Dadonequus Discord Part 197

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  1. >You had to dive in to catch her, nearly slamming your face to the ground just to make sure she didn't fall on hers. You know what hitting your head was like.
  2. >And there you laid for awhile, luckily. She didn't fall TOO hard. But you both did have to get home. You didn't want to worry everyone, even if Spoiled gave you the ok to take awhile. Besides, the train wasn't here yet. But it would be soon. given it's schedule.
  3. >"w-what happened?" Diamond Tiara slowly opened her eyes. She then noticed she was laying on something soft.
  4. "You fell down after I kissed you."
  5. >You said as you looked forward, laying on your belly.
  6. " ok?"
  7. >"y-you saved my life again?" Diamond Tiara got up, that never ending awe never once leaving her face.
  8. "I wouldn't exactly saWFEDSFADS"
  9. >Diamond Tiara once again gets you in a legged death grip as she nearly squeezes the life out of you. "Anon! You really are my knight in shining armor."
  10. >you had to squirm a little out of her grip to get some breath. She wouldn't stop hugging, ignorant to your gasps. After you got some air, you turned over to her, who was still nuzzling and hugging on to you. Totally unaware of the rest of the world.
  11. >This was fine though, this is what was going to happen once you actually pursued a relationship with her. But, you also knew you had to be careful. Her feelings were most likely delicate, and she's probably the jealous type....definitely would be the jealous type.
  12. >As you both lay there, you could already hear the sounds of the train as it came stopping at the station. Again, your luck was pretty good. there were only a few other ponies waiting to get aboard. And they didn't really seem to care to pay attention to the antics going on beside them.
  13. "Well, looks like the train is here."
  15. >"..awww, I kind of wanted to lay here and cuddle with you a little longer." Diamond giggled as she slowly got up and dusted herself with her hoof "But maybe not. Mother is a little uppity when it comes to me doing anything that'd get me dirty on purpose."
  16. "I can imagine"
  17. >You say as you get up. you then decide to give her a little nuzzle of your own as the train comes to a complete stop.
  18. >She blushes heavily and steps away from you. "A-anon, what are you doing?"
  19. "Giving my special somepony a little nuzzle, is that wrong?"
  20. >She gasped, blushing deep red, as if...oh goddammit. She didn't even remember when you said it the first time. "I-I'm y-y..ohhwww"
  21. >And she started to faint again. Good lord.
  22. >You quickly jump to her side, standing to make sure she'd still be on her hooves when she tilted towards you.
  23. "Woah woah woah Diamond, don't faint on me again now."
  24. >"o-ohhh" Diamond nearlty went out again. But when you caught her, she was barely able to stay conscious. She was in a true dreamlike state. "A-anon...did this why I fainted?"
  25. "yeah, you alright?"
  26. >You wanted to laugh. it's weird how this relationship thing was with her. Did she see you as unobtainable? Or maybe this struck her so deep as you were her first, her hero, and maybe even a colt who didn't care about the money she had.
  27. >"Y-yeah..mmnnn" Diamond pushed off against gently to get back on her hooves. She then took a breath to get her head together. She then felt a small tingle on her muzzle. Her lips. She slowly began to remember. "...we kissed?...we did"
  28. "Mhmmm, was that your first kiss?"
  29. >Heh, it was a literal knockout it seems. Plus, of course that was her first.
  30. >"...yeah."
  31. >She looked to you again. And then slowly smiled. She was happy, as if she was already married. "Anon..."
  32. >you started to blush a little yourself. She was pretty cute, and all this realization was starting to truly get to you.
  33. >You even started to give her the dreamy eyed look
  34. "Yeah?"
  36. >"You''re going to make the best husband ever"
  37. >?!
  38. >Goddammit...GODAMMIT. You still didn't want to think that far ahead. There was still a fucking chance of failure the same time. It was a nice dream to think about.
  39. >plus, you didn't want to ruin the moment.
  40. "And, you'll make the best wife ever"
  41. >And she just lit up from that. She joined you from the side, nuzzled her head close as she yawned, and closed her eyes. "Come on, let's go home."
  42. >awww, she was getting tired. You started walking forward into the train with her. the tickets you both were given were for a private car. 101 it seems, shouldn't be too hard to find.
  43. >When you both enter the train and enter your private room in the train. You were a little underwhelmed with it. It was just an ordinary room with bench chairs and a place to put in luggage. Ahh well. You'd have to make due.
  44. >especially with your sleepy "Fiance". She had grown tired, and has asked if she could use the whole seat. and if you'd mind if you sit at the end...and be her pillow.
  45. >of course, you obliged her. And for the entire trip, she had rested on you. her cute little puffs of air making a sweet soft noise every time.
  46. >The date was a success. At the cost of your horn. Still, you weren't really angry anymore. It was your fault. You'd just have to do better.
  47. >The train ride gave you time to think. Twilight, you'd have to try even harder with her.
  48. >Sadly however, it was getting late....oh wait. Yeah, Twilight probably wasn't expecting it to take this long. and Sweetie Belle? You wondered if either of them got worried about you.
  49. >when the train stops at Ponyville, you gently wake Diamond. Who, as you walk her home, tells you of a wonderful dream she had. With you, grown up, running the rich estate, and having two loving children.
  50. >outwardly, you were smiling and nodding to everything she said. Inwardly, that was a little frightful just how far her mind was going ahead with this.
  52. >when you drop her off, giving her a hug as to not knock her out with a kiss, you knock on the door.
  53. >It's Spoiled who answers the door. Seems she had been waiting for the both of you.
  54. >Not many words are shared. But it seemed she could see the happiness in her tired daughter's face. She opened the door wider to let Diamond inside. "Are you alright. Diamond Tiara?"
  55. >"mhmmm...I have so much to tell you, mother..." Diamond was really tired at this point. Her mane was a little undone.
  56. >"You can tell me all about it in the morning my dear, go upstairs and get some rest."
  57. >Diamond nods, giving her mother a little hug before going upstairs. It seemed Spoiled wasn't quite used to hugs herself. or hadn't done it enough in awhile to be comfortable with it. She grimaced a little, but did indeed did her best to return her daughter's love.
  58. >You didn't want to be a bother, so after you said your goodbyes. you turned to leave. Only for Spoiled to let out a very neutral sounding "Wait..."
  59. >hm?
  60. "What's wrong? uhm...unless you're worried about how late I brought her home..."
  61. >You gulped. it couldn't be that right? She did say...
  62. >"No...your tuxedo. What happened to it? I hope you didn't put my daughter in any kind of better not have..."
  63. >Oh shit...well...yeah...probably would have been smart to actually take the damn thing off before arriving.
  64. "um, to make a long story short. I took your daughter to see the princesses. She got to meet Princess Luna...and I sort of went the wrong direction..Alone mind you...and got mauled by her guard."
  65. >You chuckle nervously
  66. "Pretty funny huh?"
  67. >She wasn't laughing "And where exactly was my daughter while you were being "mauled"?"
  68. "Playing chess with Princess Luna"
  70. >and there it was. The moment you mentioned Diamond actually interacting with Princess Luna, you saw, for just a tiny moment, Spoiled Rich give a expression of genuine surprise, one that showed a sense of proudness. "I..see. Hmmm, I have to admit, being able to meet one of the princesses of Canterlot is indeed a very high honor. Perhaps I have misjudged you in how civilized you truly are. I..." Spoiled Rich looked to the stairs, to make sure her daughter was not watching.
  71. >And then, after she was sure she wasn't. Spoiled Rich...smiled. A genuinely happy was almost creepy.
  72. >"I thank you Anon, really. For making my daughter happy. And for making one of her dreams come true. I wasn't expecting anything like this just from a simple date. And yet you went beyond what WAS expected just for her. Even I could never manage such a feat without it relating to important business."
  73. >..well then. You managed to impress Spoiled Rich herself it seems. Fucking nailed it.
  74. "It wasn't anything much Mrs.Rich, your daughter wanted to meet princesses, so thats what I made sure she would do."
  75. >And then, her smile went to a scornful frown "You're modesty is annoying. Now that your business is done here, you can go"
  76. >W-what?!
  77. "what did I say? I d-didn't mean to insult you or anything."
  78. >She shook her head at you, still looking pretty peeved. "You didn't insult me. I just hate undue modesty, it's unbecoming. The next time I compliment you, I expect you to just accept it with a "Yes ma'am, it was my pleasure" or a phrase close to it. Saying it was nothing reduces the compliment's value to nothing. And don't argue with me that it doesn't. You try being modest in the high end of business and you'll be eaten alive by those who will see you as weak and arrogant. Now...good night Anon."
  79. >Before you could even reply. She shuts the door on you.
  81. >Christ, if it wasn't for the fact she was letting you see Diamond and being overall nicer to her, you'd never be able to tell you reformed her.
  82. >Welp, you went in deep this time. No going back...
  83. >You sigh, and head off towards the castle. You thought about knocking at it's door. But it'd probably be best if you just silently go in. Not like it'd be locked anyway.
  84. >But as you walk along the roads of ponyville. You hear a noise of someone landing behind you. And then a voice.
  85. >"F-f-f-inally...y-you're it's just and me Anon...come ain't gonna get away this time.."
  86. >You tensed up.
  87. >No way...NO FUCKING WAY.
  88. >You turn around, yep...It was Rainbow Dash. And holy shit, she looked like a mess. Her mane was every which way, her wings crooked, her eyes darkened. She looked drunk..or extremely tired given her sweat.
  89. "Cripes, Rainbow Dash?! What are you doing here?!"
  90. >Rainbow Dash was also not standing still, she was tipping, and struggling to keep her balance. "Y-you know why I'm here. I've been waiting outside that castle since you went and teleported in...and then I followed you all the way back to Ponyville..I haven't even eaten yet...or drank anything yet...I-I dodn't want to miss you when I finally would...would..erm..have you alone..and stuff. I know you're him Anon, and I'm...gonna find Now put up your hooves and fight me."
  91. >holy crap. She was out of her goddamn mind. Was she just..hanging out, flying every which way around the castle for hours?! she didn't even fucking nourish herself and now she was out of her head.
  92. "Rainbow Dash, I'm not gonna fight you. I'm a colt, remember?"
  93. >Rainbow Dash almost sounded drunk with her speech "Yeah...well..I don't believe it. Something really off about you Anon. I m-mean really....what kind of pony goes around attacking other ponies like that?"
  94. >......
  95. "Didn't you almost destroy Cloudsdale because you didn't want to lose your pet turtle for the winter?"
  97. >"You leave Tank outta this!..he..he doesn't..wait...Did I do that?..oh..I did"
  98. >You nodded as you started to give this some thought. It was obvious that Rainbow Dash was obsessed with this whole thing. But why? Why did it bother her so much?
  99. "Why are you going through such lengths over this anyway? Didn't everypony tell you it was a dream?"
  100. >Rainbow Dash groaned dismissively at you "Yeah....but that's because they weren't there. A-and why I so obsessed...wellll..I'll tell ya. Because I don't trust Discord...and I don't trust you after you attacked me. I'm a pretty smart pegasus Anon, I gotta be considering how awesome I am. is telling me that you and Discord are probably planning something pretty bad. And I'm gonna find out...right here..right now.I don't even think you're an actual up yer hooves."
  101. >.....well then.
  102. >wow actually. That was her reasoning? She was worried...she was worried that something bad was going to happen. Nobody believed her and she thought you were planning something awful. Did she think you were trying to get her out of the way?
  103. >You thought back to Luna at this very moment. And Celestia as well. You..and your arrogance with your horn caused this...well, that and the fact Rainbow Dash was kind of dumb considering the others just dismissed things. And, this was part of your new life. And maybe, not even a secret worth keeping. Celestia herself, she just wanted you to be a better pony. And that could now see it really wasn't all good to use it so nilly willy.
  104. >You sigh....might as well tell her the truth. Now that you realize the kinds of lessons that Celestia and Luna have imparted on you. This was probably a good time not to be stubborn.
  105. "Well..Rainbow Dash. I might as well tell you then. You were right all along,.."
  107. >"Well of course I was ri...wait.." Rainbow Dash shook her head quickly to regain some of her senses, she was in genuine surprise "Did you say I was right? that mean.."
  108. >You nod
  109. "Yeah...I'm sorry for lying to you. I didn't know you were going to go so far with this. I just wanted to mess with you a little, that's all."
  110. >Mess with me? weren't gonna try to take over Equestria or something?"
  111. >goddammit...
  112. "No, it was just a prank,"
  113. >"...and the whole clown thing?"
  114. "Prank..."
  115. >"....oh..." Rainbow Dash didn't know what to say now, she wasn't expecting that at all "....Really? so no big evil plans? It was just a prank? What about your dad?"
  116. "He had nothing to do with it. I did it on my own. And I know, I shouldn't have done it. I just...kinda wanted to mess with you and Twilight. You guys are kinda smug, ya know?"
  117. >But Rainbow Dash didn't say anything. No, instead she smirked, then smiled, then fell over in laughter.
  118. >Why was she laughing? goddammit...what the hell was wrong with her?
  119. "What's so funny?"
  121. >.wut?
  122. "And what about when I kicked your butt?"
  123. >upon hearing that, Rainbow dash stopped laughing immediately, her eyes going wide before chuckling nervously. "...oh did that too.....hmm"
  124. >Rainbow Dash stood up, looking around, then up at the night sky " know, how about we both just pretend it was just a dream afterall? Don't want this getting out. "Element of Harmony loses to the Hero Colt" DOES NOT sound like a headline that ponies should be reading. It ain't cool or awesome in any way."
  125. >........godfucking dammit. You told her the truth only for it to go back to it being a secret. fuck your fucking life. Although, it did strike you as funny since she was going to be the one wanting information withheld this time.
  127. "Sooooo....does that mean we're cool now?"
  128. >Rainbow Dash nodded "Yeah, we're cool now. Just don't tell anypony about beating me in a fight. A champion like myself shouldn't be losing to a colt no matter how much magic he has. It just doesn't happen. But eh, If you wanna fight next time. Let me know. I'll be happy to kick your butt and show you that horn is no match for the Dash. Oh...also. Since it's just you and me who know about what really went on. I gotta say, what you did to Twilight wassss pretty funny. I'll admit, since I laughed and all. But you lose points for making her think it was a dream. If you wanna learn how to really prank ponies, come to me, I'll give you a few pointers. Just don't go overboard alright? I know you're stuck with Twilight right now and she could be a nag"
  129. >Wow, it actually fucking worked. Though, for now. You wouldn't be taking Rainbow Dash up on that offer. You couldn't really anyway. Since the horn was taken away.
  130. "I'll remember that whenever I want to try another prank..I guess. So uhh, it's kinda late. and I need to get going. You going to be ok there Rainbow Dash?"
  131. >"Yeah..." Rainbow Dash lowered herself to the ground, and sort of rubbed herself against the dirt before lying still "I' ok..."
  132. "Errrr...are you sure?"
  133. >"Yeah...just kind of tired. Don't feel like moving..besides. Real ponies sleep outside and deal with it. Makes em tough.........and.....a-adn.."
  134. >And she conked out. snoring.
  135. >Christ...
  136. >Well, that really did feel "end of episode" tier. You were almost disillusioned from feeling like an actual cartoon character. Simply because in the old world. That wouldn't have worked. You would have been slammed to the ground or something for admitting the truth. And poor Dash, you did kind of feel sorry for her.
  137. >Your tux wasn't in good condition anymore. But maybe...
  139. >You slip it off, and do your best to get it under Rainbow Dash's head. so she'd have something softer to rest on. After doing so, you nod at head back to the castle.
  140. >You slip inside, it was pretty dark, and upon entering the room with the cutie map. You could see none was waiting for you.
  141. >you do your best to remember the layout of the castle, and through a little trial and error. you find the right door, and quietly slip inside into Twilight's room.
  142. >But to your surprise. Laying on her belly, on the bed. with a familiar owl perched on her head. Was the purple princess herself. invested in a book.
  143. >Still awake.
  144. "Twilight? You're still awake?"
  145. >"Anon?" Twilight turns her head towards you as Owlowiscious flies off her head and perches himself ontop of a bookcase. It also seemed Twilight had prepared herself not to worry too much about you and your whereabouts. She tried not to. She didn't want to ask you any personal questions and make you feel uncomfortable. Though...she was curious about something. "How did your date go?"
  146. >...wut?
  147. >You look at her inquisitively.
  148. "You're not wondering what took me so long?"
  149. >Twilight shook her head "Nope, well...unless you didn't come back. Then I'd be worried. But I know you can handle yourself. You are the hero colt after all" Twilight giggled, she felt that was a tad teasing. "Come on, hop into bed and tell me about it. Or do you want to keep it private? Either way is ok with me because..." Twilight horn begins to glow as she pulls out two copies of a Daring Do book. "If you don't want to talk about it, then we can get to reading that much sooner! We'll make a whole night out of it. It'll be like a book slumber party."
  150. > forgot all about that. And really, after what happened. You didn't feel to up to it. Hell, you were surprised she was. But...
  152. >Goddamn, she looked adorkable and eager. Bah, why not? You'll probably fall asleep before you finish anyway. She won't mind as long as you try.
  153. >You walk over and climb up onto her bed, nearly falling back off with your first hop and shaking your back legs like a cat to shimmy on up.
  154. "The date went really good actually. But I kinda don't wanna talk about it. A lot went on, some private stuff too, and er. I just wanna get to reading. So, Daring Do right?"
  155. >That was satisfactory to Twilight. She wasn't Sweetie Belle or Rarity. Who would have probably demanded details...fuck...Sweetie Belle will probably do that when she sees you again.
  156. >"Yup! And feel free to take small breaks whenever something exciting or requiring deep thought happens. That way we can talk about how great that part is, we could even do a little criticism if you like. I don't mind pointing out some of the bad parts with the good. Though, with Daring Do, there's never really any bad parts."
  157. >You almost laughed at that. that's cute.
  158. "Thanks, I never really read these books so, if there as interesting as you say. I'd love to have some discussion about them."
  159. >"I'm glad to hear that Anon, one of the most important parts of reading a story is discussing it as well. It could bring real insight where one would have thought nothing of it before. Especially when you notice neat little tidbits that reveal more about a character than is initially let on. Ohhh, especially when their's clever and subtle foreshadowing. Then you get that "Wow! how did I miss that!" feel. It's always a great feeling when you can't see something coming! Even when you read it again, it just has this "I can't believe I missed this" feeling to it. And trust me, Daring Do has a LOT of that."Twilight was very obviously giddy "I'm already excited to read this book again, aren't you excited too Anon?"
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