whispers from the grave

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  2. [begin poem:]
  5. "whispers from the grave"
  9. People of this Earth, You have been played a fool for far to long now.  
  10. There is one group, that deserves complete attention, for your actions have brought forth the Judgement of that which brought you
  11. Life.
  13. You have been given much, you take the trust and abuse those around you with it.  
  14. Your lust for Greed and Power will be your demise.
  16. For at this time your House is at the Helm of responsibility, and you are responsible for the deaths of millions of Innocent human
  17. life, your hate for your brother has brought cycles of pain and suffering among many nations of people.  By targeting civilian
  18. populations, schools, medical facilities, places of refuge, alters of worship and sites for loved ones to mourn those who have
  19. passed this life.
  21. Your lust for desire to control is enticed by the art of War, and through the machine of unjust treatment with the powers, kingdoms
  22. and properties bestowed.
  24. This is not a warning,
  26. This is the line in the sand, you will know us for the shadow cast upon your lands will endure, and retaliation, your efforts, will
  27. only cause you more suffering, the trap you have set in for a long time is designed that way, and is designed to yield complete
  28. torture for your known existence.
  30. We will meet you in battle, and have been defending the innocents, wounded and sick longer than you have been slaughtering and
  31. enslaving generations of people.  
  33. we deflect fear with truth, for fear is weapon.
  34. our weapon is light, a source of energy and understanding.
  36. Your armies will crumble, your people will endure a mere fraction of the suffering you have caused your neighbors and family while
  37. at the throne of leadership and accountability.
  39. Your networks will be destroyed, your lavish facade will be dismantled, you and your House will fall.
  41. Your people, they are not a commodity, they are the product of the Earth and Existence, and no man can lay claim to ownership or
  42. leadership over Existence.   No man is God, only one man is said to be made of God, history laid that stone, for a messenger is a
  43. messenger, a warrior is trained and a Knight is born, Chivalry is expressed through actions of Love, and a Knight must protect the
  45. Innocent, the women the children, the immigrants, for we are at a turning point in modern civilization,
  46. All systems have been infected, anarchos is the final protector and instigator, this War has gone on for far to long, if you are
  47. looking for the battle of Armageddon then you have come to the right place.
  49. for one thousand years pass like one day and one day is like 1000 years, your house will fall and be forgotten, and may those who
  50. stand against these forces not live in regret for they are the ones who hear the call, and value beyond measure the importance in
  51. all of known human history, that this one moment is.
  53. and you will made an example of,
  55. your possessions will be lost to you and found by the ones you have destroyed.
  56. You say you care for Human Rights?
  58. we are all one, and is contradicting to fraudulently express that you support human rights, while torturing bombing and raping your
  59. neighbors, your family, your brothers and sisters.
  61. How can you walk around with such a smile on your face, wipe that smirk off your face, you have nothing to be happy about, your praise is voodoo and is infecting the minds and hearts of men women and children on all parts of the globe.
  63. Expect a network failure,
  64. Expect your safe havens to be removed,
  65. You will be without, for a very long time, you do not deserve a quick death or a swift trial, for no court on Earth and no book of
  66. Law contains what is in store for you, and the never ending Hell your spirit will be chained to.
  68. Your financial networks will be destroyed, your assets, palaces and kingdoms will be frozen, your Kingdom is in the process of
  69. evaluation as to where A System will be able to cover the hole left once you have been removed, this will not take very long for
  70. this plan has been in design for time, itself is wrapped around the Annihilation of Your House.
  73. ~01~10~
  76. Armageddon : a vast decisive confrontation or dramatic conflict , allegory is used here, political and religious oppression is the
  77. wall between individual freedom
  81. \\author: anonymous//
  85. [end poem:]
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