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  1. I held her hand, her face gleaming with joy as we rose up the elevator, it passing higher and higher all the way up to the top floor. The single door opened, which showed two things: it showed a well-furnished room with all the furniture you could expect in a normal house: bed, sofa, and such things like that. The other thing was the glass windows that showed the cityline of skyscrapers, and, more importantly, the orange light that streamed in through the cleaned glass.
  2. "So this is the place you wanted to take me to..." muttered Noire, slightly nervous.
  3. "You know what's weird? I've always wanted to tell you that I liked you, but I didn't feel the time was right to do something like that. Now we're both more open to each other, now is the real time. Noire, I love you."
  4. Upon hearing that, she immediately blushed red, and, to my surprise, pulled me into a deep kiss. It lasted for maybe three minutes, and then we quickly broke apart, panting.
  5. Noire and I quickly smashed our lips together once again, obviously not having enough of each other. Our tongues immediately met at some place in the middle, engaged in a long battle of who could fight out the longest. I knew that today was going to be a good day once it was all done.
  6. I opened my eyes ten minutes into our make-out session to find myself pinned to the bed, Noire's top long removed and thrown someplace else in the room. I also noticed she was reaching her hands around to her back, finding the clasp to her white bra. I realized that I had to at least beat her in something, so I quickly ripped my shirt off before again pulling her into another kiss just as she had finished removing her bra. Her breasts against my chest made both of us moan into the kiss, and it also was clear that we wanted more of this....strange feeling inside given that both of us were now pulling each other deeper, and I loved every feeling of it.
  7. We had long separated from each other's lips, panting and already dripping with sweat. I managed to get a long glimpse at Noire's breasts before she pushed me back down again and then running her tongue all along my body. Each inch of skin she touched, I let out a louder and louder moan. She stopped her long lick and instead changed to the idea of planting short, yet soft kisses where she had licked before. It was only a matter of time before she reached my nipple, but when she did, she began sucking on it. I moaned again, hugging her close to my chest while she switched to my other one, giving it the same treatment as last time.
  8. Finding the willpower to do the same thing as she had done to me, I caught her off guard by pulling her close and forcefully kissing her lips once more. While doing that, I managed to flip her over so that she was now on the bottom, pinned between me and the bed. I released from her lips and decided to kiss her slowly down her body, starting from the neck down. I could tell that she loved it given her long, loud moans and her panting "Moreeee..."
  9. I followed the same path as she did, going across her breasts and skipping down to her stomach. I wanted to please her breasts as the last thing to do. I then decided to move my face up into her breasts, nuzzling into them, occasionally giving a tender kiss to the side. Each time I did so, she let out a quiet moan and hugged me closer to her breasts.
  10. Somehow, I got the nerve to kiss slightly upward each time I kissed her, and slowly but steadily reached the nipple. There, I ran my tongue against the already-hard thing, before taking it into my mouth. It surprised me, not only because sucking on a girl's nipple was something unknown since infancy, but because I could taste something that seemed to be coming from it.
  11. I took her hand and led her into the bathroom, which sported a rather roomy shower and a rather roomy bathtub. Discarding the rest of our clothing, we quickly took to the shower and turned on the hot water. Not a minute afterward, we again engaged in a hot make-out session, with Noire clearly feeling how much I wanted her. The hot water running down both our bodies only made this make-out even steamier. Once again, we moaned when our chests rammed together, but this time, it was even louder due to our nipples meeting someplace during that time.
  12. "Lie down." Noire said. Obeying, I immediately laid down. She could see my seven-inch penis clearly now despite the hot steam. Curious, her face hovered over me, but then she immediately made me stand up again, pulling me closer to her, my penis in her hand.
  13. "I know how much you want me, but do you know how much I want you?" she whispered lustily in my ear, running her hand up and down, up and down. Finally, I laid down as she had asked me earlier, and as soon as I had done so, she took all of my penis into her hot mouth. On contact, I started to squirm, and as she moved herself up and down my penis, I noticed she had added her tongue to this hot movement. I moaned and moaned again, unable to control myself.
  14. "Gah Noire! I'm...going to cum if you keep this up any longer!" I said. Clearly, she had heard this, and immediately her mouth left my penis...
  15. ...only to replace her mouth with her breasts, which fit perfectly inside her cleavage. She also moved up and down, cupping her breasts on the sides and clamming my penis even tighter. Before long, she brought her tongue into this action, licking the tip as it reached its maximum point. This didn't last too long, as I let out a final moan before my orgasm. My cum sprayed all over her face and breasts, but luckily, she didn't get any in her eyes due to them being completely shut.
  16. I took my still-hard penis and gently prodded her entrance, earning a moan from her for each contact. I kissed her before finally entering her and breaking her virginity at last. To say the least, it was exciting to finally do something like this, however, it looked like she was in pain. I saw a couple of tears forming at her eyes, which signalled to me that this was the first time she had done this. Ever. I somehow managed to control myself despite the excitement running through my body, but when she nodded, it was time to continue.
  17. I slowly moved outside, almost outside, and then I forcefully rammed myself back in, making both of us moan again. I continued to do this, and after a while, she almost made it to climax. I latched myself onto the nipple, sucking and nipping at the hard object, which earned more moans from her. Finally, I reached climax myself, and simply whispering "Cum. Now..." into her ear made both of us scream each other's names, the water still running down our naked bodies
  18. I had long pulled out of Noire, both of us catching our breath in the shower. For some reason, I didn't feel that I had finished my job just yet, seeing as I hadn't came yet. An idea popped into my head, and I sneakily turned off the water.
  19. "What are you doing?" Noire asked when I did so.
  20. "You'll see." Just like that, we walked out of the shower and towards our bed, but I slammed her to the glass window and rammed myself inside her from behind. Each thrust I gave to her made her moan more and more frantically, and occasionally I slapped her side, earning more moans from both of us.
  21. As for her, she felt like she was exposed for the whole world to see, especially with her pressed up against the window like that. Plus, what if the window broke? Fortunately for both of them, they were high enough so that nobody could see them from the ground, and also the windows themselves were strong enough to withstand my ramming into her.
  22. "G....gg....hh...Noire, it's coming! I'm actually going to cum now!"
  23. Quickly, she turned herself around, and we laid on the floor, making out again as our bodies jerked against each other, faster and faster, until both of us managed to cum at the same time.
  24. Exhausted, both of us walked back to the bed we were to sleep on tonight. Quite a bit of time had passed since we had first come up here, as the sky had turned to nightfall. We climbed inside and I pulled the covers over ourselves, only leaving our chests exposed. She pulled me into a small hug, and whispered "You did well. I'm waiting for the next time we do this."
  25. I, of course, was too tired to comprehend anything, so my response was a light kiss to her lips, which she gladly returned. I pulled her closer, almost deepening the kiss, enough so that her breasts again pressed into my chest. This would be as far as I went today, so I just removed myself and laid my head facefirst into her breasts, quickly falling asleep.
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