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  1. Vanessa would be crawling around in the spawn point, looking for someone to hang out with, or something to do. she waited, and waited, though, nobody came around. Vanessa would fly back to her home, and drink a little potion she got from earlier, and grinned. her cock, instantly grew massive. she smirked. Vanessa would go back to the spawn, and would look around. she saw Vee, and smiled happily. she lifted him up, and brought him over to the window sill, and would hug him as she looked down at him "such a cutie... lil Vee~" Vee would blush, and would respond with his obvious "I-I'm not that cute!". Vanessa knew the truth. she didn't care though. she knew Vee was adorable, and she wanted to keep him forever. one way, or another. she would stop hugging him for a moment, and would look down into his eyes "you wanna play around a little?~ i did something extra special for you~" Vanessa grinned, and would look down at her leg. its like one leg was much bigger than the other. Vee would look, and would gulp back a little, tilting his head and blushing "I-is that what I think it is?" Vanessa would nod slowly, grinning "yes, it is Vee... yes it is~" Vanessa would let go of Vee, letting him do his own thing. he would quickly just crawl down her leg, and would start to go up, noticing the tip of the abnormally large cock. he went wide eyed, and would drool a little from it. Vanessa knew exactly how Vee would react. she knew he wouldn't be able to resist, so, she just waited for him to push his way in. it wasn't long though. Vee would push his way inside of Vanessa's cock, which, like before, managed to grow a astounding 15 ft long. Vanessa grinned as she felt Vee very slowly try to crawl through her tight shaft, as she took off her clothes, and started to use both of her hands to stroke herself. she went over Vee over and over again, making him blush harder, and for his own little member to point out as much as it could. Vanessa would stroke faster though as time went on, and eventually, Vee landed inside the girls balls. they were nearly filled with cum, dripping from every wall "mmhm~ have fun in there Vee~ i know i will~" Vanessa didn't tell Vee, at least, not yet, but, she put on a condom. one that she did poke a tiny hole in. she had a plan. Vee would start to stroke his own member inside of Vanessa's balls, as Vanessa moaned out. not long after, Vanessa would get faster and faster, and the cum inside her started to push Vee against the top, before she burst. cum started to rush out of her cock, along with Vee, still in one piece. though, as the cum entered into the condom, and so did Vee, the cum slowly drained out, and left Vee inside the condom. Vanessa's cock, was still hard. she grinned "wh-whew... th-thank you Vanessa... i.. im going to go. im tired" Vee blushed. he did finish himself off inside of her, though, Vanessa, wanted more. she grabbed the bottom of the condom, and lifted it up, bringing Vee up, and slowly having him slide down "too bad your bed is my balls~ and your grave~" Vanessa would wink at Vee, as he looked at Vanessa in the eyes. he was a little worried, though, he shrugged it off. he was enjoying it. slowly Vee would slide into Vanessa's cock, and she would pull the condom back all the way, forcing him quickly down her already lubed shaft. Vanessa put on another real condom, and started to stroke. though, instead of her hands, she used a fleshlight she got. it was like a actual pussy. she moaned out, louder and louder with each passing second, as the cum inside bubbled and churned around. soon Vee wouldn't be able to feel his legs. then his waist, then his torso. he was being churned down. when Vee was finally churned down to nothing but a sloshy milkshake of cum, Vanessa would stroke harder. it wasn't long till she burst, breaking the fleshlight, and dumping what felt like minutes, in reality was about 30 whole seconds into the condom. when she finished, she grinned, and lifted the condom "looks like your my milkshake now little Vee~" she smirked, and would wrap the condom around her mouth, starting to chug down the remains of Vee. when she finished, and she was full, she belched, and would feel her cock going down. she grinned "nighty night Vee~"
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