Added more prices to /sell for some custom items
  17. - Withering bow rarity: Rare -> Super rare
  20. And now to the important part:
  21. - **Expanded the Crate island to make place for 4 new crates**
  22. - **Added 4 new crates to the crate island in colors and particle styles of the dimensions**
  23. - **Added 2 new crates: The wilderness crate and the Nether crate with over 40 new custom items, Crafting recipes (more to come), Materials and mechanics.**
  24. - **Added prizetracking and messages for all new rewards, there might be some issues with them so please let me know if you see any typos etc.**
  25. - **The server has been updated to 1.19.3**
  26. - **Switched over all nether and wilderness quest rewards from vote keys to their respective crates**
  28. Notes: The end crate will be released next week (Sorry @Scahrlet Eyes#4652)
  29. Weekly quests still reward vote keys, this WILL get reworked soon enough with weekly quests also merging into other dimensions and not just the wilderness
  30. There are new armor sets being added (Especially for the nether crate) Those will get released next week as well, the materials are obtainable already
  32. Thank you for this amazing year everyone. Onto a new one! Happy new year.
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