Deferment (Days 16 - 18)

Sep 30th, 2012
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  1. Day 16.
  3. Wow, I’m terrible at sticking to something like this aren’t I. Manage the first three days and then practically forget to write for almost two weeks. I guess I could say I’ve been busy, which while true isn’t really a good excuse. Maybe if I only missed a day or two but not 10+. It’s probably because I’m not used to it, wasn’t exactly a journal person before I came here.
  5. I suppose it’s not as if tons of things happened since my last entry. Each day I try to help the Equestrians with the Earthborn. I still avoid the infirmary most of the time. I just don’t really know what I could do to help there. I did decide to keep going to the transformation sessions though. They’re still a bit unsettling but I guess you can get used to anything. Even helped out a few times in the kitchen. Can’t say I’m a huge help though. I’m a fair baker but not much for cooking vegetarian meals. Most of its pretty simple though. I guess having to ship things from Equestria makes our meals somewhat plain. I guess it’s good for me though, I think I lost a little weight since I got here.
  7. Made friends with a few of the Equestrians. Willow and Blue Moon, two of the therapists, are very accepting. They say it’s nice to have the human perspective around. I spend most of my days helping them with the new Earthborn ponies. Even though it’s not exactly complex work it’s a lot more fulfilling than any normal job I have. Maybe I just like helping people or something. That or I like getting showered with thanks, could be either.
  9. I did get one chance to speak with Princess Cadence. Unfortunately I got the same answer but she assured me that it was something I would probably learn soon enough, whatever that meant. I got to speak with Rarity a few more times as well but usually only on Transforming days, she seems so busy all the time otherwise. She did offer to take my clothes to be laundered in Equestria since we appear to be the only two in camp who regularly wear anything. If I wasn’t going back tomorrow I probably would have taken her up on the offer.
  11. I hope to catch the bus bringing in the new arrivals and hitch a ride back to town and take care of some things. I’ve run out of snacks completely, I suppose that’s a good thing though. Maybe I’ll buy just a few. To share. With my pony friends. And myself. But I also want a few other things too. I could really use a battery powered alarm clock, and some new socks, probably a proper journal too, it would be nice to work with lined paper again. I suppose I really need that solar charger too. Can’t say I’m a big fan of my facial hair and I never learned how to use a disposable or straight razor.
  13. Maybe I’ll have some extra time and post on the internet my findings. Though I might leave some things out. I don’t want people thinking this is some mad scientist’s lab where we’re being changed against our will or anything. Maybe I’ll even catch a movie or something. I should be able to make it back before nightfall though. Oh, which reminds me, if everything goes well the next two days I should be able to follow the leading group to the portal and take a closer look at it. Should be interesting even if I don’t actually get to go to Equestria yet.
  15. --------------------
  17. Day 17
  19. 23 days humanity. You couldn’t even keep it together for a month could you? Last evening there was an explosion at Camp 6 near DC. We just found out this morning. 6 Equestrians dead and 2 more in critical condition. We don’t, or rather I don’t, have the whole story beyond that. I suspect it was a human but I guess I can’t say for sure. Can’t imagine a pony making a bomb then smuggling it that far.
  20. Regardless of what actually happened most of the Equestrians are keeping their distance from me. I can’t exactly say I blame them. The few who still are friendly seem to think it would be a good idea to get changed as soon as possible but I still don’t know if I’m ready for that. It just seems so final.
  21. Obviously plans to go to town today are cancelled. The place is completely locked down. The portal even more so. A barely viable bubble is surrounding the small fortress that has been built there. The number of guards has increased by a factor of 10 as well. I’m not sure if their armor would protect them from bullets but at least they look kind of intimidating. Or as intimidating as a 4-5 foot colorful horse can be.
  23. Transformations were cancelled, no surprise there. I guess they get to wait until next week or something. Every pony has to check in before leaving or coming in. My choices are limited to say the least, or really it’s just two. I can either stay or go. Simple enough except if I leave its for good. Rarity believes that having humans coming and going is a danger. They won’t force me to stay but trips back and forth to town are out.
  25. I’m not 100% sure what to do. I feel a little unwelcome at the moment but that’s going to pass right? I suppose I can always leave when I want to right? I guess I’ll just take care of things one at a time. Hopefully this all blows over in a few days and it all goes back to normal.
  27. --------------------
  29. Day 18
  31. And they say you don’t learn anything from the Animes. I guess I’m not too upset that somepony is sneaking into my room when I’m not around. I’d probably do the same thing if the situations were reversed. I guess if you’re reading this again I’d like to pass on that I’d rather you be forward with me instead of breaking into my room. I will find out you know.
  33. It’s not as if I have much to hide other than how insecure I am about this whole thing. It’s not as if I have this burning hatred of ponykind running through my veins. I don’t think I’d be very good at hiding that sort of thing. Yeah I think you guys are rushing things a bit fast with the transforming thing so soon. I’m afraid somebody is going to get hurt or something will go wrong. So yeah I guess I just want both groups to be happy with what happens. I guess that sounds a little silly. I just wish there was a good way to prove it to you guys.
  35. Well I guess I made a pretty good step towards that today. That news crew was out of line to be coming so close. I wonder if the pony reading this heard the whole thing? Should I explain from the beginning? Is existential the right word for this train of thought. I don’t have a dictionary. I guess I may as well document the whole thing. There’s not too much to do with only a small handful of Earthlings left. The rest left to Equestria this afternoon.
  37. Like I said, everyone had left. I was loitering behind the kitchens wondering if I should offer to help. I didn’t want to seem too eager. After yesterday I’d be a little hesitant to let a human near the food supply too. So yeah, just wasting time I guess. That was when I heard someone calling out from the wall. By the way, the walls are great and all but aren’t they a little short. I mean they’re taller than a pony but if I were a little taller I would be able to peek over when standing on my toes. This reporter though, they must have been standing on something because I could see them and a cameraman quite clearly.
  38. I’m not sure how they didn’t get noticed by the Pegasai, maybe they were all off collecting rainclouds or something? It’s raining a little now. I’m not sure what they were hoping to find but I guess they figured I’d be a good source of information. I guess they thought we were taking prisoners since none of the transformees had returned home. Cameras, of course, are forbidden in and around camp. It’s one of the few absolute rules around here. It’s not that hard to understand. I remember perfectly well the big sign we have out by the road.
  40. I guess reporters aren’t much for rules. I guess I understand a bit though. The wanting to find out the truth bit. I after all came myself to understand. Seriously though, TV cameras? I’m surprised they got as far as they did. Anyway I told them I was fine and nobody was being held and left. Then I went and told one of the guards. Honestly though if they want an interview or something I wouldn’t be too adverse to it but you have to go through the proper channels. What if somepony thought they were dangerous? There is already enough distrust here that we don’t need people snooping around. I suppose they’ll have their cameras or memory cards confiscated. I know it seems kind of insignificant but hopefully it helps show you ponies that I am trustworthy.
  42. Maybe it just takes time though. And maybe I’ve just wasted my type writing to a pony who will never read this. Maybe I need a hobby or something. I know Rarity has a few fasion magazines stashed around. I’ve seen her paging through them when nopony is watching. Maybe I’ll ask to borrow one. Heh. 2 years ago I’d never expect to be even considering asking a magical unicorn if I can borrow one of her fashion magazines but here I am, actually considering it.
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