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  1. # What is your backstory? Please use extensive details as this will be used as your bio and explains who you are.
  2. #### Eric Odin was born to a poor family because of this they had to hunt for food as the market was to expensive. So naturally Eric had been trained in the art of order to eventually be able to provide for his family. He lead a rather average life. Until his father died. Because he was the only Male left in the family all the work fell onto him.While searching for a way to make money he heard men Taking about wolves attacking their livestock .Taking this opportunity he offered to solve their problem for cash of course. After solving their wolf problem he began to see this as a possible job. The jobs though kept getting more and more like mercenary jobs, and soon he was a full on hitman taking out people of power for lump sums of cash, cold hard cash. As the days went on the kills got easier and soon he was numb to the pain he was causing. He started to kill just for fun, it wasn't about money anymore. His final hit had come he was to kill the king. Eric had found an open window to the kings quarters he began to climb through the window when he fell face first onto the floor , the noise had startled the king making him scream for help. Two guards entered the room, Eric reached for his arrows but the had fallen on the floor when he fell. The guards realizing he was not a threat grabbed him. Soon he was sentenced to the exiled lands. Because of this embarrassment he swore never to attack again and that he will only protect.
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