VisualVanilla 1.1 Changelog (08-07-2020)

Apr 16th, 2022 (edited)
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  1. + All weathers have been reworked to match the vibe and colors to be as close as possible to Rockstar Games' design with vast improvements to make V feel less of a dated game
  2. + Underwater has been overhauled, so expect a new, yet familiar playing experience under the sea
  3. + Restored Godrays from the vanilla game for most weathers!
  4. + Restored Light Pollution from the old gen version of the game to give vibes
  5. + Restored Bloom levels from the vanilla game
  6. + Restored the Godrays for Lightning Strikes ala-PS3 version of V
  7. + Improved fog colors for every fog-reliant weathers, now they deliver a more accurate vibe
  8. + Rebuilt .OIV Packages to have a cleaner and more proper way of installation
  9. + Renamed various optionals to be more accurate in name
  10. + Fixed sky colors not syncing properly with the time
  11. + Fixed the red tint on Snow, Xmas weathers, thanks to Jax765 for reporting
  12. + Fixed environmental fog not fitting the game for some weathers
  13. + Fixed desaturation when diving deep underwater, thanks to nkjellman for making this bug known from VisualV
  14. + Fixed rain droplets appearing in mid air, thanks to si2504 for reporting and whocares for the solution
  15. + Added preview images for almost all optionals that need them in each of their respective .OIV Installation Packages
  16. + Updated Pre-release Top Gradient to be more vibrant and closer to the pre-release screenshots
  17. + NEW Optional: Pause Menu Blur
  18. + NEW Optional: Michael's Lens Flare
  19. + NEW Optional: Franklin's Lens Flare
  20. + NEW Optional: Trevor's Lens Flare
  21. + NEW Optional: No Lens Flare
  22. + NEW Optional: Old Gen Damage Overlay
  23. + NEW Optional: No Godrays for Fog-reliant weathers
  24. + NEW Optional: No Godrays for Lightning Strikes
  25. + NEW Optional: No Light Pollution
  26. + NEW Optional: Enhanced Old Gen Beach Foam
  27. + NEW Optional: Enhanced Old Gen Light Bulbs
  28. + NEW Optional: Old Gen-inspired Palms
  29. + NEW Optional: Old Gen-inspired Trees
  30. + NEW Optional: Pre-release Mirror Park Lake
  31. + Sea Foam makes a comeback from the vanilla game for non-rainy weathers
  32. + Wind values have been increased a bit, just as how they were from the vanilla game
  33. + Sniper Depth of Field behavior has been restored from the vanilla game so it's less annoying when aiming now, and you can finally see your target easily
  34. + Some other fixes, and quality of life polishing. Are you ready to replay story mode with these new additions?
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