16/03/2017 - KTOS

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  1. 16/03/2017 - KTOS Live Maintenance
  3. ▣ Updates
  5. Events:
  6. 「The Kingdom's Lost Treasure」 event has ended.
  7.     * Unfinished quests will be removed after this maintenance
  9. Team Battle League:
  10. Team battle league will have some changes made to it,
  11. - Players will no longer be able to cancel matches once the matching process has been completed.
  12. - Players will no longer be able to move to the character selection screen / logout screen and use the Exit Game functions during a Team Battle League match.
  13. - We will continue to ensure you can use Team Battle League smoothly, For more information please check the more in-depth notice embedded @
  15. - (Translation =
  16. - (Original = )
  18. ▣ Bug Fixes
  19. Alchemist:
  20.     Briquetting: Select Appearance ;
  21.         - Fixed issue with attribute not working when learned.
  23. ▣ Known Issues
  24. When trading items that have been modified via briquetting, the trading window shows the weapon in its previous appearance.
  25. When equipping a 2H Sword that has been changed via briquetting, you can see the previous weapons appearance instead in the inventory equip tab.
  26. These are some problems with the image outputs, We will send a notice out once these issues have been fixed.
  28. Source Post:
  29. Translation by Gwenyth @TOS Forums
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