Jun 18th, 2017
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  1. 12 : 30
  2. USERNAME : @crybabyjoon
  4. FULL NAME : Moon Hei Ran
  6. ran ; friends, acquaintances & family, mainly because it's shorter that her name. but rumor at school is that she is known for running once she catches attention, or when there is a big crowd of people, earning that nickname.
  7. mei ; friends, combination of the first letter and half of her first, used because she can 'be as delicate as a flower'and because her cheeks get pinkish like the mei flower when caught in a situation.
  8. yah ; acquaintances & friends, because her name is pronounced HEY-RAN, and someone mentioned "hey is kinda like our 'yah' in english, let's call her that!"
  10. BIRTHDAY : October 5, 1999
  12. BIRTHPLACE : Inheon, South Korea
  13. HOMETOWN : Seoul, South Korea
  15. ETHNICITY : korean
  16. NATIONALITY : asian
  18. 01 : 27
  19. LUCKY GIRL SLOT : s.e.s
  20. BACKUP : taetiseo
  22. PERSONALITY : heiran's personality isn't as different from your average introvert that rather be in a quiet and calm scenery. but, not sure if this is EVERY introvert, but heiran is afraid of anything that has to be social, she isn't fond of the idea of having to go out of her house for something than school or grocery shopping. though this girl isn't rather talkative like most teenagers, she's very smart and knows how things work. just because she's quiet and doesn't seem as if she's paying attention to her surroundings, heiran's actually listening to everything everyone around her is talking about and watches her surroundings carefully. heiran doesn't look like it, but she's carefully noting everything that is happening down in her head, remembering it just in case it is in need in the future. of course, heiran isn't a scary person nor does she have a two-faced personality, no one takes their time to actually pay attention to her or give her the time of their day, so she doesn't even try to show her feelings or personality. she isn't someone wicked, but she carefully makes sure to remember all the wrongdoings that others are doing, and if they ever try something funny, she'll bring it up to quit their ridiculous games. under all the note taking and watching, heiran is someone who is somewhat dedicated to her studies. she's very serious when comes to her grades, she wants to be accepted into one of the greatest schools and make all the education stuck in her head worth it. she's so dedicated that heiran takes any opportunity she gets from her teachers, even if she already has such breath-taking grades, she makes sure to take extra credit just in case she'll need it. heiran isn't social or very vocal when it comes to her classmates, but when someone is in deep need of her help, she'll be there ready to help them and explain the best way she can. in conclusion, heiran is someone that dislikes any type of attention and being out in public, and even though she has a few tricks up her sleeve, she's one of the caring people in the class you can go to if you need any type of help. even though she's afraid of any type of social activities and would rather do what she does best, be quiet and do her work, she's willing to do anything for anyone because she genuinely cares.
  24. FACE CLAIM : sulli (soloist)
  25. BACKUP : kwon jin ah (soloist)
  27. HOBBIES :
  28. — scribbling little storyline ideas that pop into her head
  29. — making songs out of things she's studied to make it easier for her to memorize
  30. — learning how to bake new recipes
  31. — when having time to just relax, she likes to look at her social medias and see what her favorite artists been up to
  34. — being alone, bothered
  35. — really calm yet pretty sceneries
  36. — art museums
  37. — flowers
  38. — really energetic dogs
  39. — getting a good score on an assignment and exams
  40. — the smell of cologne
  41. — large plaid shirts
  42. — tumblr
  43. — when she's acknowledged but not pestered
  44. — sports tornuments
  45. — being asked for help
  46. — really tall people
  47. — going to the market
  49. DISLIKES :
  50. — when she's forced into doing something with a group, it being school related or because she was made to
  51. — trash on the ground / floor
  52. — loud audiences
  53. — needles
  54. — really energetic people
  55. — being asked if she cheated on a test
  56. — fruity perfumes
  57. — clothing in which her skin is too revealed
  58. — being asked if her phone could be used by strangers / those she isn't close with
  59. — when she's acknowledged but pestered
  60. — having to voulenteer into something she isn't all that great at
  61. — when someone is copying her work without asking first
  62. — her facial features being pointed out by someone
  63. — when wanting to speak up but she isn't given the chance since everyone is so much louder!!!
  65. TRIVIA :
  66. — heiran draws at times, mainly when she has nothing to do, but can draw limited of things
  67. — is very talkative to her pet dog, naru
  68. — tends to want to learn dances from her favorite groups, but doesn't have much patience to actually learn
  69. — accidentally stays up till midnight because of studying 50% of the time she studies
  70. — has really good memory, once she sees something, she remembers it
  71. — really likes red velvet cake
  72. — is actually somewhat clumsy, tends to trip over her feet from time to time
  73. — would like to become a trainee and achieve her dream as a professional singer, but her social frightenings make her have second thoughts
  74. — can get sappy easily
  75. — enjoys the fact that she doesn't catch any type of attention
  76. — likes the number 5 for no reason whatsoever
  77. — thinks chihuahuas are the cutests things to exist
  78. — enjoys wearing clothing bigger than her original size
  79. — finds women / girls with short hair really pretty
  81. THE BROTHER SLOT : running man
  82. BACKUP : infinity challenge
  84. PAIR OF BROTHERS : kim han bin (ikon's b.i) &
  85. lim chang kyun (monsta x's i.m)
  86. — because they look similar to one another so,
  87. lim han bin & lim chang kyun
  90. — older brother : these two are known for being the pair that are fairly hilarious and the funniest anyone could ever meet. and, well, hanbin makes sure to let everyone know that he's the much more funnier one out of him and his younger brother. of course, most jokesters know when they have crossed the line and some make sure to NEVER cross the line. though, hanbin makes his jokes and his playful personality seem as if he doesn't even know such line exists. hanbin is by far the much more funnier one between him and changkyun, it's the truth and the truth should be said, but hanbin is also the most immature out of the two. it's easy to say that while hanbin is busy throwing water balloons at a certain targeted classmate, changkyun is the one to apologize instead of the older brother. he's the oldest, but the most immature and annoying out of the two.
  91. — younger brother : changkyun and his brother are known for being the jokesters, they're known for easily making people laugh and giggle till they probably have a six pack. though they're both known as the jokester siblings, changkyun is known as the much more serious and mature brother, even if he is the youngest, he makes sure to pick up after him himself and when to STOP. changkyun tends to never cross the line, the line that his older brother knows nothing about, but when he does he makes sure to apologize wholeheartedly and even does whatever he's asked to do by the victim for a whole week. he's the sweetest and most charming out of the two, that being said because he's actually aware of what he's doing and when he's doing it. unlike his brother hanbin, changkyun is caring and will do anything for anyone that is in need of help. he's the youngest, but the most mature and charming out of the two.
  93. TRIVIAS :
  94. — neither have ever dated a girl seriously before. hanbin because he's too playful and makes it seem like he's kidding, changkyun because he's extra protective and too caring.
  95. — they're extremely close, nothing has ever brought them apart or has made them fought before
  96. — tend to plan out jokes and pranks till hanbin takes it too far and changkyun has to clean it up
  97. — they study together
  98. — gossip about the most weirdest and oddest things with each other.
  99. — "did you see bobby's new hairstyle? looks disgusting" "when he'd get a new hairstyle? looks the same to me"
  100. — they share clothes with each other
  101. — like having mini play fights with each other
  102. — changkyun always looses on 'rock, paper, scissors' when playing with hanbin
  103. — both saps for their family
  104. — hanbin prefers to walk around the house shirtless while changkyun follows him around protectively with a blanket in his hands
  105. — changkyun is the one who protects his older brother instead of the other way around
  106. — hanbin is extra smooth with his words when it comes to girls, making him seem as if he's a player
  107. — changkyun doesn't know what to do when it comes tot asking with girls, but acts genuine
  108. — changkyun prefers quiet and pretty sceneries while hanbin would rather visit the arcade
  110. 10 : 10
  112. — younger brother : "damn it, I don't know anyone in this class and it starts with a partnered project." changkyun was transferred into another class, knowing no one in the class yet he had to partner up with a classmate the moment he stepped in. looking around frantically, he saw students ruffling around and looking smiley as they all sat with their close friends, meanwhile he saw another student sitting and writing in a book as if she was waiting for someone to partner themselves with her. he instantly ran to the chair beside heiran, bowing he head as he said hello and introduced himself to her. heiran only smiled, nodded and gave a short wave, he noticed she didn't want to be bothered so he didn't. "ah, well, we have a project so, we're partners now. I won't be too much of a bother, promise"
  113. — older brother : hanbin was walking home with a couple of friends, the boy throwing his basketball at his friends as hey tried their best to dodge it. hanbin had made a scream of help once his friend turned rogue on him, threatening to throw the ball back into hanbin's face. "hey! that's not fair! I threw it at your butt not your face!" heiran had been walking a little ahead of the small group of energetic boys, earphones tucked into her ears as she bobbed her head along. hanbin giggled as he teased his friend, telling him to throw and be such a wuss, next thing that happens is the ball meeting directly with the back of heiran's knee, making her trip a little till she almost catches herself but still makes it to the ground. "ah! no no no, I promised changkyun I wouldn't hit anyone today! are you okay miss?" hanbin desperately tried picking the girl up, only be rejected and gaining questioning stares from his friends. "i'm so so sorry, accept my apology? please?" heiran only nodded as she gave a small smile, wanting him gone as she walked away.
  116. — the siblings : hanbin and changkyun thought heiran was pretty, "how come i never noticed her?" they asked themselves shortly after their encounter with the girl. taking one look at her, and they could easily tell that she was introverted and didn't want to deal with them, so they tried their best to come off as normal and easy to take. though, being on their best behavior didn't stop them from thinking that she was extremely smart and the best on visuals.
  117. — heiran's : heiran knew that these two were siblings and she knew what they did for fun, she thought it was ridiculous and wanted to stay away from them. but, as she met both of them, she figured out that they're both extremely different. hanbin is playful and has no end to it, can come off as extremely annoying but his cute face makes up for it. changkyun is on the sweeter side, he actually lets heiran take her time and do what she does, he's mature, understanding and breathtakingly attractive.
  119. MAKE YOUR ENDING : heiran ends up with changkyun because she adores the way how he's playful, can crack a good joke here and there, but won't take it far to the point where it'll make others uncomfortable. unlike many others, heiran likes the way how protective and sweet changkyun is towards her, and how understanding he is of her social anxiety. he understands how she dislikes attention from too many and how to never put her on the spot. it's a happy ending for the both of them, they're with each other and care for each other, which makes both of them happy.
  122. — younger brother : changkyun and heiran get along pretty well, which surprised many because of their personality differences. one being a jokester who jokes around a lot and tends to be loud and OUT THERE, while the other is very introverted and is rarely ever seen by her classmates other than in class. they're actually rumored to be more than friends because they're THAT friendly. they're relationship is so strong that heiran talks to him as much as she does with her pet dog, and they're even touchy and playful with one another.
  123. — older brother : though heiran is younger than hanbin, heiran is 99.9% babysitting the boy when she's around him. hanbin, on the other hand, is still fairly playful and probably even more energetic when with heiran. they're close, you can tell from the way hanbin can easily place a hand on her and she won't physically fight back, but she does talk him down, threatening to push him if he touches her again. of course heiran is alright with being friends with him, but she's much more serious with the older brother rather than the younger brother because, well, she believes that hanbin needs some scolding. instead of it being your everyday high school friendship, it's more like heiran being the mother while hanbin is the righteous son kind of friendships. though these two can have a few giggles together, it's more about one having to take care of the other.
  125. 24 HOURS
  126. MESSAGE TO YOU : hi!! I've never applied for any of your apply fics nor have I really ever visited you account, but you seem v lit!! tbh I've never seen an apply fic idea like this, and I think it's the coolest I've ever seen, no one ever goes out of the ordinary so I really look up to you for that : ) I'm pretty sure this storyline is gonna b lit, so I'm whooing for u. also, sorry if I made a mistake or did something that u didn't like, hopefully this form is great!! I've been getting lazier with the way I write my forms so,, hope it's good enough! even if you don't accept me, I'll most likely end up reading this since iTS SUCH A GOOD IDEA LIKE WOW. we don't know each other much but ily <3
  128. ADDITIONAL REQUESTS : nope : )
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