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  2. cRYST: HI HI
  3. cRYST: xD
  4. hi: hello sir
  5. cRYST: are you trading the awp?
  6. hi: make a trade offer : )
  7. cRYST has changed their name to Deathmode.
  8. Deathmode: if i get the m9 boreal forest field tested would you trade with me?
  9. Deathmode: my friend won it on csgojackpot
  10. Deathmode: he sells to me for nie price, i can buy it and than trade with you
  11. hi: sure, just send a trade offer : )
  12. Deathmode: ok nice
  13. Deathmode: can i just, before i spend my money in the m9, can i add 1 friend of your friendlist? someone you trust ofcourse, to i ask couple questions to assure my safety about you?
  14. hi: i dont trust any of my friends sorry
  15. hi: just get it i will be here
  16. Deathmode: no mate
  17. Deathmode: sorry
  18. hi: ok lol
  19. Deathmode: only if i have a proof that you went to trade with me
  20. Deathmode: to i sent to steam if you try anything
  21. Deathmode: can you trade offer me the awp , without confirming the email transaction confirmation
  22. Deathmode: and re-sent me the steam email, to i have something, to assure that you are trustable, and if you try anything, i sent to steam
  23. Deathmode: can you do that?
  24. hi: done
  25. Deathmode: done what?
  26. hi: trade offer m8
  27. Deathmode: you didnt touch in email steam?
  28. Deathmode: right?
  29. hi: right
  30. Deathmode: ok can you re-sent me that email? to i have a proof?
  31. Deathmode:
  32. Deathmode: than i can buy the knife, and me and you trade 1:1
  33. hi: where the knife?
  34. Deathmode: i have to buy it
  35. Deathmode: but i only buy it, when i am sure that i can trust in you sir
  36. hi: where you buying it from?
  37. Deathmode: did you sent me the email?
  38. Deathmode: to my friend
  39. Deathmode: pay him trough paypal
  40. hi: steam profile?
  41. Deathmode: NO! lol -.-
  42. hi: LOL OK MATE
  43. Deathmode: ?
  44. hi: sorry caps
  45. hi: lol ok mate
  46. Deathmode: he doesnt like that stuff
  47. Deathmode: he is very high buyer seller, better
  48. hi: how i know you not scamming me
  49. Deathmode: how can i scam you ??
  50. Deathmode: i am gonna show you the knife in the trade window
  51. hi: i dont know i hear people scam all the time
  52. Deathmode: when we are trading
  53. hi: im only 13 years old if i get scam out of my awp i would be very sad
  54. Deathmode: re sent me the steam email, to i have a proof if you try anything, and i will buy the knife without any problem, and trade with you
  55. hi: buy how i know
  56. hi: but how i know
  57. Deathmode: how you know what sir?
  58. hi: that you not scam me
  59. Deathmode: i cant do anything
  60. hi: i dont kno i very nervous
  61. Deathmode: when i buy the knife to my friend, i will trade with you
  62. Deathmode: you put awp in window
  63. Deathmode: i put the kdow
  64. hi: ok send me trade offer : )
  65. Deathmode: the knife in window
  66. Deathmode: only when i have a proof...
  67. hi: you can see my inventroy
  68. hi: it's there
  69. Deathmode: not the proof that you have the weapon
  70. Deathmode: i want a proof that we are dealing
  71. Deathmode: to if you try something, i can sent to steam
  72. Deathmode: so re-send me the email transaction confirmation
  73. Deathmode: to
  74. hi: i thought proof was you asking me if i would sell it and me saying yes
  75. Deathmode: what?
  76. Deathmode: can you do it or not ?
  77. hi: i can
  78. Deathmode: so do it pls
  79. hi: awp still in inventroy friend
  80. Deathmode: yes
  81. Deathmode: you are just sending me the email
  82. Deathmode: or not?
  83. hi: what email friend i dont really understand what email you are looking from me
  84. Deathmode: look
  85. Deathmode: when you make me an trade offer
  86. Deathmode: you receive an email of the steam right?
  87. Deathmode: i want to that you re-send me that steam email to
  88. Deathmode: to i have something to show to steam, if you try anything...
  89. hi: what would i trry
  90. hi: besides to trade with you
  91. Deathmode: idk
  92. hi: im still here waiting
  93. Deathmode: due
  94. hi: with awp in inventory
  95. Deathmode: dude
  96. Deathmode: i only buy the knife
  97. Deathmode: when you do that
  98. Deathmode: without you that, i dont do anything
  99. hi: what would i try
  100. Deathmode: very people remove me, and block me, and i buy items for nothing, others sent me links, and scams
  101. Deathmode: so
  102. Deathmode: i only deal like this.
  103. Deathmode: if you want, you do it my way
  104. Deathmode: if you dont unfriend me
  105. Deathmode: its ok
  106. hi: but you buy item from your friend
  107. hi: no big deal
  108. hi: if i try anythign
  109. hi: you say
  110. hi: hey friend
  111. hi: that i kno long time
  112. Deathmode: lol
  113. Deathmode: i dont know him in relaity
  114. Deathmode: he doesnt give my money back
  115. Deathmode: ...
  116. hi: oh yeah that would be bad
  117. hi: i see now
  118. Deathmode: ...
  119. hi: ok
  120. hi: i believe you
  121. hi: i hope it not a scam
  122. hi: i kind of want minimal wear tho
  123. hi: you think you can do that instead
  124. hi: my awp is factory new
  125. Deathmode: so trade offer me, and resent me the steam email to
  126. Deathmode: when you are don tell me
  127. Deathmode: to i start buying the minimal wear
  128. hi: you said field tested
  129. hi: can it be minimal wear instead
  130. Deathmode: yes
  131. hi: also instead of
  132. hi: m9 boreal
  133. hi: can it be
  134. Deathmode: i already talked with my friend
  135. Deathmode: ...
  136. hi: m9 slaughter
  137. Deathmode: yes
  138. Deathmode: no
  139. Deathmode: -.-
  140. hi: i would really like the slaughter i like the red
  141. hi: it look nice
  142. Deathmode: but he doesnt have it.
  143. hi: can you grab from somewhere else maybe?
  144. Deathmode: bno
  145. hi: like opskin or csgolounge
  146. hi: plesase
  147. hi: please
  148. Deathmode: no
  149. Deathmode: i cant
  150. hi: i will throw in other stuff
  151. Deathmode: ...
  152. Deathmode: i cant
  153. hi: the awp has stickers tho
  154. Deathmode: dude
  155. hi: i like the slaughter m9
  156. Deathmode: again?
  157. Deathmode: NO
  158. Deathmode: I CANT
  159. Deathmode: MY OFFER IS THE SAME.
  160. hi: but you originally change from field tested to minimal wear, why not just one more hcange to slaughter i will throw in a few more skins
  161. hi: usp-s serum
  162. Deathmode: BECAUSE
  163. Deathmode: HE DOESNT HAVE IT!
  164. Deathmode: OMFG
  165. hi: i understand sorry please dont yell at me
  166. Deathmode: he only has the butterfly
  167. Deathmode: boreal forest field tested
  168. Deathmode: that i can i pay to trade for you.
  169. hi: wait
  170. hi: i thought you said you could get
  171. hi: minimal wear boreal
  172. Deathmode: dude
  173. Deathmode: you want
  174. Deathmode: to suck
  175. Deathmode: my
  176. Deathmode: balls?
  177. Deathmode: in
  178. Deathmode: youtube?
  179. Deathmode: because you are starting to annoyng me
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