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  1. isible ship (Not skipping sail)
  2. FF1 (red rupees): 50s
  3. FF1 (Blue rupees): 45.7s
  4. Rupees (good rng) + sail on windfall up to storage spot: 1:06
  5. From storage spot to enter pirate ship (door storage): 2:18
  6. Windfall to thorned fairy quiver (chest storage): 1:55
  7. Quiver to Forest haven (savewarp to windfall): 1:10
  8. Quiver to Forest haven (leaving): 1:04
  9. Leaf death to FF2:
  13. GF CS Skip (skips sail)
  14. FF1 (no red rupees): 46.5s
  15. FF1 (no blue rupees): 40.2s
  16. To storage spot (no sail): 19s
  17. Windfall chest storage to thorned fairy quiver: 1:55
  18. Windfall door cancel to thorned fairy quiver: 1:40
  19. From storage spot to enter pirate ship (umss): 2:00
  20. From storage spot to enter pirate ship (sail): 1:48
  21. Leaf death to FF2:
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