Dadonequus Discord Part 201

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  1. >You sigh despairingly as you look down at the discarded wings.
  2. "Scootaloo...."
  3. >Why did she have to be so fucking stubborn.
  4. >You ask Spike to take in the wings as you ponder on the plan further..
  5. >How exactly were you going to make this all convincing anyway? It had to be real enough as to not to disappoint Scootaloo. But you also had to be wary that you lacked the horn. Everything could look fake if you don't have a chance to "give it your all". And even then, will it even work? Or will those two faggots come up with something else to hold their adoration towards you. Really, Scootaloo shouldn't be sticking her nose in this at all. But with Snips and Snails ruining the livelihood of foals in Ponyville, it was really up to you to get things fixed up.
  6. >For this to work. You had to figure out a way to face Rainbow Dash at "Full power". That, or......or....What if "something happened"?
  7. "..That's it..."
  8. >What's it?"
  9. >Spike asks as he returns from putting the wings in your saddle bag. He brought the bag back to you to wear in case you needed it.
  10. >As you slip on the saddle bag, you thanked Spike and began to explain your revelation.
  11. "Ok, so this is what I got. Really, anything can go wrong for either me or Rainbow Dash if we fight each other. Especially since I don't have my horn. But what if during our fight, something attacked. And me and Rainbow Dash team up to defeat it because we couldn't beat it alone? Snips and Snails said I did things myself. But if I can't, and need Rainbow's help and vice versa. Then all we gotta do is ham up just how great we are and what a good team we made and, BLAM. Everything should go back to normal, especially since Rainbow Dash is definitely sure to show off. She'll dazzle them all with her super....speed...well you know, Rainbow Dash things. And more importantly, Scootaloo should be ok with seeing me and Rainbow Dash be all buddy buddy. Once her original members return, everything should be fine."
  13. >"Ok, I'm with you so far. And it sounds like it might work if you work in just how great Rainbow Dash is and maybe slip in some words that everypony should join in on Scootaloo's club. But there's still one problem Anon"
  14. >You think you were on the same page as Spike.
  15. "Snips and Snails, right?"
  16. >Spike nodded "Right, those two aren't just going to quit. They could even ruin the plan itself by making up something else to keep their members. We need to figure out a way to deal with them too"
  17. "...we could.....put them in a bag and toss them in a river"
  18. >Spike rubbed his chin, chuckling a little "Maybe, but seriously. Their just dumb, and we can't actually hurt them. So we need to come up with something else....but what?"
  19. >It was hard actually. How could you demolish those two without actually demolishing those two?
  20. "I can't think of anything, those two dolts think they can be real deal heroes."
  21. >"Yeah that's kind of...AHA!" Spike raises his claw, struck with an idea "I got it!"
  22. "What?"
  23. >"It's simple. If those two idiots wanna be heroes. Then whatever is going to "attack" you and Rainbow Dash should go after them first. They'll run away and totally lose credibility. Then when all the foals get scared. You and Rainbow Dash swoop in and save them. Perfect. Genius really, I guess hanging around Twilight for so long has been really rubbing off on me." Spike chuckled arrogantly at his brilliant plan.
  24. >You had to admit, it was pretty smart.
  25. "Yeah, that's pretty good Spike. Preeettyy guuuud. But now that I think about it. We do have one more tiny issue."
  26. >"What's that?"
  27. >the one last hitch was Twilight herself, or anypony really mentioning the fight.
  28. "What if Twilight finds out...or well, Aunt Fluttershy?"
  30. >"They probably won't be back for awhile. And besides, since Rainbow Dash will be on it. even if they do find out, we could just explain it to them and it'll be ok....but hopefully it never comes up. Nothing to worry about. Trust me,"
  31. >Maybe for him, But there was something on your mind that WOULD make things worse.
  32. "Yeah, that;s the thing Spike. It may be all fine and dandy for you. But for me, I'd have to explain why I lost the horn. Because you know those foals are gonna expect me using the horn. And I'm going to have to go into that fight needing SOME kind of flare"
  33. >"....why didn't you mention that before?" Spike thought it odd you'd not mention the need for the horn.
  34. >..because you sorta forgot for a moment, it's not often you are "hornless"
  35. "I'm still working out some of the finer details in my head Spike, I know those foals are gonna want a magic show to go along with that fight. And the more I think about it, the more help I think we're going to need. But..egh..I don't want to involve anypony else. It'll just get more complicated"
  36. >Spike pondered on that for a moment. "Then....why not ask your dad for another horn? Just temporarily, Princess Celestia will never have to know"
  37. >OH FUCK NO....
  38. "Nope, Ain't doing. It's me using the horn that got me into this mess. If I use it again, then she's totally gonna find out."
  39. >".....Anon, how else are we going to do this then? We need the "monster", we need the horn, and we need a fight. We need ALL those things. How else will we do this?"
  40. >Did you really need the horn? Maybe not, you could just ask Discord to help directly. But that could be dangerous for EVERYONES' health if he overdoes it. No, you had to.....fake it. Wait..
  41. "Wait wait, I got it. Ok, look. We gotta split up if we wanna do this as fast as possible."
  42. >"Wait wha? What do you mean split up? What's the plan?" Spike was confused.
  44. "Ok, look. All you gotta do is get some fireworks and cherry bombs and basically anything with dazzle from Pinkie, Also, she's the only one I could think of who'd have or could make a nice looking prop unicorn horn of my color. Meanwhile, I'll go see Dash and get the fight set up and find out what we could use to "attack" us. Once were all done. We meet up before the fight, I slip on the horn. And then we make some magic. What do you think?"
  45. >"That's perfect Anon. And it's a good thing Pinkie has all sorts of crazy stuff to make things look ridiculously cool. Better still..." Spike lets out a small puff of flame "You don't have to worry about me messing up lighting them, hehe" Spike smirked at the fact he was a natural lighter. "But what if Pinkie asks why I'm borrowing all that stuff?"
  46. >...fuck...she would ask...or even snoop....wait..WAIT!
  47. "Tell her then. Then make sure she pinkie promises in keeping it secret. If it has to go as far as telling her about the horn and the fight. Then make her Pinkie Promise not to say a word.
  48. >"Got it...but Anon, you know they are going to find out eventually anyway, you know that right?"
  49. >That was knew they would. Everything would have to go perfectly to prevent that.
  50. "...Not if things go smoothly. It's not as if we have to tell them if they never actually find out. And even if they do find out, I never have to bring up the fact I lost the horn. They'll just assume I used it's fact, forget telling Pinkie about the horn. if Pinkie asks, tell her the charge on the horn was already used"
  51. >Spike nodded "Got it."
  52. >You'd just have to hope now nothing blows up in your face. If Twilight and Fluttershy ever asked for what happened, the truth that is. You could tell them then. It's better to tell them when things are calm rather than them stepping into the middle of the fight, thinking things were serious. You had to remember, this wasn't just for you. This was for Scootaloo too. As unreasonable as she was being.
  54. >With that, you and Spike split up. You head off to Rainbow Dash's House..or really.. cloud mansion . While he goes off to get the supplies from Pinkie.
  55. >You were fairly confident that the plan would work. And that the consequences of possibly explaining it to Twilight and Fluttershy far outweighed doing nothing, which would make Scootaloo enter a bout of despair. You don't know why you cared that much, she was just a dumb filly really. But, she was also your friend. And for her to give up something that let her feel whole. had to make sure everything went just right.
  56. >Of course, upon arriving at Rainbow Dash's home. You realized you had no actual way to get up there.
  57. >You took a deep breath, and yelled upwards towards her house.
  59. >You look up waiting for a response. Thankfully for you, it didn't take long for her to pop out of her house. And she was sweating and wearing a headband. She hovered above you just outside her door, looking around.
  60. "Rainbow Dash! Rainbow Dash, down here!"
  61. >She looks downward. Spots you, and lands. She was wondering what you wanted her for. She was thinking that you came for that fight already,
  62. >"Anon? What are you doing here? You didn't come for that fight already did you? I'm in the middle of some exercise here. Then I gotta spend an hour resting up for some flight training. Knowing it really was you who beat me got me really going on my training regimen. I'm too awesome to be beat by a magic created by Discord. He's sooooo lame, I can't let myself get beat again by anything even related to him. Y'know?"
  63. >You tilt your head back, narrowing your eyes at her, you just felt like she insulted both you and Discord. Hell, you felt a little offended despite you supposedly not caring too much about what others thought of Discord.
  65. "You are aware he's my Dad right?"
  66. >huh...something definitely felt off. Maybe it was being Equestria too long. But your range of caring seemed to be increasing. Hell, it did, didn't it? Every day you started to give more and more of a damn about the people around you. To the point that you want to see DT happy, and care about Discord's actual rep. Ogh, you had to tone that down a little. You didn't want to become the kind of person who could be duped by being TOO trusting.
  67. >Rainbow Dash chuckled sheepishly as she rubbed the back of her head. "Oh...right...So uhhh, did you come for that fight? Or to visit. I mean, if you're visiting that's cool too. I can show you how to do some actual physical training. You're a little flabby Anon, just saying."
  68. >You just narrowed your eyes further at her. Giving her a nasty look.
  69. "Excuse me?"
  70. >Rainbow Dash finally caught on that her words were probably actually agitating you. But, she also had it in her heart to not wanna see you become a flabby ball of fat. "Look Anon, I'm not going to take that back. You're an Earth Pony. You're supposed to be made of rough n' tough. All that magic you're doing is making you soft. Again, just saying."
  72. "Rainbow Dash..."
  73. >You grit your teeth, doing your best not to get angry at the fact she called you weak. You weren't getting fat. it's just that you were softer and cuddlier than most colts. Diamond Tiara liked it anyway. Soft colts were fine..
  74. >You weren't even fat. The hell was she even talking about?
  75. "..Can we not talk about that? I have to tell you something important..."
  76. >"What? More important than getting into shape? Unless it's a sweet party, an autograph signing, or getting into the Wonderbolts. Then I can't think of anything more important. That said, you really should look into some basic exercise at least."
  77. >Must...resist....choking..Rainbow...Dash...
  79. "..Rainbow Dash...can we just drop it? We have a real problem on our hooves.."
  80. >"A problem?" Rainbow Dash suddenly became really serious, especially since she mistook your annoyance with seriousness "What is it? What's the problem. Whatever it is, You can bet I can solve it in like...twenty seconds...probably less.....definitely less"
  81. >Wut?
  82. "You...are taking me seriously?"
  83. >just..wut? After the way she was acting. You thought she'd talk down to you some more.
  84. >"Well yeah, duh. Your problems always seem to be really serious. Foalnappers, bandit gryphons, Changelings, and who knows what else. I already know you ain't like any other foal. Your problems are as chaotic as your dad. So of course, if you're the one having the problem. Then it's gotta be serious, so come on and tell me already so I can fix it for you."
  85. >She was...she really was being serious. Well then, at least your rep came in handy sometimes. She was also being a little impatient.
  86. "Ok, so it goes like this..."
  87. >And so, you explain to Rainbow Dash what happened. what the plan was. And even the fact you lost your horn. You also tell her of the consequences of Twilight and Fluttershy finding out sooner rather than later. You even tell her about Scootaloo.
  89. >Rainbow Dash nodded, and she did indeed, even when no one was in danger, took in all that information seriously. "All that cause of another Nightmare Night prank, huh? Sheesh Anon, your luck is really bad. I mean...really...bad. But don't worry, this is definitely a serious problem only yours truly can fix. Yeah.." Rainbow Dash then frowns upon her next words, and looks left and right, feeling a little down "Sorry about what happened with Scootaloo though. I didn't know she lost the entire fan club. It's gotta feel really bad when you think everypony is hating on your hero. Especially when it's the ones who used to think the same thing as you did. But..." Rainbow Dash gave you a confident nod "We're gonna get that fixed up too. There's no way I'm gonna let my number one fan down. Not in a million years. I'm with you Anon, I even managed to figure out exactly what we're gonna fight"
  90. >Rainbow Dash, while still being egotistical, was actually being pretty bro. She wanted to fix everything. even get Scootaloo back to her old self. But, what? She already figured out what you both we're going to fight?
  91. " do? What exactly is it? It can't actually be dangerous you know. No horn, remember?"
  92. >"I know, I know. I get it. It's nothing that's actually going to hurt us Anon. And he's very well coordinated. He's just about as cool as I am"
  93. >....who? what?
  94. "who are you talking about?"
  95. >Rainbow Dash smirks and looks up at her house "Ohhhhhh Tank, get out here, double time!"
  96. >...are you...what?! was she fucking joking?! the tortoise?!
  97. >As Tank popped out through the wall of her home, you just looked at Rainbow Dash with pure confusion.
  98. "Your pet? Are you serious?"
  99. >"Of course I'm serious. Anon, never underestimate Tank. He's smart, loyal, crafty, and always listens. All we gotta do is tell him what's up. Put him in this scary costume I have in my closet. And we have our monster."
  100. "......but he's not even big"
  102. >Rainbow Dash smirked as she shook her head "Nope, but he will be once he's suited up. Tank is a total bud Anon, he's got our backs. Right Tank?" She looks to her turtle with a confident smile.
  103. >Tank...actually responds with a slow head nod.
  104. >Right, you nearly forgot how smart equestrian animals can be. You really shouldn't forget. Angel can be a sneaky little fuck,
  105. >But you still weren't convinced.
  106. "Rainbow Dash, if we even so much as tap him he's going to go down. You can't seriously think he's going to be of any help."
  107. >huh, you must of hurt Tank's feelings. Because he receded into his shell while still hovering in mid air.
  108. >"Anon. Will you stop being so pessimistic. Look, it's me. Rainbow Dash, and I'm not only telling, I'm guaranteeing that'll work. Just wait and see. It isn't that hard. We don't have time to rehearse but you said there'd be fireworks to simulate magic and stuff. All we gotta do is throw a few hits, talk some smack, let Tank come in, and beat him up.....but don't actually beat him up...Really..Don't do it."
  109. >......Damn these stubborn ponies.
  110. "You can't just expect me to think your pet is going to make a convincing monster"
  111. >"There's that pessimism again. Anon, will you just chill? I told you, I got this. So does Tank. You'll see. Just relax Anon, I'm with you on this. But if you seriously can't focus on getting this right then of course it's gonna go bad. Just go back to the castle, relax, and wait up for me. And don't worry, I'll swoop all in like the awesome pony I am and really turn some heads."
  112. >No, fuck it, there's no fucking way,
  113. "Rainbow Dash, I can't trust your turtle. It's just a turtle"
  114. >And then Tank's propeller stopped at that.He fell to the ground, still hiding in his shell. really hurt it's feelings?
  115. >"Tank!" Rainbow Dash dived in immediately to catch him, and hugged his shell gently as she fell on her back. "....You alright?"
  116. >He only popped his head out of his shell a little to look at Rainbow Dash.
  118. >"Geez Anon..." Rainbow Dash gently put Tank to the ground as she got back up and looked at you, annoyed. "ease up, and apologize to him. Unless you have a better idea, then Tank is our guy. You're lucky I'm still even up for this after that. Sheesh, You really are Discord's son..even if you're adopted."
  119. >Apologize to a......dammit.....
  120. >Tank had feelings, you could tell. But he was still just a damn turtle..or was it tortoise?
  121. >Too bad Rainbow was right. You couldn't think of any other alternative that'd work. And truth be told, she was willing to help you out. The consequences were dire, but if you didn't have her cooperation at all. Then everything falls apart.
  122. >Fine, you'd have to take with what you can get. Without Dash, this just turns sour. Though, given Scootaloo was in the mix. She'd probably still show up just for her. But, best not to try your luck.
  123. >you sigh, and ease up. That comparison to Discord also threw you a little offguard. You weren't that much of an asshole, were you? You just wanted to make sure everything would be ok. Not like she's much better at NOT being a dick anyway.
  124. "I'm sorry Tank, I guess I shouldn't let looks deceive me. I'd be really happy if you could help us."
  125. >That was sincere enough, right?
  126. >It seemed to have worked. Tank flew up and hovered towards you. and gave you a little nose bump. As if he could tell you were worried and everything would be ok.
  127. >It..made you smile just a little.
  128. "Alright, I'll go wait up at the castle."
  129. >"Ok, just trust in us Anon. We totally got this."
  130. >..and that was it. You return to the castle after saying your goodbyes. You'd have to trust in both Spike and Blue Fast. And not to mention the tortoise. You seriously....seriously hoped this all worked.
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