MGE Side III Rezon Break

May 22nd, 2020
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  1. “You! Long time no see!
  2. Those clothes I made, you been usin' 'em properly?”
  4. Over there’s the store manager, Mrs. “Sazana”.
  5. Sahagin are normally a quiet race, but when she first came to Saida and was shocked by “Thunder Fish Street”, it seems she ended up like this.
  6. She still has lightning running through her head, and she started this store to put to shape what she came up with at the time.
  8. The motto of the outfits here is to “destroy a man’s reason”, and I really like it. It’s sexy because it exposes a lot.
  9. I’m also pleased with the clothes I’m wearing now that I got from Mrs. Sazana, especially the part around the chest with thin cloth.
  10. This part here has jagged black cloth, and it’s as wild as a shark’s mouth.
  11. It feels just like I’m going to eat you up with this chest… how about it?
  12. I’m particular about materials, and this is made so that I can get electrifyingly excited without losing the power of lightning, so it feels really good to sing in.
  13. It also features Mrs. Sazana’s own “Sahagin Scales”.
  14. It has strong elasticity and a perfect fit. Even during live performances with intense movement, it continues to emphasize my erotic lines. That’s probably why I use this around my chest.
  16. Ah, there’s a new work on display over there. The chicks in bands wear this because it comes in three common designs. While they all emphasize a similar design, each one emphasizes a different point by increasing the exposure of the chest, navel, or ass… it’s for things like three girls wearing the set and fucking a single man.
  17. Yeah, it almost makes you cum just thinking about it, it’s so erotic...
  19. “Sniff sniff… hmmm. You still haven’t used them yet!
  20. Don’t look at other clothes, you have to use those clothes properly first!”
  22. But I’ve been to live performances with this outfit many times... oh, that?
  23. Mrs. Sazana likes it when her outfits are used like that.
  24. Yeah. But tonight, I’ll make sure to use them properly...❤
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