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  3. You both like ironstrange.
  5. You: [Tony is well alive after Endgame, enjoying a cup of coffee in the hospital before his release when someone surprises him - Please say if reading! I prefer you to reply as Dr Strange, Steve Rogers, Rhodey or Peter Parker (Any Male Character is fine)]
  7. Tony Stark hadn't much on his mind as he was well on his way out the hospital, after the fight for New York. He lost his right arm- and now had a nice (and warm) mechanical arm in replacement, but he found it as worth it. Worth it, to save the world. Worth it, to see his teammates cry over his possible deathbed two months ago. That's right; five months was his recovery, and he just wanted to enjoy some coffee. It was horrid- a coffee maker of all things, because he was actually a fan of making his own Columbian strong black brew of coffee in the morning. But instead he had to deal with a light french vanilla roast coffee from one of those McDonald's coffee cups. Walking out from his large room was.. a bit of a mistake. He was still in physical therapy to walk again after months of bed rest- but he was still a little wobbly. He had been allowed in the Doctor's Office to get it after all, which wasn't too far. But something about the atmosphere was off- Stark could feel it with his knowledge. There Tony stood, sipping the coffee- black tank top exposing one mech arm, the other a muscular left- and dark grey sweatpants that were long, so they covered white cotton socks. Tony had then pivoted- and his face had gone into some male's chest. Oops. "-Who the */fuck/ sneaks up on a man who's been kidnapped?" The man barked, looking up to realize who was the man, and suspected that they were a visitor and told to meet Tony here.
  9. Stranger: Uhhh you do realize that RDJ is 5'11 and Benedict Cumberbatch is 6'1, right?? That's not nearly enough of a difference for Tony to smack his face into Stephen's chest. Y'all people need to fucking chill.
  11. Stranger: Oh, I made a mistake. RDJ is 5'10.
  13. Stranger: That's like
  15. You: [ uh
  17. Stranger: Three inches of difference.
  19. You: [ why are you whining about the height
  21. Stranger: Because it's dumb.
  23. You: [ if you don't like it then.. leave?
  25. Stranger: This wouldn't work unless Tony was like, 5'3.
  27. Stranger has disconnected.
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