Exalted 3e Eclipse Charms

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  1. Eclipse Charms
  3. Essence 1 (Core)
  4. Towering Wheat Blessing - Spontaneous wheat field                                                   [Field Guardian]
  5. Legendary Reaper - Harvest a field in a day                                                         [Field Guardian]
  6. Seductive Shapechange - Become targets ideal sexual partner, +2 App                                 [Neomah]
  7. Straw-to-Silk Deceit - Make junk seem more valuable                                                 [Market God; from leaked Core book]
  9. Essence 1 (HDP / AotR)
  10. Chromatoflage - Chameleon yourself against scenery                                                  [Flickerfeather]
  11. Ink Clone - Make a temporary decoy                                                                  [Flickerfeather]
  12. Thread-Spinning Snare - Deploy a web trap                                                           [Anuhle]
  14. Essence 2 (Core)
  15. Curse of the Dead - Target can't regain WP through sleep                                            [Honored Ancestor]
  16. Black Breath of the Abyss - Surround self in supernatural darkness                                  [Mortwight]
  17. Broken Earth's Anguish - Sense people within Dog's territory                                        [Dog of the Broken Earth]
  18. Prismatic Sea-Spoor Streamers - Leave rainbow trails in water                                       [Tidemare]
  19. Racing Sailfish Surge - Faster travel in water                                                      [Tidemare]
  21. Essence 2 (HDP / AotR)
  22. Soul-Thieving Method - Gain motes instead of initiative from an attack                              [Doppleganger]
  23. Wind-Whistling Trick - Telekinesis, gambits but no decisive attacks                                 [Cloud Person]
  24. Fortuitous Meeting - Bite someone so they meet someone                                              [Plentimon's Ladybug]
  25. Frozen Trail - Freeze water as you walk on it                                                       [Aughdeighe]
  26. Searing Antipathy Attitude - Block social influence with RAGE!                                      [Ku Nenaveya]
  27. Chilling Barghest Howl - AWOOO! so loud everyone either fights or flees                             [Barrowhound]
  28. Patient Hunter's Sandtrap - Become a Team Rocket pit trap                                           [Steel Eater]
  29. Guyser’s Distant Caress - Gambits at range via waterbending                                       [Afondha]
  30. Impending Death Scent - Hurry to someone who is dying                                               [Ixier]
  32. Essence 3 (Core)
  33. Storm-Stirring Lash - Create storm at sea                                                           [Storm Mother]
  34. Wrath From The Sky - Call lightning bolt from a storm                                               [Storm Mother]
  36. Essence 3 (HDP / AotR)
  37. Malignant Portent Pose - conjure spooky death omen causing paranoia                                 [Barrowhound]
  38. See The Sun's Reflection - Heat-Vision Goggles                                                      [Lodestar]
  39. Whispered Unrest - Start a riot, rioters pass it on                                                 [Fivefold Masks and Lies]
  40. Municipal Perfection Decree - Make cover and other structures in a city you run                     [Adeimantus]
  41. Wishful Temptation Appeal - Make an intimacy a stronger intimacy about your city                    [Adeimantus]
  42. Fertile Benediction - Lady make babby with anyone/anything                                          [Afondha]
  43. Thirst-Quenching Goddess Regalia - Bargaining makes you likeable                                    [Afondha]
  44. Hundred Chambers Maze - Open door to somewhere else in same/nearby building                         [Forlorn Manor]
  45. Spark of Inspiration - Free Craft XP                                                                [Ninegala]
  46. Ascending to the Heavens - Teleport via a storm                                                     [Storm Serpent]
  47. Prismatic Cloud Touch - Attacks leech Willpower                                                     [Makarios]
  48. Tarnished Trinket Glint - Trick foe with fake treasure                                              [Makarios]
  49. Gates of the Dreaming Market - Astral project, give/trade stuff in a dream or fight in a nightmare  [Makarios]
  50. Waking Dream Affliction - Psyche holograms                                                          [Makarios]
  51. Fern-Seed Blessing - Give invisibility and defence when within territory                            [Zabbala]
  52. Doomcryer’s Decree - Attack with natural disasters                                                    [Aton]
  54. Essence 4 (Core)
  55. Immolating Pyre - Fiery explosion around self, reflexive upon death                                 [Garda Bird]
  56. Night-Black Carapace - Gain artifact armor, destroy it to counter a decisive attack                 [Alveua]
  58. Essence 4 (HDP / AotR)
  59. Heartfelt Treasures Appraisal - Know stuff’s value unless seller is selfless                      [Makarios]
  60. Gift of Aton - Turn people to stone, eventually they become statues                                 [Aton]
  62.                                                         ***********
  64. Towering Wheat Blessing
  65. (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 1)
  66. A field guardian may bid plants to grow far beyond their usual size in an instant. Some use this blessing to provide food for their worshippers in times of famine, creating a bounty that can sustain a dozen people or so for a day if properly prepared. At other times, they use it to snare enemies in patches of elephantine wheat stalks or overgrown tree-roots. The spirit chooses a point within long range, and creates a patch of overgrowth from existing plant life that spreads out to medium range from that point. The ground counts as difficult terrain for enemies, but the plants part and make way for the god’s allies. This Charm can be used once per scene  
  68. Legendary Reaper
  69. (30m, 1wp; Simple; One day; Eclipse; Essence 1)
  70. While they are loathe to do so, a feld guardian may use this Charm to harvest an entire field with a single day’s work. The Storyteller determines exactly how many people this can feed based on the size of the field and quality of the harvest, and crops like wheat must still be baked into bread or other commodities before they can be eaten. Most feld guardians consider this exertion a serious task (p. 216) for purposes of social influence—in their eyes, the harvest is the farmers’ work, not theirs.
  72. Seductive Shapechange
  73. (8m; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 1):
  74. Once a neomah has read a character’s intentions to determine their ideal sexual mate, it may use this Charm to sculpt its body into that form. Its demonic nature remains recognizable, but it may alter gender, height, build, facial features, and similar aesthetic traits. While this Charm is active, it adds +2 Appearance when making social influence rolls to seduce the character whose preferences it has tailored itself to, or that play on Intimacies of lust towards itself. This can raise the neomah’s Appearance above 5, but is not compatible with other Appearance-enhancing effects.  
  76. Straw-to-Silk Deceit
  77. (1m per object, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Eclipse; Essence 1)
  78. The market god may place an illusion on an object or collection of similar objects it sees, making them seem more valuable. Rotten fish appear fresh, iron resembles steel, and a ragged robe seems fit for an emperor. Onlookers must succeed on a (Perception + [Awareness or Bureaucracy]) roll at difficulty (5 or the Eclipse’s Manipulation) to see through this illusion, although it may become obvious to them in certain cases, such as tasting a rotten fish.
  80. Chromatoflage
  81. (7m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Eclipse, Perilous; Essence 1)
  82. The flickerfeather changes its colors to fool onlookers into thinking it’s some false feature of the environment no bigger than itself, such as a stepping stone or an underwater treasure. This functions as normal concealment, but doesn’t require adequate coverage. Observers can make a (Perception + Awareness) roll, opposed by the flickerfeather’s Stealth (or an Eclipse’s (Appearance + Stealth)), to pierce the deception. If the flickerfeather moves, takes any action, or takes damage, this Charm immediately ends.
  84. Ink Clone
  85. (5m; Simple; Three rounds; Eclipse; Essence 1)
  86. The flickerfeather vents a cloud of ink that, even in the air, coalesces into the shape of another, identical flickerfeather, changing color in a slow cycle. Onlookers must succeed at a difficulty 3 (Perception + (Awareness or Survival)) roll to distinguish the clone from the original. The false flickerfeather is not alive, nor can it act other than to take reflexive move actions on the real flickerfeather’s turn. It moves realistically, but it’s simply a decoy, and dissolves when the Charm ends or when an attack deals any damage to it.
  88. Thread-Spinning Snare
  89. (3m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 1)
  90. The anuhle sets a trap that deals no damage, filling the area out to close range from it with webbing. Anyone who enters the area is subject to a webbing grapple gambit using the anuhle’s traits, even if the demon isn’t present; the web itself performs the clinch, and can only restrain victims, although the anuhle is free to perform other actions and suffers no Defense penalties. In combat, this Charm requires a successful gambit with difficulty equal to motes spent. Hell-Silk Weaver and Web-Snaring Nightmare can supplement this Charm.
  92. Curse of the Dead
  93. (5m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Eclipse, Psyche; Essence 2)
  94. Uttering a dreadful imprecation, the ghost curses her victim to dream of the direst horrors of the Labyrinth, making a threaten roll against the Resolve of a victim within medium range. A cursed character cannot regain Willpower from his nightmare-haunted sleep, and gains Paranoia as a Minor Derangement after (Integrity) days of this restless sleep (p. 169). An occultist may break this curse by succeeding on a difficulty 3 (Intelligence + Occult) roll to conduct an abjuring ritual by the light of dawn.  
  96. Black Breath of the Abyss
  97. (8m; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  98. A cloud of unnatural darkness forms around the mortwight out to medium range. While the dead may see through it, the living suffer the penalties of blindness unless Awareness-enhancing Charms augment their sight. A Solar anima banner at the bonfire level instantly disperses the cloud.
  100. Broken Earth’s Anguish
  101. (8m, 1wp; Reflexive; Indefinite; Eclipse; Essence 2):
  102. The dog may sense when trespassers intrude upon its domain, including traveling roads that run along its borders. It makes a (Perception + Awareness) roll with its senses dice pool at difficulty 3 to notice the intruder as a dark intimation at the edges of its mind. Trespassers who enter under stealth add their successes on the (Dexterity + Stealth) roll to the difficulty the dog must overcome. If any hermits or barbarians who have made allegiances with the dog of the unbroken earth come under attack within its domain, it may also sense this. Eclipses who use this Charm may use it while in any area that falls under the domain of the dogs of the unbroken earth, not just that of the dog who taught it to him.  
  104. Prismatic Sea-Spoor Streamers
  105. (8m, 1wp; Simple; Indefinite; Eclipse; Essence 2):
  106. The tidemare lets its glowing, rainbow-colored fns trail behind it for miles, leaving luminous trails under the sea. This can be used to confuse enemy ships chasing the tidemare in a naval pursuit (p. 244), subtracting one success from their roll at each interval. Alternatively, it can assist other ships in sailing through a hazard at sea that the tidemare has already navigated, adding three successes to their rolls if they follow the trail of light. The Storyteller should provide similar bonuses to reward clever uses of this Charm. Eclipses may use this Charm to exude a rainbow streamer from their anima, but its luminescence is only visible when the streamer passes through water.  
  108. Racing Sailfish Surge
  109. (4m, 4i; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2):
  110. The tidemare shepherds the water at its back into a surge that drives it forward, allowing it to move two range bands. In a test of speed or naval pursuit, this doubles 9s on the tidemare’s roll. Unlike other Simple Charms, this may be placed in a flurry. Once per scene unless reset by successfully disengaging while at Initiative 3 or less. Eclipses may learn this Charm, but can only use it underwater.
  112. Soul-Thieving Method
  113. (1wp; Supplemental; Instant; Eclipse, Withering-only; Essence 2)
  114. The doppelgänger does not receive any Initiative from the unarmed withering attack this Charm supplements. Instead, for each point of Initiative he would have received, he removes a mote from his enemy’s Essence pools and adds it to his own.
  116. Wind-Whistling Trick
  117. (5m; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  118. Cloud people call up small breezes or powerful gusts of wind to do their bidding. In combat, these gusts extend to medium range, rolling eight dice with 12 base withering damage. Conjured winds cannot execute damaging decisive attacks, but can perform all manner of gambits. They can also perform non-combat feats such as lifting small objects with a pillar of air, blowing books from shelves, or overturning a banquet table, all with eight dice; the Storyteller sets the difficulty. Eclipses pay five motes and one Willpower instead, and roll (Perception + Occult) with a base damage of (9 + Intelligence) instead.
  120. Fortuitous Meeting
  121. (5m; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  122. While Plentimon’s ladybugs are most famous for changing the odds in table games, some people use them to influence chance encounters in their favor. How lucky to bump into the satrap’s daughter at the market, or to arrive for an unscheduled appointment with the busy magistrate just as someone else canceled! Within five hours of the ladybug biting a character, the Storyteller must give her an opportunity to meet another character of the player’s choice, provided that character has a reasonable chance of appearing in the area.
  124. Frozen Trail
  125. (1m, 1wp; Reflexive; One day; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  126. The aughdeighe’s icy hooves instantly freeze water and other liquids within close range, allowing it to create a frozen path for itself as it runs.
  128. Searing Antipathy Attitude
  129. (4m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  130. In response to being targeted by social influence but before the influence action is rolled, Nenaveya burns with hatred as though impassioned (Exalted, p. 217), and gains +2 Resolve. If she’s already impassioned with hatred, waive the Willpower cost.
  132. Chilling Barghest Howl
  133. (5m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 2):
  134. A hound bays to alert its allies and warn its prey. The sound is terrifying, starting from a bass rumble in the bones and climbing to a high, clear note that evokes the wind whistling over a burial ground. Roll Threaten (Eclipse Castes use [Charisma + Presence]) against each enemy who hears it. It spooks those who succumb; they suffer a −4 penalty on all rolls except combat actions or actions to flee the barrow hound for one scene. Victims may pay one Willpower to become immune for the scene.
  136. Patient Hunter’s Sandtrap
  137. (8m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse, Perilous; Essence 2)
  138. The steel eater burrows beneath sand or soil, forming a trap that extends out to short range from the elemental, horizontally and vertically. The topmost layer appears undisturbed, but when trod upon it immediately collapses into a swirling vortex of earth. Observers may notice the trap with a (Perception + Awareness) roll, opposed by the steel eater’s Stealth (or an Eclipse’s (Stamina + Stealth)). When the trap collapses, it creates an environmental hazard that deals 3i/ round, with difficulty 3. The interior is difficult terrain and imposes a −2 visibility penalty to actions that rely on sight. It requires a successful (Strength + Athletics) climbing action, difficulty 4, to escape without a rescue from above.
  140. Geyser’s Distant Caress
  141. (6m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  142. Afondha may perform gambits against targets at up to medium range using Manipulation + Brawl with bonus dice equal to her Cult (10 total dice), as long as she’s within short range of at least a gallon of open water. Successful grapples performed with this Charm immediately pull the target to close range.
  144. Impending Death Scent
  145. (5m or 10m; Simple; Until Ixier reaches its destination; Eclipse; Essence 2)
  146. Ixier senses death approaching, and travels to meet it. It’s drawn unerringly to anyone within 50 miles who is soon to die, such as those in their final hours of an illness or old age, or bleeding out from wounds. It especially loves fresh battlefields, sick houses, and other such places. For the duration, Ixier travels at double its normal rate of speed to reach this location. For 10 motes, if mounted, it may double its mount’s speed instead.
  148. Storm-Stirring Lash
  149. (15m, 1wp; Simple; Essence hours; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  150. The storm mother bids black clouds to darken the sky and strong winds to rage, creating a heavy rainstorm at sea with a radius that can range from half a mile to three miles. The storm forms over the course of about half an hour, generally too slowly to be applicable in combat. The precise effects of the storm are narrated by the Storyteller, but it generally imposes a -3 penalty on ranged attacks and vision due to rainfall and heavy winds, while denying ships any Speed bonuses from sails and imposing a -2 Speed penalty. Each hour of the storm, a ship’s captain must succeed at a (Wits + Sail) roll at a difficulty of the storm mother’s Essence to avoid suffering shipwreck, being blown off course, or a similar fate. The storm mother herself is immune to the inclement effects of her own storm, though this does not extend to any ships she is on.  
  152. Wrath From the Sky
  153. (8m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse, Perilous; Essence 3):
  154. A storm mother may use this Charm during an ongoing storm, either naturally-occurring or created by her magic, to call down a lightning bolt to strike an enemy or object within long range. The lightning strike is treated as an environmental hazard with a difficulty of the storm mother’s Essence and (Essence + 3)L damage, and can also be used to set wooden structures ablaze or wreak similar havoc. Once per fight, unless reset with a two or three-point stunt that interacts with the storm.  
  156. Malignant Portent Pose
  157. (15m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse, Psyche, Stackable; Essence 3)
  158. The hound creates a baleful, incorporeal copy of itself, manifested from its doom-laden Essence, within long range of its current position. Each activation of the Charm creates a new copy. Copies can move independently of the hound, and persist for the duration regardless of how far from it they roam. The copy seems like the original to anyone who fails a (Perception + Integrity) roll, opposed by the hound’s Threaten, when they first see it. Characters who fail suffer a premonition of doom upon seeing the malevolent harbinger the hound has sent, losing one temporary Willpower, and are marked for death until a year has passed. In combat, a victim also loses three Initiative upon failing her roll (which the hound doesn’t gain). Any attack she makes on the hound or a copy for the Charm’s duration increases its target number by one (Exalted, p. 184), as she can’t tell reality from illusion. No combination of effects can raise target numbers above 9. If this Charm crashes a victim, she suffers a Major Paranoia Derangement (Exalted, p. 169) for one full session.
  160. See the Sun’s Reflection
  161. (8m; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  162. Lodestar can see sources of heat, including living things, up to (Essence) miles away. It can see them through thin barriers, like curtains, tinted glass, or bushes, but not through walls. It can’t tell anything about the source except that it generates heat unless it could otherwise see the source clearly.
  164. Whispered Unrest
  165. (8m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  166. Masks begins a riot with only a few words. They make a (Manipulation + Presence) inspire roll to produce either fear or anger against a single target. If successful, the impassioned victim spreads her emotional state to anyone with whom she speaks for at least a few minutes without the need for further rolls for the rest of the scene. Additional targets may still spend Willpower to reject the influence, but most Storyteller characters don’t without sufficient impetus (such as a player character convincing them with successful social influence to stay calm).
  168. Municipal Perfection Decree
  169. (8m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  170. The perfect city flows into forms both aesthetic and defensible with a tap of its lord’s scepter. Adeimantus can reflexively take cover (Exalted, p. 198) on his turn, making dream city features briefly real, and reduces the Defense bonus of all cover by one against his own attacks. He can use a miscellaneous action to alter or create one urban feature at close range, such as carving a gateway or forming a beautiful bridge to escape; doing so to harm or inconvenience an opponent requires a gambit with difficulty (6 − Cult). These changes revert when the round ends. An Eclipse who learns this Charm can only use it within a city where she holds some position of authority; her gambit difficulty is (6 − higher of Cult or Essence), minimum 1.
  172. Wishful Temptation Appeal
  173. (3m; Simple or Reflexive; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  174. Illusory tapestries display ills that utopia might avert. Adeimantus uses Performance to persuade listeners to act on Beimeni-Ta’s behalf, ignoring the penalty for influencing multiple characters. Choose a specific person or place; listeners with a Tie toward it treat it as a Tie toward Beimeni-Ta, and treat its intensity as one step higher for purposes of modifying Resolve. Adeimantus can use this Charm reflexively upon crashing a significant enemy with Prescient Nightmare Invocation, but must choose a Tie that modified his victim’s Resolve against the attack.
  176. Fertile Benediction
  177. (15m; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  178. Afondha blesses the supplicant with fertility, ensuring conception with their next informed and willing partner regardless of whether they could normally conceive a child with that partner, as long as at least one of them has a womb.
  180. Thirst-Quenching Goddess Regalia
  181. (8m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  182. Whenever Afondha succeeds at a bargain action or chooses not to apply her Resolve against one, she may activate this Charm to automatically instill a minor Intimacy for herself in that character with a positive context chosen by the opponent’s player, such as awe, respect, or trust. If the character already has a positive Intimacy for her, it increases in intensity by one instead. If the character already has a negative Intimacy for her, it decreases in intensity by one instead.
  184. Hundred Chambers Maze
  185. (8m; Reflexive; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  186. Change any portal’s destination, including external windows and doors, to any other portal’s destination on the manor’s grounds. Eclipses may use this Charm in any building, but both target and destination portals must be within medium range of the Eclipse.
  188. Spark of Inspiration
  189. (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  190. Target receives 10 silver craft points and 3 gold craft points. A character can only benefit from this Charm once per story.
  192. Ascending to the Heavens
  193. (5m, 5i; Simple; Instant; Eclipse, Perilous; Essence 3)
  194. Storm systems can stretch for miles, and storm serpents are impatient. The serpent transforms into a massive fusillade of lightning, arcing from cloud to cloud; at the beginning of its next turn, it arrives at a new location, ready to act. This Charm functions from any location within the storm that birthed the serpent where lightning could plausibly strike, including within storm clouds, and can take the serpent to any such location within the bounds of the same storm. Attackers cannot target the storm serpent while it’s in transit. Eclipses can use this Charm in any storm, but using it in a storm with an active storm serpent is dangerous — they’re highly territorial. A wise Eclipse plans to land somewhere solid for her final location — a rooftop, a spire, a high cliff ledge — or risks plummeting from the sky.
  196. Prismatic Cloud Touch
  197. (6m, 3i; Supplemental; Instant; Dual, Eclipse, Perilous; Essence 3)
  198. Wreathing a hand in a colorful haze of dreams and nightmares, Makarios saps his foe’s will. A withering attack that crashes an enemy, or decisive attack that hits an enemy, supplemented by this Charm steals one Willpower from the target; this can increase Makarios’ Willpower beyond its maximum, but excess unspent points vanish at the end of the scene.
  200. Tarnished Trinket Glint
  201. (7m; Simple; Instant; Decisive-only, Eclipse, Psyche; Essence 3)
  202. Roll 12 dice (Eclipses use [Manipulation + Bureaucracy]) against the Resolve of an enemy within medium range as a difficulty 4 gambit. Success makes the victim see an illusory treasure somewhere within medium range of Makarios, tailored to appeal to one of her Major or Defining Intimacies. She must move toward it, and can’t attack any target until she reaches it. The Solar Charm Eye of the Unconquered Sun and comparable effects render characters immune to this Charm.
  204. Gates of the Dreaming Market
  205. (5m, 1wp [+10m, 1wp]; Simple; One dream; Eclipse; Essence 3)
  206. Makarios enters the dreams of a sleeping character whose approximate location he knows, letting him speak to and engage in social influence with her. Objects held or worn by both participants’ physical bodies accompany them; any exchanged objects appear at the recipient’s physical location. Makarios doubles 9s on all actions if the dreamer bears his sigil. (Eclipses can’t gain this benefit.) At any time, Makarios can commit a 10-mote, 1-Willpower surcharge to change the dream into a nightmare in which he and the dreamer can harm each other, with damage and other deleterious effects carrying over to their physical bodies. It’s not possible to die this way — Incapacitated characters lose all Willpower instead. Lotus-Gilding Tongue (5m; Supplemental; Instant; Essence 5): Double 8s on a bargain roll. Double 7s instead if Makarios offers something he crafted from otherworldly materials.
  208. Waking Dream Affliction
  209. (10m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse, Psyche; Essence 3)
  210. Roll 12 dice (Eclipses use [Manipulation + Bureaucracy]) against the Resolve of one or more characters. Affected characters perceive an illusion — either an alteration to the environment, or an illusory entity up to the size of a house — as real, unless physical interaction with it reveals otherwise. Characters can spend 1 Willpower to resist if their belief in the illusion imperils a Major or Defining Intimacy.
  212. Fern-Seed Blessing
  213. (6m, 1wp; Simple; Eclipse; Indefinite; Essence 3)
  214. Ordinary ferns don’t have seeds, but the zabbala can compress its Essence to spit out a seed that blesses anyone who possesses it with invisibility and magical protection as long as they’re within its territory; as soon as they leave, the seed loses its power and this Charm ends. The blessed gains double 7s on Stealth rolls when the opposition would use sight to detect them, and +2 to Defense, as long as they remain within the area the zabbala guards. They also gain double 7s to mundane Awareness, Investigation, or Survival rolls to navigate the area or find a particular resource, such as water, food, or treasure.
  216. Doomcryer’s Decree
  217. (15m; Simple; Instant; Decisive-only, Eclipse; Essence 3)
  218. Aton examines the portents surrounding his target and wields them like weapons. He may pull meteors or lightning from the sky, call up a great keening from the land, or other omens appropriate to the target. Roll 15 dice for a decisive attack on a target at up to long range. The attack has raw damage of (10 + extra successes), and imposes a −3 penalty on movement actions until the end of the round.
  220. Immolating Pyre
  221. (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 4)
  222. Garda birds may call up an eruption of flame, forcing all enemies within medium range to roll against a hazard with the traits of a bonfire (p. 230). Allies are unburnt, the flames washing over them harmlessly. Upon being Incapacitated, this Charm activates reflexively and for free, burning the garda bird’s body to ashes. Nine days later, it rises out of the ash, unless slain with Charms such as GhostEating Technique. Once per fight, unless being used upon Incapacitation. Eclipse Castes who learn this Charm do not gain the ability to return from death, though they may still invoke it reflexively upon being Incapacitated  
  224. Night-Black Carapace
  225. (5m, 1wp; Simple; Decisive-only, Eclipse; One scene; Essence 4)
  226. Darkness swirls in from every corner to clothe Alveua in night-black armor with the traits of light artifact armor. If Alveua is hit with a decisive attack, she may let the armor shatter as a counterattack, rolling ten dice plus her enemy’s extra successes on the attack roll as a decisive attack against all characters within short range. Each character suffers a base damage equal to the extra successes Alveua’s attack roll received against their Defense, and her Initiative is divided evenly among all characters to determine the total damage. This destroys her armor, which she cannot summon again that fight unless she establishes stealth in darkness and shadow.
  228. Heartfelt Treasures Appraisal
  229. (8m, 1wp; Simple; One scene; Eclipse; Essence 4)
  230. Makarios perfectly ignores attempts to misrepresent the value of objects offered for sale or trade, including Psyche effects like the Solar Charm Soul-Snaring Pitch (Exalted, p. 286), unless the seller’s sole motivation is upholding a Defining Intimacy, not profit. Makarios can free others from such influence by informing them of the truth. He automatically discerns any Ties a seller has to her wares.
  232. Blessing of Aton
  233. (20m; Simple; Instant; Eclipse; Essence 4)
  234. Aton blesses a willing supplicant with slow petrifaction. The recipient doubles her effective Strength and natural soak ratings as a Charm bonus. She gains the Exalted Healing Merit (Exalted, p. 165), but becomes resistant to treatment: Medicine pools targeting her can’t exceed the healer’s highest relevant stone-based Craft Ability, and healing Charms targeting her double their costs unless they have an earthen elemental nature. Each subsequent year, the recipient gains one −0 health level (maximum +10 levels).
  236. Older recipients sleep, unmoving, for days on end. After 20 years, they turn entirely to stone, achieving an unsettling immortality: these statues still live, minds and souls permanently suspended. Powerful sorcery, another ancient elemental’s work, or potent Exalted magic could conceivably awaken one briefly — or even reverse the process.
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