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Xavier Freeman

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  1. >Be the crazy test pilot
  3. [IMG]http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/8084/xavetestpilot.png[/IMG]
  4. [color=#ec0000] Äwww ja! That’s pretty müch exactly what yöü are-… well. [/color]
  6. >Explain this preposterous exception
  8. [IMG]http://img534.imageshack.us/img534/5564/xaveprussianuniform.png[/IMG]
  9. [color=#ec0000] Prepösteröüs? Nein, nöt at all. [/color]
  11. Your name is XAVIER FREEMAN, or XAVE for short. Yes, you do realize that this is a fairly odd shortening of your name, but gosh darnit it WORKS. You are 14 years of age, but lived in Germany for the first 8 years of your life. Now, you live in the SOUTH, somewhat near the city of ATLANTA. Because of this, you make sure to specifically identify yourself as German more than Southern, due to, well… the implications of living in the South in the middle of the CIVIL WAR. But, like usual, YOU DIGRESS.
  13. Your interests lie in TESTING DANGEROUS MACHINERY- well, that’s not entirely true. You DO enjoy testing various inventions and machines, but you’re really working towards piloting your own MECHA of some sort. You’ve imagined all the various designs and possibilities of a mecha, and have SLIGHTLY improved in your drawing skills- that is to say, they don’t look like the doodles of an eight-year-old. That isn’t to say you don’t have OTHER interests of course- you also enjoy donning an OLD PRUSSIAN WAR UNIFORM, complete with its own CUTLASS, and doing something you like to call HISTORICAL REENACTMENT - that is, of course, to mean that you parade around like an oblivious idiot like a military general.
  15. As far as your personality goes, you’re mostly calm, but COMPLETELY FEARLESS- some would call it bravery, others would call it UTTER STUPIDITY, and others YET think you are completely psychotic. One of those being your Mütter. Speaking of her, she’s not actually your MOTHER at all! Indeed, she doesn’t really even look it- considering she’s the daughter of a freed slave, hence the last name FREEMAN. Yeah, about that- at the age of NINE, your father left on an EXTENDED BUSINESS TRIP, leaving you in the care of your “MOTHER”, who you fondly use the German word for, Mütter. Actually, your VATER still ISN’T BACK- you wonder why it takes 5 years for a simple business trip, jeez. However, he left you with his old Prussian war uniform, as per mentioned BEFORE. For some reason, your Mütter told you that you needed to change your last name to HER’S, which you’re ok with- Freeman is a pretty cool last name, but you don’t really get why you changed it in the first place!
  17. That aside, you do like to play with your father’s CUTLASS, using it in your STRIFE DECK, along with other various items you find, or SCRAP METAL, the main of which being your crowbarKind- the ultimate in handiness! This compliments your Crate Modus, which randomly organizes crates depending upon weight, but of course, you just open them up with your crowbarKind.
  19. Your chaphandle is [color=#ec0000]venturousPilot[/color] and you [color=#ec0000] speak in the accent öf yöür native töngüe, ja! [/color] You will become the Duke of Dreams in the Land of Cities and Clouds during your time in SDRICT.
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