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  1. Finally I can listen to technical electronic music without cringing at the word “intelligent” being in the genre name (ahem, IDM)! Oh, and the best part is that it has actual riffs. Death metal riffs at that, and really good, microtonal ones. Antipsychocircumseptemsomambulation's (yes, I copy-pasted that) “From It Pours What Some Call Emptiness” sounds like something that started out as concept songs on GuitarPro (or whatever MIDI software [used]), and then got out of hand. REALLY out of hand. Normally fake drums, let alone fake guitars, are unflattering, but this crazy Ottawan has carved out a sound so far removed from the traditions of metal, that it actually works quite well. This is a package with a distinctive sound that will attract fans of Demilich and Autechre alike. If you want some challenging music that will make your palms sweat, listen to this before entropy renders you subatomic dust!
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