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  1. JavaException: Java traceback (most recent call last):
  2.   File "", line 117, in org.gem.calc.HazardCalculator.getHazardCurvesAsJson
  3.   File "", line 90, in org.gem.calc.HazardCalculator.getHazardCurves
  4.   File "", line 450, in org.opensha.sha.calc.HazardCurveCalculator.getHazardCurve
  5.   File "", line 482, in org.opensha.sha.imr.attenRelImpl.CB_2008_AttenRel.setEqkRupture
  6.   File "", line 568, in org.opensha.commons.param.WarningDoubleParameter.setValueIgnoreWarning
  7.   File "", line 213, in org.opensha.commons.param.Parameter.setValue
  8. org.opensha.commons.exceptions.ConstraintException: Rupture Top Depth: setValue(): Value is not allowed: 80.0
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