Selling Danish CPR/SSN and more.

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  1. Hello.
  3. I'm selling danish SSN's with names, address’ and cellphone numbers.
  4. My prices is:
  5. 1 SSN without name, address or cellphone number         - $6 worth of BTC.
  6. 5 SSN's without names, address’ or cellphones         - $22 worth of BTC.
  8. 1 SSN with name, address and cellphone number           - $8 worth of BTC.
  9. 5 SSN's with names, address' and cellphone numbers      - $25 worth of BTC.
  11. 1 SSN with name, address, cellphone number + pictures of a CC   - $30 worth of BTC.
  13.                 I AM ONLY ACCEPTING BTC.
  15. If you're interested or have any questions, I can be contacted on this email:
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