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  1. Section 1: CCW Regulations
  2. 1. Which of the following handgun safety features is not on the regulatory list for handguns?
  4. [-] A. Manual Safety
  5. [-] B. Integrated Trigger Safety
  6. [X] C. Magazine Disconnect
  7. [-] D. Grip Safety
  10. 2. Which of the following locations are you forbidden from carrying without the expressed, written permission of an authorized representative?
  12. [X] A. Police Stations
  13. [-] B. Department of Motor Vehicles
  14. [-] C. Financial Institutions
  15. [-] D. I can carry anywhere I want with a CCW
  18. 3. When can you brandish your concealed firearm?
  20. [-] A. When I have had at least 3 beers
  21. [X] B. When I believe my life may be in danger
  22. [-] C. When someone is shouting a lot at the bar
  23. [-] D. Both B & C
  26. 4. When are you required, by licensing regulations, to have your Concealed Carry Weapon license on you?
  28. [-] A. At all times
  29. [-] B. Whenever I feel like it
  30. [X] C. Only whenever I am conceal carrying a firearm
  31. [-] D. I do not have to have it on me
  33. 5. In which of the following situations would a CCW holder be in violation of regulations, if any?
  35. [-] A. They are carrying a concealed handgun while on private property with the property owner's permission.
  36. [X] B. They are acting as a security guard at the Mirror Park Gas Station.
  37. [-] C. They are transporting a handgun in a gun case from their house to their vehicle.
  38. [-] D. All of the above situations are acceptable for those who hold only a CCW license.
  40. 6. What is most likely to happen to a CCW holder if they are found to be in possession of a firearm while under the influence of any medication or drug (including alcohol) that is impairing their judgement?
  42. [-] A. They may lose their firearm.
  43. [-] B. They may experience the greatest 'high' that anyone can ever get.
  44. [X] C. They may have all their firearm licenses revoked and may be arrested.
  45. [-] D. They may be rewarded by the LSPD for their bravery and be inducted into the department as a Police Captain.
  47. 7. As a CCW holder which of the following license regulations must also be followed, if any?
  49. [-] A. Guard Card regulations
  50. [X] B. PF license regulations
  51. [-] C. PFAP license regulations
  52. [-] D. Only the CCW license regulations are required to be followed
  54. 8. Within what time frame should a license holder report their firearm as lost/stolen from the moment they realize it has been lost/stolen
  56. [-] A. 72 minutes
  57. [X] B. 72 hours
  58. [-] C. 72 days
  59. [-] D. I don't know, is the test over yet?
  61. 9. A CCW license permits the license holder to which of the following?
  63. [-] A. To purchase a firearm
  64. [X] B. To carry a handgun concealed
  65. [-] C. To carry a machine gun
  66. [-] D. To carry any type of firearm, exposed or concealed
  68. 10. May a CCW license holder temporarily loan their firearm to another person?
  70. [-] Yes, they may do it whenever they want and there are no regulations because it is their property.
  71. [X] No, it is completely illegal unless they are transferring the firearm via the PD's Firearms Licensing Division.
  72. [-] Yes, but they must make sure to follow all regulations surrounding a loan.
  73. [-] No, it's not allowed because they will get PD personnel in trouble and the PD personnel won't get promoted.
  74. Section 2 - Firearms Usage & Safety
  75. 1. Does the State of San Andreas have a "Duty to Rescue" law?
  77. [-] A. Yes.
  78. [X] B. No.
  79. [-] C. Only in very specific occasions for CCW holders.
  80. [-] D. The "Duty to Rescue" law is only applicable to Law Enforcement.
  83. 2. In which of these circumstances is it most likely that the CCW holder will be arrested and charged with a crime?
  85. [-] A. A CCW license holder is told to leave private property and they immediately vacate the property.
  86. [X] B. A CCW license holder shoots an assailant armed with a knife who ran away from them once the CCW license holder brandished their firearm.
  87. [-] C. A CCW license holder shoots an armed robber.
  88. [-] D. A CCW license holder keeps their firearm in a locked container in their car out of general sight.
  91. 3. All CCW license holders are responsible for their usage of force and may be held liable for damages.
  93. [X] True
  94. [-] False
  97. 4. A CCW license holder, while strolling through the park comes across a heterosexual couple arguing. The female pulls out a knife and jumps on top of the male, it is evident that the male's life is in clear danger and the female is about to stab him. The CCW license holder then open fires but accidentally hits the male. Both parties survive. What is most likely to happen?
  99. [-] A. The CCW license holder will be rewarded $100,000.
  100. [-] B. The CCW license holder will not be charged for a crime because they saved the life of the male.
  101. [X] C. The CCW license holder may be held liable for civil and criminal damages.
  102. [-] D. The CCW license holder will have to give a signed apology letter to the male.
  104. 5. If a CCW license holder deals with an active threat to life and they decide to fire, they should shoot to _____ the threat?
  106. [-] A. Kill
  107. [-] B. Help
  108. [X] C. Stop
  109. [-] D. Save
  111. 6. What is the first stage when using deadly force?
  113. [-] A. Aiming your firearm.
  114. [X] B. Brandishing your firearm
  115. [-] C. Shooting your firearm
  116. [-] D. Loading your firearm
  118. 7. When would it be lawful to aim your firearm at someone else?
  120. [-] A. When the cashier doesn't give you the correct change at the gas station.
  121. [X] B. When someones reveals a firearm and it is clear that they are about to aim it at you.
  122. [-] C. When someone tries to offer you drugs.
  123. [-] D. When someone keeps littering on your driveway.
  125. 8. When should you report an incident where you revealed or aimed your firearm as a CCW license holder?
  127. [-] A. After I get some snacks.
  128. [-] B. I don't have to report the incident because I didn't shoot my gun.
  129. [-] C. When I have gotten home, stored my gun, and locked the front door.
  130. [X] D. As soon as safely possible.
  132. 9. Why should you not fire 'warning shots'?
  134. [-] A. Because I do not live in a country where that is socially acceptable.
  135. [-] B. Because it is not Independence Day.
  136. [X] C. Because I have already aimed my firearm at them and intend to use it.
  137. [-] D. Both A & C.
  139. 10. Why is it bad to not report an incident to 911 after a CCW holder brandishes and/or aims their firearm?
  141. [-] A. Because you may not get your promotion to Captain.
  142. [-] B. Because the Police Department will lose money if nobody calls 911.
  143. [X] C. Because other parties may contact 911 and say the CCW holder was the aggressor.
  144. [-] D. It is not bad to not report the incident because the firearm was not shot.
  146. 11. It is a crime if a CCW holder enters a private business that has a "No Firearms Allowed" sign, even if nobody has asked them to leave.
  148. [-] True
  149. [X] False
  151. 12. You are not required by law to ask an owner of private property for permission to carry onto their private property if you have a CCW.
  153. [-] True
  154. [X] False
  156. 13. If a private property owner asks a CCW holder to leave their property but they do not which of the following crimes may they be charged with?
  158. [-] A. Carrying an Unlicensed Firearm
  159. [-] B. Assault
  160. [X] C. Trespassing
  161. [-] D. None as there were no lawfully posted signs
  163. 14. Where is the safest place to store a firearm?
  165. [-] A. Your sock
  166. [-] B. A trash bag
  167. [-] C. A place where children may reach it
  168. [X] D. In a locked container
  170. 15. Where should a CCW license holder shoot if they are shooting at an armed attacker?
  172. [-] A. Their leg because this is likely not going to be lethal and many European Police forces do this.
  173. [-] B. The hand that is holding their weapon
  174. [X] C. Their chest and/or abdomen region
  175. [-] D. Their head
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