Issue 2217: Second run

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  1. ~ % sudo podman --log-level debug pull alpine:3.8    
  2. DEBU[0000] Initializing boltdb state at /var/lib/containers/storage/libpod/bolt_state.db
  3. DEBU[0000] Using graph driver overlay                  
  4. DEBU[0000] Using graph root /var/lib/containers/storage
  5. DEBU[0000] Using run root /var/run/containers/storage  
  6. DEBU[0000] Using static dir /var/lib/containers/storage/libpod
  7. DEBU[0000] Using tmp dir /var/run/libpod                
  8. DEBU[0000] Set libpod namespace to ""                  
  9. DEBU[0000] [graphdriver] trying provided driver "overlay"
  10. DEBU[0000] overlay test mount with multiple lowers succeeded
  11. WARN[0000] Not using native diff for overlay, this may cause degraded performance for building images: kernel has CONFIG_OVERLAY_FS_REDIRECT_DIR enabled
  12. DEBU[0000] backingFs=extfs, projectQuotaSupported=false, useNativeDiff=false
  13. INFO[0000] Found CNI network podman (type=bridge) at /etc/cni/net.d/87-podman-bridge.conflist
  14. DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  15. DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  16. DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  17. DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  18. DEBU[0000] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  19. Trying to pull[0000] Using registries.d directory /etc/containers/registries.d for sigstore configuration
  20. DEBU[0000]  Using "default-docker" configuration        
  21. DEBU[0000]  No signature storage configuration found for
  22. DEBU[0000] Looking for TLS certificates and private keys in /etc/docker/certs.d/
  23. DEBU[0000] Using blob info cache at /var/lib/containers/cache/blob-info-cache-v1.boltdb
  24. DEBU[0000] GET        
  25. DEBU[0000] Ping status 401
  26. DEBU[0000] GET
  27. DEBU[0001] GET
  28. DEBU[0001] Source is a manifest list; copying (only) instance sha256:3d2e482b82608d153a374df3357c0291589a61cc194ec4a9ca2381073a17f58e
  29. DEBU[0001] GET
  30. DEBU[0002] IsRunningImageAllowed for image
  31. DEBU[0002]  Using default policy section                
  32. DEBU[0002]  Requirement 0: allowed                      
  33. DEBU[0002] Overall: allowed                            
  34. DEBU[0002] Downloading /v2/library/alpine/blobs/sha256:3f53bb00af943dfdf815650be70c0fa7b426e56a66f5e3362b47a129d57d5991
  35. DEBU[0002] GET
  36. Getting image source signatures
  37. DEBU[0002] Manifest has MIME type application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json, ordered candidate list [application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v2+json, application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v1+prettyjws, application/vnd.oci.image.manifest.v1+json, application/vnd.docker.distribution.manifest.v1+json]
  38. DEBU[0002] ... will first try using the original manifest unmodified
  39. DEBU[0002] Downloading /v2/library/alpine/blobs/sha256:cd784148e3483c2c86c50a48e535302ab0288bebd587accf40b714fffd0646b3
  40. DEBU[0002] GET
  41. Copying blob cd784148e348: 0 B / 2.10 MiB [------------------------------------]
  42. DEBU[0003] Detected compression format gzip            
  43. Copying blob cd784148e348: 2.10 MiB / 2.10 MiB [============================] 1s
  44. Copying config 3f53bb00af94: 0 B / 1.48 KiB [----------------------------------]DEBU[0004] No compression detected                      
  45. DEBU[0004] Using original blob without modification    
  46. Copying config 3f53bb00af94: 1.48 KiB / 1.48 KiB [==========================] 0s
  47. Writing manifest to image destination
  48. Storing signatures
  49. DEBU[0004] Applying tar in /var/lib/containers/storage/overlay/7bff100f35cb359a368537bb07829b055fe8e0b1cb01085a3a628ae9c187c7b8/diff
  50. DEBU[0004] setting image creation date to 2018-12-21 00:21:30.122610396 +0000 UTC
  51. DEBU[0004] created new image ID "3f53bb00af943dfdf815650be70c0fa7b426e56a66f5e3362b47a129d57d5991"
  52. DEBU[0004] set names of image "3f53bb00af943dfdf815650be70c0fa7b426e56a66f5e3362b47a129d57d5991" to []
  53. DEBU[0004] saved image metadata "{}"                    
  54. DEBU[0004] parsed reference into "[overlay@/var/lib/containers/storage+/var/run/containers/storage]"
  55. 3f53bb00af943dfdf815650be70c0fa7b426e56a66f5e3362b47a129d57d5991
  56. ~ % sudo ostree refs --repo /var/lib/containers/ostree
  57. containers-storage/d6da3c54c8f3a43215d51cc0d43eff9759624996e40aaf11e4be5a555c038c32
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