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  3. Citizens of the United States.
  4. I am N
  5. I am Anonymous
  6. I am you
  8. I come to you with a message.. A message that it's time to wake up America! For far too long has our government stripped us of freedoms hidden behind a facade of concern! It's time to see to the truth...
  10. The truth that your government cares very little for you. To them you are nothing more than a worker ant. You are a drone... A source of cheap labor and revenue. Someone to serve  them, to please them. Your social constructs; a puppet show for their amusement.
  12. It's time to wake from your apathetic coma. It's time to take ownership of your birth right. To stand up and be heard! To throw your fists in the air and scream!!
  14. "I have had enough! I am tired of this diseased shell of a government!... WE ARE tired of your pursuit for the almighty dollar at our expense! WE ARE tired of our charlatan politicians whoring themselves out to the highest bidder! WE ARE mad as hell and WE ARE not going to stand for this for one more minute!... WE THE PEOPLE will no longer be pandered to along party lines! WE THE PEOPLE will no longer fall prey to your false promises, half truths, and WHOLE LIES!"
  16. It's time to take action...  To unite as a people.. To forget about each others differences...
  18. The time has come America to reclaim the vision this nation once said it believed in...
  20. The time has come to restore the faith of the people in this country... The time has come stand up against those who seek to enslave us. Stand up against those who would shackle WE THE PEOPLE to a horrific history of abusive, degrading, dishonest, and cruel policies, that have created more hatred for this nation than any other nation since Rome.
  22. Its time to rise above... To establish ourselves as a true advocate for human rights and freedom.. Not the shallow slogans we have screamed at the world while supporting corrupt dictatorships and illegal wars in pursuit of coin and comfort...
  24. But we cannot seek out peace abroad while we squabble with each other like dogs for the scraps thrown to us by Caesar. We will never be what we can or should be until we unite..
  26. Our founders put aside their differences and bled for your opportunity to experience freedom... Brave men and women have fought and died and been maimed for the ideals we say we cherish. Their sacrifice and the sacrifices of all those you came before them is for nothing if WE do not insure that those ideals remain sacred, honored, and true... We spit upon their graves when we allow our freedoms to be taken from us out of ignorance or fear or apathy...
  28. Benjamin Franklin once said:
  30. - "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
  32. America we have bought far too much temporary safety. If we are truly worthy of our liberty we should pursue that liberty in the truest ways.. Exercise those liberties. Raise your collective voices and demand that your government be accountable to you. Make them realize that it's your rights, your liberty, your life that they are to serve not their own self serving interests..
  34. The United States of today is a battlefield. There is a war going on for your minds.. Your enemies will stop at nothing to occupy them.. If you are thinking you are winning.. Defeat is not possible as long as you stay true to yourself, to peace, to the idea of REAL FREEDOM!
  36. This is an act of love.
  37. A declaration of liberty
  38. This is not an act of treason.
  39. This is not a call to violent revolution.
  40. Violence will never bring lasting peace.
  42. We are Anonymous
  43. We are the people
  44. You are legion
  45. United we stand
  46. Divided we fall
  47. United States government....
  48. Expect us
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