Spaceworms - Side Story 1.5 - Snakes Are Predators

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  1. Amon wearily trudged through the loose sand covering the floor of the valley. Hidden deep in the wastes, the place looked desolate and abandoned, but to Amon it looked like home. The sun was nearly gone by the time he reached the cluster of boulders he sought.
  3. After weaving his way through the boulders, Amon entered the mouth of a cave and sat gratefully on a wide cushion left there by his mother for her morning tea. He rested there for several minutes, catching his breath.
  5. He has hoped his recent promotion to assistant architect would spare him from some of the manual labor he had endured as a worker. That thought proved overly optimistic. The only difference he could feel between his new job and his last was the new required a great deal more thinking.
  7. Amon fought down a surge of bitterness as he thought over the day's events. His new position placed him over most of his former peers, but they still treated him like a child. He had been the youngest among them for several years, only employed because of his valuable skills. Amon decided to shave his face clean from now on; his pitiful excuse for a beard was doing him more harm than good.
  9. After stretching, Amon stood and walked deeper into the cave. He intended to go straight to bed and get some much needed sleep, but when he reached his pile of bedding he found it already occupied. His mother lay before him, coiled into a loose figure eight and snoring softly.
  11. He was not surprised. They had shared a bed until recently, when a careless slip of the tongue had made him painfully aware of how unusual it is for a young man to still be sleeping with his mother at nearly seventeen. After that he had pestered her to allow him to bed down in a different part of the cave, and eventually she agreed - only to slither into his sheets after he had fallen asleep. Amon was certain his mother had not slept in her own bed once since he had moved out of it.
  13. He could have chased her out, but she would have returned anyways and he was too tired to bother with it. He headed for his mother's sleeping area and discovered she had done away with her own bedding. Defeated, he returned to his bed and after a few minutes of struggling with his mother's absurdly heavy coils, he managed to burrow himself into his blankets in a position comfortable enough for sleep.
  15. Amon awoke to find himself tightly wrapped in coils and leaning back at an awkward angle. He shifted slightly, trying to work out the kink in his neck, and realized with embarrassment that his morning wood was pressing firmly against smooth scales. After a moment of thinking about what he was feeling and his mother's position, his embarrassment turned to mortification. He had managed to wedge himself into a very inappropriate place.
  17. He had been very curious about his mother's body as a child, especially the places that were different from his own. Where her scales met her skin was one of them. The two blended into each other seamlessly everywhere except one place - in the center of her body, below her belly. The skin reached its lowest point there, forming a small mound of soft flesh that ended abruptly in a crease a few inches wide. The lower half of the crease was formed by the small, light underbelly scales that line the bottom of her snake parts.
  19. He once asked her about that place and she had spread it open for him, revealing a small, slightly wet crevice that looked something like a overgrown belly button. The bottom of it was lined with scales, but the top with skin. In the center of the skin was a vertical slit, flanked on either side by smooth, puffy lips.
  21. After that, Amon had always simply thought of it as his mother's second belly button. It wasn't until he started working and listening to the other laborers' gossip that he managed to figure out what it really was.
  23. Amon carefully attempted to pull himself out, but his movement disturbed his mother and her coils tightened around his hips, preventing him from escaping.
  25. "Hm? Hmmmm? Oh ho ho~ What's this?~" She asked, her voice thick with drowsiness. "A foolish adventurer has wandered into the lair of the Demon of the Sands?"
  27. "It was an accident, I didn't do it on purpose!" Amon protested.
  29. "Foolish boy, no mortal may enter the forbidden cave and escape unscathed. Accept your doom~." She threw her arms forward beneath his and reached out, her chest pushing up against him as she stretched and released a yawn. In the process, she bent slightly at the waist, causing her scales to push up on the bottom of his shaft and angle his penis upwards, its head rubbing against her entrance.
  31. Amon fidgeted uncomfortably in her coils as Apophis released her stretch, moving into a more natural position and causing her womanhood to stretch and shift, giving soft, wet kisses to the head of his penis.
  33. "Mothe-, I mean, Mistress, please stop that, it's very embarrassing."
  35. "Oh, what's so embarrassing? I've been seeing your naked bottom since you were an infant, a little touching won't hurt anything." Her arms wrapped around his back in a firm embrace and she nuzzled her face into his chest.
  37. Amon was beginning to think she meant to go back to sleep when she suddenly opened her eyes and looked up into his face. "You know, I do like you calling me that, but you do not need to force yourself - I like you calling me Mother as well." She stretched up to kiss his cheek before resting her face against the side of his neck.
  39. Amon sighed and tried to think boring thoughts to calm his erection, but after a few moments his mother pressed her lips firmly against the side of his neck and began blowing air against it. Amon broke into uncontrolled laughter and began to spasm wildly but could do nothing to stop her while held in place by her coils.
  41. "S-stop it!" He shouted between gasps. "I'm not a- a child!"
  43. She continued until his ribs began to ache before finally stopping. She leaned back and watched his face with a grin as he caught his breath. He could see the tip of her tail, lying a few feet behind her, twitching back and forth playfully.
  45. Amon opened his mouth to complain but she spoke first. "No, you aren't a child anymore, are you? Your body is rather stubbornly manly today."
  47. His face reddened at that. Her antics had done nothing to lessen the swelling in his member. "It's because of where it is. And the pressure and the movement. I can't help it."
  49. "I suppose you can't, can you?" Her grin widened and she leaned forward to plant a soft kiss on his lips.
  51. "S-stop that. I'm not a little boy."
  53. "Do not pout, Amon," she replied.
  55. She slid the side of her face across his cheek and pulled him into a tighter embrace, tickling his neck with her forked tongue. Her tongue reached behind his ear and guided his ear lobe into her mouth. She began to nibble on it lightly, carefully keeping her powerful fangs angled away from it. Amon could feel them, sliding gently against his skin.
  57. The stimulation caused Amon to grow harder than ever. He gave up trying to think it away and resigned himself to waiting patiently for his mother to have her fun and release him. He would not whine anymore, not matter how much she embarrassed him.
  59. She eventually released his ear and took an unsteady breath. She broke her hold on his back, using one of her hands to hold herself in place and sending the other to work its way down Amon's spine. He jumped in surprise and embarrassment as she took a firm grip on his right butt-cheek. When he looked down to see what she was doing, her face rushed up to meet him and her lips locked onto his. She began kissing him, much harder than before.
  61. Amon shuddered as he felt a lukewarm drop of something making a trail down his penis, from the head all the way to the base. His mother's nipples pressed into him as her breasts rubbed against his chest. They felt much larger and harder than they should have. She was acting strange; he could never remember her being like this before.
  63. Amon felt a surge of alarm when she pressed her waist forward and engulfed the tip of his penis in her slit. He pried his lips away from hers and shouted, "wait, it went in! Stop!"
  65. Apophis pulled away from him slightly and looked into his face with an unfocused gaze. "A man's body has certain needs, and I think you are getting too old to keep ignoring this one. Relax, Amon. I will do what needs doing." She leaned close and whispered into his ear, "it will be over soon."
  67. Her coils tightened, taking away the last of his ability to move. Using the hand she still had groping his butt as leverage, she forced herself down on him, taking his penis deep inside her. The muscles in her tail flexed and began undulating, pumping Amon's sensitive flesh back and forth.
  69. Apophis repositioned herself, holding the sides of Amon's face with both hands and staring into his eyes as her lower body did its work. He looked up at her helplessly, the ever increasing fire in his loins paralyzing him. She had to fight down a maniacal giggle at the look in his eyes, the pleasure and lust overpowering his reason. He flinched at a small droplet landing on his chin and she realized she was drooling. She wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and increased the speed of her pumping.
  71. As she closed her eyes to savored the indecency and immorality of the situation, her vagina began clenching uncontrollably. Amon tensed, feeling an extended explosion of pleasure. His mother's flesh continued to pulse and tighten around him, hungrily drawing forth his seed. He could feel a warm, slippery liquid dripping off his balls and legs, slicking his mother's scales and causing their grip on him to slip. He shut his eyes, wincing at the overwhelming sensations of his first conscious release as his body emptied itself of years of repressed desire.
  73. Eventually the pleasure began to die away and Apophis's movements ceased. Apophis and Amon lie in a pile of slick, wet scales and flesh, and thoroughly soiled blankets. They held each other, panting for breath and doing not much else for several minutes.
  75. After a while, Amon blinked in surprise then looked down at Apophis and asked with concern, "Moth- Mistress? Why are you crying?"
  77. The snake woman looked up at him for a moment, with tears in her eyes, before burying her face in his chest. "I've wanted to do this for so long," she whined. "I never thought I'd get a chance. Do you have any idea how hard it was, how long it took to find a male that wasn't touched by her power? I was so lonely! I thought I'd be alone foreveerrrr!" She wrapped her arms around him and started weeping helplessly.
  79. "B-But you're not, right? I'm here. So you should be happy?"
  81. "I am haaaappyyyy!" she sobbed.
  83. Amon sighed and rested a comforting hand on her head. He didn't understand it, but he knew women are emotional creatures and decided to just let her cry herself out.
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