Kimitoasamade 2-A

Jun 24th, 2014
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  1. Chapter 9:
  2. Nate and Kimi buy some ice cream, but Asama declines due to an old promise she made with Toori.
  3. However, Nate gets a crepe for Asama because (to quote Kimi) "your ice cream virginity may be off limits, but we can still take your crepe virginity".
  5. Chapter 10:
  6. Naito and Naruze ask Suzu about the Technohexen outfits they're thinking of getting.
  7. Nate, Kimi, and Asama decide to visit Suzu's family's bathhouse after finishing their ice cream and crepe.
  9. Chapter 11:
  10. The girls sing bath karaoke at Suzu's place.
  12. Chapter 12:
  13. A Non-Dragon Sword appears and the girls head out to investigate why it appeared.
  15. Chapter 13:
  16. The presence of the Non-Dragon Sword causes a Hidden Dragon to appear.
  18. Chapter 14:
  19. Kimi, Nate, Asama, Naito, Naruze, Adele, and "Okutama" work together and defeat the Hidden Dragon.
  20. It is immediately resurrected along with two others.
  22. Chapter 15:
  23. The girls fight the three Hidden Dragons and the Non-Dragon Sword attacks the other dragons as if to help.
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