Ground Yourself

Dec 11th, 2017
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  1. Ground Yourself
  3. So much of our growth is spiritual. Sometimes we fly so high, our soul soars into the heavens, touching life’s magic, sailing into the high spiritual realms. That is as it should be. But we need to be grounded, too. Even the tallest tree, the one that reaches hundreds of feet into the sky, has roots that go deep into the earth. The higher we want to travel on spiritual planes, the more we need to learn to ground ourselves. Our roots need to go deep into the earth, too.
  4. Touch things that grow in the earth. Walk on the grass. Sit on the ground. Feel its presence, its solid grounding energy, rise up into you.
  5. You are a soul, a spirit, but you have a body, too. Remember and nurture your spirit, but take time to attend to your body. Connect with what is physical, connect with the energy of the earth. Do the simple tasks that connect you to life on this planet—the day-to-day chores that connect you with your body and the rhythms of this world.
  7. Grow spiritually, but let your spiritual growth be grounded in daily life and the things of earth. That is how you stay grounded; that’s how you honor your body and stay connected to it. Grow spiritually, but let that growth reflect and honor embodied life. Just as the body and workings of an airplane give shape to the idea of an airplane and allow it to fly, your body gives shape, form, and freedom to your soul. But even airplanes need to land sometimes.
  9. Learn to tell when your body and soul
  10. need to come back to earth. Take time to
  11. get grounded. Then you’ll be able to soar.”
  13. Excerpt From: Melody Beattie. “Journey to the Heart.” iBooks.
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