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  1. Multipurpose shell, one reload, fire!" A few days ago, a synthetic Brigade of the 79th group army launched the first live-fire test of a certain type of anti-tank rocket at Liaodong, where the cold weather struck. Through the anti-tank rocket sight, Wang chao, sergeant and driver of a certain type of vehicle in the engineering and troop company of combat support battalion, firmly locked the target several hundred meters away. At the command of the commander, the rocket dragged the white smoke straight into the target and made the first hit.
  2. "Equipped with anti-tank rockets, the Engineering unit has achieved 'fire upgrade' and improved its defense and counterattack capability." The Brigade Commander introduced the live fire precision to hit the target. Next step, they will combine the characteristics of the task, reasonable formation of personnel, through continuous training and exploration, strive to achieve the goal as soon as possible.
  3. The establishment of the Mission Support Battalion can be explored.
  5. Security Division of the Synthetic Brigade. Combat Support. The general service support battalion shall have six battalions, repair company x2, transport company, health company, ammunition support team and supply support team.
  7. There are armored vehicle brigades, two repair companies in the service camp, one armored vehicle repair and one vehicle repair.
  8. Light brigade, no armored vehicles, so a company to repair cars.
  10. Personally.
  12. It seems that the service support Battalion of different types of composite Brigades is also organized differently.
  13. In addition to the two repair companies, the health companies, the transportation companies, and the police service companies, the logistics support Battalion of the heavy-duty combined Brigade has a supply support team and an ammunition support team, while the logistics support Battalion of the medium-sized combined Brigade has only a supply support company.
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