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TF2 Noob Chat Cycle Script [FIXED]

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  1. // Noob Chat Cycle Script by taigha
  2. bind <KEY> "noob_next"
  3. //Replace with desired key
  5. alias noob_next "phrase1"
  6. alias phrase1 "say hwbow use uber charge?;alias noob_next phrase2"
  7. alias phrase2 "say as spy how do i go to invisible;alias noob_next phrase3"
  8. alias phrase3 "say HOW DO I UPGRADE THINGS I BUILD?;alias noob_next phrase4"
  9. alias phrase4 "say can someone type in the chat how to use your mic please;alias noob_next phrase5"
  10. alias phrase5 "say hey, can someone teach me how to use the force a nature to do an extra jump?;alias noob_next phrase6"
  11. alias phrase6 "say how do i check score?;alias noob_next phrase7"
  12. alias phrase7 "say how do i earn ppoints as mechanic?;alias noob_next phrase8"
  13. alias phrase8 "say how u build sentries like that?;alias noob_next phrase9"
  14. alias phrase9 "say how do we change our name?;alias noob_next phrase10"
  15. alias phrase10 "say how make a superjump with soldieR?;alias noob_next phrase11"
  16. alias phrase11 "say i cant remember how to activate spy cloak plz help;alias noob_next phrase12"
  17. alias phrase12 "say what do i do with this spy radio;alias noob_next phrase13"
  18. alias phrase13 "say R WE DEFENDING;alias noob_next phrase14"
  19. alias phrase14 "say How do you get a forcefield on the turret?;alias noob_next phrase15"
  20. alias phrase15 "say how do you use your action taunts? yes i am a noob;alias noob_next phrase16"
  21. alias phrase16 "say how do heavy's eat a sandvich?;alias noob_next phrase17"
  22. alias phrase17 "say CAN ANY 1 PLS TELL HOW TO CHANGE NAME!?;alias noob_next phrase18"
  23. alias phrase18 "say I have a mic but have no idea how to set it up, lol! I'm a n00b to pc gaming;alias noob_next phrase19"
  24. alias phrase19 "say when do I unlock my gold rank???;alias noob_next phrase20"
  25. alias phrase20 "say how do u spary;alias noob_next phrase21"
  26. alias phrase21 "say hwo do u crounch ;alias noob_next phrase22"
  27. alias phrase22 "say how do i trade my stuff?;alias noob_next phrase23"
  28. alias phrase23 "say anyone got minigun;alias noob_next phrase24"
  29. alias phrase24 "say how do you get vintages by killing?;alias noob_next phrase25"
  30. alias phrase25 "say how do you unlock enforcer;alias noob_next phrase26"
  31. alias phrase26 "say turrets are too powerful;alias noob_next phrase27"
  32. alias phrase27 "say Uhm i lost my transform tool :(;alias noob_next phrase28"
  33. alias phrase28 "say B>turrent contoler;alias noob_next phrase29"
  34. alias phrase29 "say SPY BWEING WATCHED BYU MY SENTRY JUST LEAVBE;alias noob_next phrase30"
  35. alias phrase30 "say how do you go to your third gun;alias noob_next phrase31"
  36. alias phrase31 "say hey red guys can i install a system if i am egnigeer;alias noob_next phrase32"
  37. alias phrase32 "say what makes you to not burn?;alias noob_next phrase33"
  38. alias phrase33 "say how do i use the rocks?;alias noob_next phrase34"
  39. alias phrase34 "say how get charge n charge;alias noob_next phrase35"
  40. alias phrase35 "say yea megaheal can make you seem invulnerable;alias noob_next phrase36"
  41. alias phrase36 "say how do u place posters?;alias noob_next phrase37"
  42. alias phrase37 "say whats the M1;alias noob_next phrase38"
  43. alias phrase38 "say how do u get the proof perches;alias noob_next phrase39"
  44. alias phrase39 "say how do i roll spy;alias noob_next phrase40"
  45. alias phrase40 "say can i buy hats form sum1;alias noob_next phrase41"
  46. alias phrase41 "say how do i turn invisable;alias noob_next phrase42"
  47. alias phrase42 "say im new and my head is bald;alias noob_next phrase43"
  48. alias phrase43 "say heavy is no skill class go pyro;alias noob_next phrase44"
  49. alias phrase44 "say how do you get crits with a pyro?;alias noob_next phrase45"
  50. alias phrase45 "say HOW DO I UNLOCK GOLD GUN FOR MY BIG GUY WITH LIGHT MASHIN GUN;alias noob_next phrase46"
  51. alias phrase46 "say SELL ME YOUR CRATE PLEASEEE;alias noob_next phrase47"
  52. alias phrase47 "say how do you get the weapons that are named?;alias noob_next phrase48"
  53. alias phrase48 "say Whould someone be so kind as to tell me how I get the bow and arrow;alias noob_next phrase49"
  54. alias phrase49 "say WHY CANT I GET DEAD RINGER TO WORK;alias noob_next phrase50"
  55. alias phrase50 "say how to change charakter;alias noob_next phrase51"
  56. alias phrase51 "say how u get a shield on ur turret?;alias noob_next phrase52"
  57. alias phrase52 "say is it possible to deul weild the half zataichi;alias noob_next phrase53"
  58. alias phrase53 "say how do find items?;alias noob_next phrase54"
  59. alias phrase54 "say how i do taunt?;alias noob_next phrase55"
  60. alias phrase55 "say they ubered a sodier knight lol;alias noob_next phrase56"
  61. alias phrase56 "say !kickall red pyros;alias noob_next phrase57"
  62. alias phrase57 "say is that a toon from toontown;alias noob_next phrase58"
  63. alias phrase58 "say how do you swich guns;alias noob_next phrase59"
  64. alias phrase59 "say anyone who uses pyro in this game is now regarded as a gay incest semen drinking buttfucking cocksucker shit hole;alias noob_next phrase60"
  65. alias phrase60 "say wuts sand man;alias noob_next phrase61"
  66. alias phrase61 "say what does mann co. supply do?;alias noob_next phrase62"
  67. alias phrase62 "say pyros r pussies who never learnd to aim;alias noob_next phrase63"
  68. alias phrase63 "say every weapon post engi update is unbalanced garbage with the exception of the atomizer;alias noob_next phrase64"
  69. alias phrase64 "say what is invulns;alias noob_next phrase65"
  70. alias phrase65 "say how do you cloke;alias noob_next phrase66"
  71. alias phrase66 "say i dont know how to play;alias noob_next phrase67"
  72. alias phrase67 "say what is the !hat command;alias noob_next phrase68"
  73. alias phrase68 "say MEDIC I NEED U PLZ;alias noob_next phrase69"
  74. alias phrase69 "say im a medic i cant fucking rocket job like you asshole;alias noob_next phrase70"
  75. alias phrase70 "say buying modic gun with strangesse;alias noob_next phrase71"
  76. alias phrase71 "say how do u send friend request;alias noob_next phrase72"
  77. alias phrase72 "say gernades? how thrown?;alias noob_next phrase73"
  78. alias phrase73 "say okay im gonna ask a quitiion whydid soeone hacked me and stolemy wepons?;alias noob_next phrase74"
  79. alias phrase74 "say HOW DO U CROUCH;alias noob_next phrase75"
  80. alias phrase75 "say how do u crouch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;alias noob_next phrase76"
  81. alias phrase76 "say we need some soldiers to destroy those mascines!;alias noob_next phrase77"
  82. alias phrase77 "say only noobs use original grenade launcher as demo;alias noob_next phrase78"
  83. alias phrase78 "say How do u make a core spattered weapon?;alias noob_next phrase79"
  84. alias phrase79 "say how you throw stuff;alias noob_next phrase80"
  85. alias phrase80 "say HOW IT WORK? ;alias noob_next phrase81"
  86. alias phrase81 "say YOU NEED A RELIFE;alias noob_next phrase82"
  87. alias phrase82 "say is a 2009 halloween hat rare?;alias noob_next phrase83"
  88. alias phrase83 "say how to i rank my gun??????????;alias noob_next phrase84"
  89. alias phrase84 "say noob question but why can't i backstab while cloaked? seems stupid not to be able to;alias noob_next phrase85"
  90. alias phrase85 "say how do i get metal on engineer?;alias noob_next phrase86"
  91. alias phrase86 "say DISPENSERT!?!?! BUT WHWHAT DOES A DISPENSER DO;alias noob_next phrase87"
  92. alias phrase87 "say how do you tell what lvl you are;alias noob_next phrase88"
  93. alias phrase88 "say how do u rocket jump!!!!!!!!!!!;alias noob_next phrase89"
  94. alias phrase89 "say how do you gtet the communism style minigun;alias noob_next phrase90"
  95. alias phrase90 "say how do i change the man i play?;alias noob_next phrase91"
  96. alias phrase91 "say my sniper rifle only fires when zoomed, is it broken?;alias noob_next phrase92"
  97. alias phrase92 "say how do you put lights on a gun?;alias noob_next phrase93"
  98. alias phrase93 "say no microspamming here please;alias noob_next phrase94"
  99. alias phrase94 "say i just wont stop clic on my mouse and make alot of kill 8D;alias noob_next phrase95"
  100. alias phrase95 "say what does my right click accomplish on the pyro?;alias noob_next phrase96"
  101. alias phrase96 "say mechanic go to the dossier please and help me;alias noob_next phrase97"
  102. alias phrase97 "say how do you get an uber charge;alias noob_next phrase98"
  103. alias phrase98 "say u spent so many time to push the cart. now they have 2 mega sentries.. omg;alias noob_next phrase99"
  104. alias phrase99 "say terryporter down;alias noob_next phrase1b"
  105. alias phrase1b "say im going to sap there sentury;alias noob_next phrase2b"
  106. alias phrase2b "say KRITZBERG FOR DEFENCE;alias noob_next phrase3b"
  107. alias phrase3b "say can some1 give me free deathclock?;alias noob_next phrase4b"
  108. alias phrase4b "say why r some players invisible;alias noob_next phrase5b"
  109. alias phrase5b "say how can i enchant my revolver;alias noob_next phrase6b"
  110. alias phrase6b "say Please send me 2 crap metal;alias noob_next phrase7b"
  111. alias phrase7b "say anyone selling a force of natcher;alias noob_next phrase8b"
  112. alias phrase8b "say someone go beast mode and make them top camping;alias noob_next phrase9b"
  113. alias phrase9b "say STOP TRYING TO CAP AND FIGHT;alias noob_next phrase10b"
  114. alias phrase10b "say Personally I think sapping is cheating;alias noob_next phrase11b"
  115. alias phrase11b "say how do i cehck how many kills have have on a gun;alias noob_next phrase12b"
  116. alias phrase12b "say how can i upgrade my turents;alias noob_next phrase13b"
  117. alias phrase13b "say they should make a new class likea ninja or something;alias noob_next phrase14b"
  118. alias phrase14b "say now my internet is caught up so i have 0 lag now you're in big troubler enemy team;alias noob_next phrase15b"
  119. alias phrase15b "say i have SUN on a stick how about i cover the moon with that;alias noob_next phrase16b"
  120. alias phrase16b "say how do you make a wepon strange?;alias noob_next phrase17b"
  121. alias phrase17b "say MACK ATHER MUSIC GAY YOU WAHRY HLOY SHIT MAC ATHER MUSIC OK YOU FACKING IN THE ASSS;alias noob_next phrase18b"
  122. alias phrase18b "say how to rj farward?;alias noob_next phrase19b"
  123. alias phrase19b "say attack the train;alias noob_next phrase20b"
  124. alias phrase20b "say the respawn times ruin the game;alias noob_next phrase21b"
  125. alias phrase21b "say 15 sec RE CAP?!?!?!?!?! or relife... wat ev;alias noob_next phrase22b"
  126. alias phrase22b "say DONT SHOOT MY UBERCHARGE PLEASE;alias noob_next phrase23b"
  127. alias phrase23b "say were do u get speed sentrys?;alias noob_next phrase24b"
  128. alias phrase24b "say GO DAMNIT! WHY CANT I SHOOT WHEN CLOAKED;alias noob_next phrase1"
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