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  1. /doom/ OP Dissection
  3. V3
  4. -Minor revisions
  5. -I'm convinced this works
  7. ---
  9. It's common knowledge that the numerous general threads of 4chan tend to provide an information dump in every one and each of their OP to stop people from repeatedly asking about the same shit over and over. They start small and grow ever-larger, and for most lurkers they ultimately act as a one-stop shop of resources on the general's subject. But every now and then, some guy will fuck up because the OP is a faggot. Maybe they panicked and wanted to get a new thread out of the door before the old one dies, maybe they're oblivious, or maybe they're even doing it on purpose. But regardless, it's something that happens and the overall reaction is that a fair amount of people will shit their pants over it, and /doom/ is no exception, sometimes probably reacting to it even worse than other generals. There's always another opportunity to unfuck the OP again, but obviously you don't want such mistakes to cause the thread to blow up from such matters again and thus degrading its quality.
  11. Now, /doom/ as we know it has a boatload of information; we've got download links and infographics everywhere in one post, and there's another with all these recent happenings in the Doom community at large. At first this seems fairly intimidating and like a good deal of maintenance for each thread by comparison to something like a /vg/ general, with their moderately active ones usually having a low-maintenance OP since their board moves much more quicker than /vr/. As such, creating the next /doom/ thread requires you to jump through a few extra hoops, but this isn't really a big deal at all; the best way to approach this is to keep a checklist in mind and alsao multiple tabs/windows.
  13. Though if you're a mobile poster, you can fuck right off.
  16. ---------
  18. ---------
  20. The OP
  21. -What page are we on?
  22. -Copy/Paste the clean text
  23. -Image and thread subject complimenting image
  24. -Previous thread backlink
  25. -Check current thread for any amendments
  27. The News
  28. -Copy/Paste the clean text
  29. -Read posts linked to the news post in current thread
  30. -Give all valid news headline, timestamp, and link if possible
  31. -Update current events if required
  32. -Remove old news until character limit is less than 2000
  34. So essentially, there is no real dedicated news guy; only OPs who also the post the news and others who end up leaving it to someone else. But sometimes people will help, though.
  37. ------
  38. THE OP
  39. ------
  41. This is the easy part.
  43. >What page are we on?
  44. Though /vr/ has a bump limit of 500 posts like /v/, this is still a slow board; even /trash/ is faster. Page 5 on here is not the same as Page 5 on another board, in most cases the thread will still last a good couple of hours. It's generally acceptable to make a new thread as early as Page 7, but it's totally fine if you delay it to Page 8 or something. It'll still be hours until it gets bumped off unless the board loses its collective shit.
  46. >Copy/Paste the clean text
  47. What extension are you using? You don't want the OP to have a lot of [Embed] or (embed) tags.
  49. a. If you are on the ccd0 fork of 4chan X, the drop-down menu options for a post has a 'Copy Text' function. By far the easiest, cleanest, quickest, and most painless method.
  50. b. If you are using the native extension, then generally you should just have to avoid embed tags but there should be little in the OP, it's more the news you have to worry about.
  51. c. If you are using another fork of 4chan X that does not have a copy clean text option, try visiting Warosu or Desuarchive (both archive /vr/) and copying clean text from there.
  53. >Image and thread subject complimenting image
  54. This is simply /doom/ tradition equivalen to the 'x edition' shit other generals do. Load up a Retro FPS-relevant image that hasn't been used yet and some text to compliment it in ALL CAPS in the subject field. You might struggle to come up with something, but there are of course many silly image edits to use and also pretty Doom maps to take screenshots of if you need some ideas. People especially like to see ones celebrating holidays and relevant aniversaries when suitable.
  56. >Previous thread backlink
  57. 99% of the time this is pretty much the only real piece of text you're replacing. Take the dying thread's number and replace the old one, easy.
  59. >Check current thread for any amendments
  60. Though it doesn't happen often, sometimes infographics or links may need to be updated, or there may be something that could be added to the OP. Try skimming through the replies to the OP to see if anything is broken, and fix it if you can.
  63. --------
  64. THE NEWS
  65. --------
  67. This one will take most of your time. I suggest working on this in another tab or window, then cut, paste, and post immediately right after thread creation.
  69. >Copy/Paste Text
  70. Though sometimes you might be lucky and get no recent news at all, still take this one into consideration. Copy this the same way as you did before with the OP, but if you are using the native extension then you will need to clean up things like YouTube tags, which will be more common here.
  72. >Read posts linked to the news post in current thread
  73. Where else are you going to get your news? Don't fret too much if you miss something news-worthy that wasn't linked to the news post, whoever posted it should be linking to the news anyway, but some will make an effort to ensure you don't miss anything.
  75. >Give all valid news headline, timestamp, and link if possible
  76. The formatting is super simple, yeah. Just plug in the date that's in your time zone or something, after all nobody really wants to adjust for timezones.
  78. >Update current events if required
  79. This is something to help everyone track the progress of any ongoing projects any /vr/troopers might be participating in, so this bit won't always be relevant at all times of the year.
  80. If you're adding something, just provide some relevant information, such as its thread (ZDoom, Doomworld, etc) or post number (on 4chan itself) on top of a brief summary of what it is, its deadlines, and if there are any notable rules or limits to be aware of, like if it's speedmapping or for certain IWADs.
  81. If you're updating, just add or edit a line to reflect the project's current status.
  83. >Remove old news until character limit is less than 2000
  84. Simply rub off the old news, there's a manually-updated archive I send them to anyway. Remove more text if the post is still rejected. 4chan X has a character count.
  87. ------
  88. POSTAN
  89. ------
  91. At this point, you'll probably have the OP ready to go in one tab and have the news post ready in another, ready to get copy/pasted into the new thread when it comes through (Ctrl + A/C/V come very handy here). After doing that, wait out the post cooldown and redirect everyone in the old thread to the new one by using the new thread's post number. Cross-threading in the same board won't need anything special, only cross-boarding does (eg >>>/trash/12345678).
  93. By following these steps, hopefully you wouldn't have made any OOM-tier mistakes!
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