TP 100% Rupee Route - OLD - Table Version

Devil6Lair Feb 22nd, 2014 70 Never
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  2. This is considering you don't get any greens or blues out of Pots ect
  3. This is really a worse case scenario
  5. Point                   Should have             Where gotten
  6. Fishing                 30R                     20R on house roof + grass
  7. Iron Boots              100R                    100R behind house
  8. Enter GM                130R                    30R on ledge before GM
  9. Exit GM                 180R                    50R in chest by 3rd shard
  10. Bomb Bag 1              50R                     Spend 120R on Bomb Bag 1
  11. Start Wagon Escort      110R                    100R from bugs - 10R for canon
  12. Enter Lakebed           140R                    20R in rocks from Escort + 10R on pillar before Lakebed
  13. Enter Gerudo Desert     240R                    100R from chest in long dark cave
  14. Enter Arbiter's         290R                    50R in bublin camp
  15. Exit Arbiter's          370R                    20R from Redeads x 4
  16. Buying 30 Bombs         280R                    90R spend on 30 bombs
  17. Enter SPR               360R                    20R x 3 under rocks after poe in DMT + 20R during snowboarding (This is considering you miss treetop rupees)
  18. Savewarp After B&C      460R                    100R in room after B&C (bubble in armour)
  19. SPR Defeated            560R                    100R from bubble (armour) at entrance
  20. Bomb Bag Upgrade        560R                    20R from racing Yeto - 20R for Iza's Minigame (Again his is considering you miss treetop rupees)
  21. After Malo Mart 1       60R                     Donate 500R
  22. Warp Lake Hylia         310R                    200R inside bell (kak) + 50R chest (near poe in 3rd section of fields)
  23. Enter Temple of Time    400R                    -10R canon, -20 chicken flight, +100R (highest platform), +50 (platform below HP), -10 canon, -20 chicken flight
  24. Snowboarding HP         520R                    100R in sacred grove (LJA) + 20R snowboarding (You don't go for treetop rupees. NOTE you can get treetop rupees and still win if you really have to)   
  25. After Malo Mart 2       20R                     Donate 500R
  26. Invoice                 600R                    Give bugs: (4 x50R) (4 x100R)
  27. After Malo Mart 3       300R                    100R for hawkeye, 200R hylian shield
  28. Ice Puzzle HP           500R                    100R chest in middle of south hyrule field + 100R chest when dropping down to lake hylia
  29. Enter CitS              0R                      Donate 200R + Pay 300R to fix your canon
  30. Exit CitS               100R                    50R chest x2 (both next to poes)
  31. Enter PoT               200R                    100R chest in snowpeak cave (while getting poe)
  32. After final bottle      100R                    Pay 100R for Coro's Bottle
  33. Giant's Quiver          75R                     Pay 10R star game 1 + Pay 15R star game 2
  34. Enter Castle Malo Mart  600R                    Give Bugs: (5 x50R) (3 x100R)
  35. Exit Castle Malo Mart   2R                      Pay 598R for Magic Armour
  36. Giant's Wallet          402R                    Give Rest of Bugs: (4 x100R) Last bug is Giant's Wallet
  37. Exit CoO                1000R                   Collect every rupee in sight + 200R in darknut floor
  38. Enter Hyrule Castle     0R                      Donate 1000R to old man
  41. Get 5R from grass before KB4 = Red Magic Armour for credits Kreygasm
  43. Might Get:                                              Might Not Because:
  44. 5R in tower house during eldin tears                    Could Waste Time
  45. Rupees from Birds during wagon Escort                   Might not Drop
  46. 10R in pot when LJA to 1st HP in Lakebed Temple         Might fall off pillar
  47. 75R on treetops during snowboarding (x2)                Shouldn't miss but could happen
  48. 5R - 30R Chilfos in SPR boss key room                   Don't often drop but i have had two blues and red at once before
  49. 0-30/50R? rupee drops from stalhounds for totem         Get as much as you can before totem CS
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